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Close Range Firepower Inquisitor

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Now assuming I wanted to include an inquisitor lord (for example, to squeeze a landraider into a radical army) do you think it would be effective to equip him and his retinue for a close range anti heavy infantry/tank firepower role?

For example, how about the following.

Inquisitor Lord - Plasma Pistol, Word of the Emperor (Possibly a powerweapon as a last resort.)
3 Veteran Guardsmen with Meltaguns
1 Sage
2 Acolytes

Total 156 points, 7 models

The basic idea being that they rove up to close range in a land raider, hop out when something juicy comes along and blast big bits off it, with a chance to avoid retaliation due to word of the emperor. Meanwhile, the acolytes and sage can get shot off.
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I think if you are going to take an inquisitor you really need to make him long range and shooty, then just add the Raider, and start outside of it. Your Raider will have two lascannons to take out armor so I think you are better off taking 3 servitors, 2 sages, 3 alcolites (bolters and carpace armor), and a mysitc incase they deepstrike near you. This makes the unit more versitile as if your Raider gets blown up early you don't have a slow bunch of walking meltaguns, and you are driving fast to get near something that you could just shoot instead. that is just my two cents though; if you are trying to do it with a normal inquisitor just dump the alcolytes.
I agree. Although assaulting out of a standard land raider is attractive, the best use of the machine is as a long-range weapons platform. Use a land raider crusader for those troops you want to get close.

I admit I like the build on your Inq. Lord, but his best use is as long-range fire support, as nichodemus10 noted. Still, if you also take a GK hero -- GM or BC -- you can also take a LRC. Stuff your close-range I-Lord in there. (And give him a teleport homer, too, to bring down your FAGKs or Terminators.) Just make sure you have other armored power on the field to make your opponent worry -- like a pair of dreadnoughts and some ISTs in Chimeras-- as the LRC will draw lots of fire. And if it happens to blow up, your I-Lord and retinue will suddenly be 156 wasted points.
I've a couple of suggestions. Firstly I agree that the Landraider is too expensive a vehicle to be used simply to wheel up a 5 man suicide squad, you'll never kill your points back that way. The idea might work well with a Chimera though, jump out the hatch and give them enemy some melta fun.

Do you have a friend who bought the SM Commander box? If so, consider asking if you can have the combi-melta (no-one ever uses it). If your using your Inquisitor specifically for this role, it might be great to have the extra melta shot. A sort of "last chance" BS5 melta-shot if you fire at a vehicle you desperately need dead and your warriors have unlucky rolls.
Okay.. without any of my rulebooks here, I'm going to assume you can't take multiple transport options for one unit, which rules out plan B.

Let me explain my problems here. You'll probably scratch your heads and think 'what the hell', but just bear in mind I already have a playable, competative army. This is just a fun thing.

I'm making up a list to represent a radical ordo xenos army (why? Because I like ordo xenos better than the others.) Since the book isn't out, I'm proxying rules using some of my favourite bits from the other inquisition codicies. My prime concern here is fluff, to be honest.. effectiveness is important to me, but secondary.

This means I can't do grey knights or SoB, for obvious reasons.. The bulk of my army is ISTs mounted in Chimeras. However, this leaves me with a chronic lack of something which can take down big vehicles.

This is why I thought of a land raider.. It's a nice fluffy tank, it gives me an opportunity to do some conversions involving tech priests leaning out of the hatch, and the red mechanicus colour scheme should stick out nicely.

Now, why I thought of the close range inquisitor.. I guess I just prefer the idea of an inquisitor getting in their and kicking arse. His psychic powers are short range, his leadership based special abilities depend on him being close to the rest of the troops. Also, for fluff reasons, I can't take a psycannon (yes, you're beginning to see how hamstringing this concept is, it'll probably get easier once alien hunters gets released, but for now I'm a little screwed.)

I could take the long range option, he'd be perfectly fluffy, and possibly quite effective. He just wouldn't feel as cool.. Then again, I might take an additional elite inquisitor as an IC for coolness factor.

I do have an SM commander box.. I bought it to make my deathwatch kill team, which may be included in very high points games. :)
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why not have IST in rhinos with melta guns to hunt tanks adn equip the inquisitor and his retinue wit hplasma guns to provide medium range fire power or if they are in a land raider get them close and fire at shoret range. The crusader has a multi-melta so that is another threatening thing your opponent has to contend with.
Well now, that is interesting!

There's no reason ISTs in Chimeras can't make decent tank hunters. You don't even need big squads, say only six models or so. Give 'em a pair of meltas and you're good to go, though a Rhino is somewhat better-suited to the task than a Chimera. Attach an elite Inquisitor to each squad with a combi-melta and/or melta bombs for extra punch and leadership. (If you really have points to spare, upgrade one IST to a vet with a similar build, but generally speaking, an elite inquisitor is a better buy for the points.)

I'd take two tank-hunting squads of ISTs, maybe even three, depending on how many points you have available. I'd take either a shooty Inquisitor from Daemonhunters list (if you really don't want a psycannon, take a bolter), OR an assaulty Inquisitor from the Witch Hunters list (power weapons are cheaper, better CC warrior henchman there, too) ... and then take a Land Raider transport.
Good opinions and awesome ideas all round.

They've been taken into consideration, and I'm revising my list as we speak. :)
number6 said:
I agree. Although assaulting out of a standard land raider is attractive, the best use of the machine is as a long-range weapons platform. Use a land raider crusader for those troops you want to get close.
The difficulty with the Crusader is that it specifies that it can only carry Grey Knights. The Crusader isn't otherwise in the list of transports.

An Inquisitorial Land Raider is a great tank, but making it a transport means sacrificing 1/6 or more of your points (in a 1500 point game) on a unit that can't claim a table quarter or score you Victory Points; in Cleanse game or anything with the VPs special rule, that tank better be really lucky to make back both its point value and the points you don't get for its surviving to the end of the game.

My favorite plan is to put Grey Knights in a LR/LRC and run a Chimera of ISTs or Inquisitor and retinue beside them. The LR's armor covers the Chimera's weak sides, and it can all move 12" a turn. THe ISTs' meltas can target tanks, or Grey Knight stormbolters can whittle down HQ squads' meatshields (gun drones, henchmen, bodyguard) so that the ISTs can go for Instant Death (Crisis suits, Inquisitors, Terminators, Force Commanders, etc.).
Thats a good plan...Solexus the LRC hail of fire and the IST's Coup de grâce.
i like your idea, and commitment to the fluff. a few things - non gk forces are one of the only forces tat will benifit from a dh cc squad, but a sob hq would be better.
the melta inq squad is a great idea - i use them frequently. in fact, i usually try to fit as many as i can in because they're good at killing almost everything. also their one of your few chances to take out heavy tanks/ troops/ MCs. i like the lightning claw/combi melta combo.

WHY NO PSYCANNONS? that makes no sense to me. such a tool is very useful against many aliens - and seems fluffy too. kill DE lords, seer councils and lots of other strange stuff. too good for a "radical" army to overlook.

some seraphim might help with your problem too.
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