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Apologies if this is not the right forum for this request.

I'm looking at extending my WH experience to Fantasy Battle during this year, and I was wondering if I could get some commentary on how the various armies support particular styles of play. I have only glanced through the rulebook as yet, and I have not read through any of the codexes.

I'm a fairly aggressive general: I like to attack rather than to defend. I enjoy getting into close combat rather than relying on missile fire, and I have no preferences for high magic or low magic.

Can anyone recommend a race or army type in FB that would support my play style? Are there any lists I should avoid?

Many thanks,

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you should tjeck out:
Vampire Counts
they both have no real shooting and is really aggressive... (And they are big time cool)

You should avoid:
Are both very very shooty... Dwarfs have great fighters, but too short legs to play all that agressive...

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Chaos sounds good for you. Lots of choice in the army book, overwhelming choice, but have the best fighters in the game, hands down. You can go with or without magic in chaos, but if you go without it, the trade off is that you get even better fighters.

Vampire Counts relies on magic and combat. Unlike chaos, which can when simply by killing all your guys, VC needs a lot of flanking and maneuvering. VC fighters by and large are weak. You win by fear and outnumbering, by winning combats through style instead of brute force. Vampires, though, beat the snot out of most enemies, barring chaos characters.

Elves are frail in combat and have poor armor. Maybe not your thing. So are humans.

Brettonian are frail being human but have outstanding cavalry. They are by and large feared when in the hands of a competent general. The knights are downright deadly on the charge.

Dwarfs, as already said by Tiger, have good fighters but are usually outmaneuvered because of their low movement. They have excellent war machines and above-par shooting.

Tomb Kings play a lot like VC. Undead trying to beat you through fear. They also rely heavily on magic.

Nobody mentioned Ogres. You'd have a small army but an army full of massive brutes ready to pound the daylights out of their enemy. They are one of the fastest armies in the game with a base movement of 6. They almost always get the charge (excepting cavalry). They have cool, but limited, magic. It plays differently than other armies magically.

I'd say, from what you stated, Chaos, Ogres, Vampire Counts, or maybe Beasts of Chaos. BoC have low leadership and that funky skirmisher rule. I don't see them as being effective (except for this one brutal list a friend of mine played once). And watching your army run from combat all the time stinks.

Skaven have puny troops and strong missile fire. Doesn't sound like your thing.


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Try glancing through the 'thinking of starting...' threads in each army forum, they should give you a bit of an idea on what is right for you. And you can always post in them for specific questions on the army in question.

Chaos or Ogres probably are a good choice for you. I think I'm going to move this thread to the general armies forum.

~Thread moved from WHFB rules to WHFB armies~

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Thanks for the responses - food for thought!

I will indeed look through the 'thinking of starting...' threads but the vampire counts are starting strong - I like that whole undead look over the chaos one. :)
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