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Ok everybody. I've been going through here for a while now and I keep seeing references to cheese lists or specific build types but I've never actually seen them. So I want to see some of the best cheese you can offer here. Why you ask? Because I'm from Wisconsin and if there's one thing we know, its good cheese.

I've been collecting some base information for starting cheese lists and that's: Power Dice spam, lord of the dead with all skeletons, big unit of grave guard with Drakenhof banner. I've also heard of blood knights being in there for overkill cheese but have yet to see any list utilizing them as such.

My first attempt at a cheese filled list is as follows: 1000pts

10 skeletons
full command

10 skeletons
full command
Banner of the Dead Legion

Necromancer on Corpse Cart
Book of Arkhan
Black Peraipt

Vampire - General
Dark Acolyte
Lord of the Dead
Sword of Battle
Flayed Hauberk

Dark Acolyte
Lord of the Dead
Biting Blade

6 Black Knights
Banner - Royal Banner of Strigos

Each unit of skeletons has a vampire, with the corpse cart/necromancer attached to the unit with the warbanner for additional unit strength. The vampires for the first turn just pump up the skeletons to a respectable 20 strong each (as thats the max skeletons I have ATM)

C'mon people, I wana see some cheese.
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