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HQ: Chaplain 150pts.
-Terminator Armour
-Storm Bolter

Troops: 2 Tactical Squads 380pts.
-1 marine Plasma Gun each
-1 lascannon each
- Sereant Bolt pistol, CCW

Elietes: Terminator Assault Squad 200pts.
-Sergeant w/ LC
-2 Terminators w/ LC
-2 Terminatos w/ TH

Nenerable Dreadnought 200pts
-Assault Cannon
-Missile Launcher
-Extra Armour

Dreadnought 130pts.
-Assault Cannon
-CC Arm
-Storm Bolter
-Extra Armour

Fast Attack: Assault Squad 245pts.
-Sergeant BP w/ PF
-2marines Plasma Pistol and CCW
-rest have bolt pistols

Land Speeder tornado 90pts
-Heavy Bolter
-Assault Cannon

Heavy Support: Predator 135pts.
-Auto Cannon
-Sponson Lascannon
-extra armor

This list is 1530 before my options to boost it up to a 2k list.

I optioned my self a Land Raider Crusader (275pts.) and a Librarian (178pts.) for an almost 2k army.

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Aight let me take a crack at this.

HQ- Personally unless you plan on deepstriking with him terminator armor is a waste on a chaplain, he loses his ability to get 2 CCW and his attack pool is preciously small already. Just stick him in power armor and bolt pistol and maybe digital weapons. Also consider Chaplain Cassius is he's very good for his points.

Troops- I guess you don't want to move these guys? Both the special and heavy weapon lend themselves to sitting somewhere. I think you should probably get a rhino for each squad otherwise you're going to have to footslog it to objectives. Also I personally always give every Sarge a Powerfist. It's a great deterrent for enemy HQ's and Walkers even if never used.

Elites- This is fine, you said that you're going to probably use a Land Raider Crusader so pop the chappy and these guys in there and maul things.

Assault cannon isn't a very good combo with the missile launcher in my opinion, its range is half that if the missile launcher. You'd have to get dangerously close to the enemy and you have no melee offense anymore. A Lascannon is probably better since you obviously want him as a mobile fire unit. Extra Armor is probably a waste here.

Standard Dread is fine, though a heavy flamer on his arm instead of a stormbolter would be better.

Fast Attack- Drop the plasma pistols, they aren't really worth it cost-wise and get 2 flamers instead, you'll find the damage a pair of flamers deal is far greater than what plasma pistols will generally. Other than that it looks peachy.

Tornado is ok, just remember that you can only move 6" and fire both guns.

Heavy Support- This is a good predator to hunt down transports and tanks, however remove extra armor off it since it shouldn't be moving much at all in the game.

How were you going to equip and use your librarian anyways?
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