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History: Siana was a once fledgling Warlock of Craftworld Ulthwe before one of the Crafworld’s Farseer’s met a squishy demise at the hands of Chaos Lord on Acharius Prime. The Seer Council promoted Siana to a Farseer after the Craftworld Siana proved herself. The Seer Council saw much potential in Siana’s power so they gave her a detachment of troops and sent her on a mission to recapture an important Warlock’s Soulstone. While trying to attain the Soulstone Siana made many bad judgments on the way there, by the time Siana’s force made to the Soulstone over a third of the original detachment was dead. After returning to the Seer Council Siana was forced to give up her status of a Farseer and was banned form the Craftworld. Upon leaving much of her old force left with her feeling angered at the Seer Council for many different reasons (Politics, personal feeling etc.)

What happened next?: Siana’s force chased after the Ruinous Powers of Chaos and tracked down many Chaos artifacts including a Chaos Sorcerer’s staff. (No don’t use it! ...Well maybe just one…) After obtaining a staff Siana dived farther into the Eye of Terror to prove to the Council that she was powerful.

What kind of crap was that?: It is rumored that Siana is able to use psychic powers normally only available to Chaos. And it is also rumored Siana has used demons to assist her in battle. The Seer Council has labeled Siana was a heretic and traitor…Sound like fun.

Fisrt try with fluff...

Captain-"Raise shields!"
Mr. At-a-desk-dude-"Why?"
CAptain-"THe flame man the flame..."
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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