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Chapter Number: Unknown

Founding: Unknown (Reputedly Second Founding)

Progenitor Legion: Blood Angels (Suspected, but there have unsubstantiated rumors that they are from World Eaters stock. Under Inquisitorial Investigation for possible Heresy.

Flagship: Pius Indignatio

Chapter Colors: White/Red

Imperial Data File: No file available. Records have been sealed by order of the Divine Emperor.

The Space Marine Chapter of the Blood Seekers is steeped in mystery. It shuns other Chapters, and its history (reputedly dating back to the Second Founding) is largely unknown. The Blood Seekers claim lineage from the geneseed stock of the Blood Angels angelic Primarch Sanguinius. The Blood Angels deny such blood-ties with this relatively obscure Chapter.

When it is mentioned their battle record is exemplary, but they also have a well deserved reputation for savagery in battle. They do not deny that they are both ferocious and bloodthirsty and even though they have proven themselves in countless battles to be the most loyal servants of the Emperor, they remain to be feared and mistrusted by their fellow Chapters. Few dare speak what sullies the honor of the Blood Seekers, but those who do whisper that this Chapter is consumed by an all-consuming bloodlust. Behind their facade of purity and righteousness lies a sinister truth that is somewhat darker, for the Blood Seekers have been carrying on a secret Crusade following an act of terrible betrayal committed over 10,000 years ago.
The true origins of the Space Marine Chapter of the Blood Seekers can be found over ten millennia ago, back to the so-called Horus Heresy of the 31st Millennium. The Blood Seekers originally were Space Marines of the 12th Legion of the World Eaters. They blindly followed their Primarch Angron, who had become a minion of Warmaster Horus, the first and strongest of all Primarchs, following him towards the foul ways of Chaos. It was a simple matter for the daemon-possessed Horus to bring the bloody-handed World Eaters to the worship of Chaos, and Khorne in particular. Once held up as an example of loyalty to the Emperor, the World Eaters became a scourge to the Imperium of Man.

Ignorant in the change in Horus and his subordinate Chapters, the Emperor and the Administratum ordered the Warmaster to pacify the Imperial Commander of Isstvan III, who had recently declared the entire Isstvan System an independent principality. Horus chose a bioweapon bombardment on Isstvan III, and the planet became a tomb in seconds.

During the bombardment, loyal Adeptus Astartes officers and troops still loyal to the Emperor managed to seize control of the frigate Eisenstein. They had discovered the rot that had been spread through the Warmaster’s subordinate Legions, the Adeptus Mechanicus, the Legio Titanica, and the Legio Cybernetica. As Horus completed his withdrawal to Isstvan V, the loyalists fled into warp space, carrying a warning to the rest of the Imperium. The seizure of the Eisenstein is regarded as the start of the First Inter-Legionary War.


As the Warmaster completed his withdrawal to Isstvan V the Loyalists seized the frigate and fled into warpspace. The remaining Loyalists had stayed behind and provided a distraction for the vast warfleet of the Warmaster. Their valiant, but suicidal act was an act of defiance, nothing more. They were cut down like wheat before the scythe of the reaper. Though the majority of their fellow brethren had betrayed the Emperor and sided with the forces of Chaos, the small contingent of valiant Loyalists took comfort in the fact that their fellow Loyalist battle-brothers had not died in vain, but as true servants of the Emperor. Their final act of courage would vindicate them all.

After countless weeks of traveling in warpspace, traversing the deadly obstacles of the Immaterium, the remaining Loyalists finally arrived in the Segmentum Solar. Their arrival did not go unnoticed. As the Loyalists made their way towards Terra they found their path unimpeded. Surely the Emperor was guiding them! When the frigate finally arrived around the orbit of Terra the perplexed Administratum had been ordered to have the Orbital Defense Platforms to power-down and let their mysterious “guests� land near the gates of the Emperor’s Palace. The Emperor’s elite personal guardians, the Adeptus Custodes, awaited the arrival of the Emperor’s guests.

Unhindered, the Loyalists entered the main audience hall. Lieutenant Sammael Kane (the highest ranking, surviving World Eaters officer) and his Loyalist battle-brothers were amazed to find a Centurion of the Companions and a small contingent of five Adeptus Custodes there to greet them. Surely this was another sign that the blessed Emperor himself was guiding them! The Centurion proceeded to lead the Loyalists into the vast complex network of dark twisting tunnels and endless corridors. The marines were led into the very heart of the Emperor’s Palace.

Eventually they emerged once again into dim light at the Ultimate Gate itself. Captain-General Vigilus of the Adeptus Custodes was there to greet them. Vigilus escorted the rag-tap group of Space Marines inside the Chamber of Glory, into the incandescent golden light, to have audience with the Emperor of Mankind. What passed between the Emperor and the Loyalist marines was not recorded, but suffice to say, the Emperor’s worst fears were confirmed. His most loyal general and trusted friend had become a traitor!


During their audience with the Emperor the Loyalists were scrutinized by the Emperor’s powerful psychic probes, which revealed that the men who stood before him were only loyal space marines who showed no taint of Chaos, therefore they were spared execution. The Emperor spared them in the hope of using their geneseed to form a new Legion of Space Marines. Sammael and his men would become a part of the earliest primogenitor experiments, which would eventually evolve into the creation of the Primogenitor or Second Founding Chapters.

The Emperor hoped to create new Space Marines in such a way that Chaos would never poison his “sons� again. To this end He decided to derive geneseed from a source known to be pure, from the winged Primarch of the Blood Angels Legion, Sanguinius. These events took place before Sanguinius died at the hands of Horus, on the Warmaster’s battle-barge, where the Emperor subsequently defeated Horus. Sammael Kane and his fellow World Eaters volunteered to undergo the highly dangerous and experimental procedure. Through unknown means the Emperor and an elite team of his finest scientists where successful in splicing the geneseed of Angron and Sanguinius and combining the two; creating a newly spliced geneseed that contained the genetic material of both Primarchs.

Sammael and his brothers were not yet deemed worthy to receive the newly created geneseed until they had been thoroughly tested for their purity. The geneseeds were put into stasis containers and locked away in the deepest gene-laboratory vaults on Earth. Until such time, if they passed all tests and were not found wanting, they would be redeemed and pardoned for their former brethren’s sins, and would receive the personal blessing of the Emperor.

The Loyalists were put under the scrutinizing watch of the Primarch Rogal Dorn and his marines of the Imperial Fists Legion on Earth. Their fellow marines did not yet trust Sammael and his brothers. If their Legion had fallen under the sway of Chaos, who was to say that Sammael and his men wouldn’t follow suit?

The Emperor, the Ordo Malleus, Rogal Dorn, and the gene-priests of the Adeptus Mechanicus studied and tested Sammael and the rest of his men by putting them through innumerable trials to ensure their purity. This caused the delayed deployment of Sammael and his men during the beginning of the Horus Heresy.

Throughout this tumultuous time Sammael Kane and his brothers trained in frustration at not being allowed to fight. The long hours of arduous training instilled an implacable tenacity and cold cunning within their geneseed, and would eventually become a part of their Chapter training and doctrine. It also instilled a seething animosity for their damned-brethren that caused them to be mistrusted in the eyes of their beloved Emperor. The Loyalists became like a tightly wound coil, ready to spring with the slightest provocation. They would not have long to wait. Their greatest test would soon be upon them.


Sammael’s and his brothers’ redemption began on Thirteenth Secundus, 30,014. The Siege of Terra had begun. The barrage bombardment of the Emperor’s Palace was unrelenting. From orbit the Warmaster’s ships laid down a massive salvo of missiles and deadly energy beams. The aim was to cripple the defenses around the Emperor’s Palace and make possible a massive invasion of Earth. The lunar bases had already fallen and the defending fleets had been scattered. On Mars, as across the entire vast Imperium, bitter civil war raged.

The Adeptus Custodes, the Imperial Fists, the Blood Angels, Whitescars Legions, and Loyalists of the Collegia Titanica were all that remained on Earth to defend against the onslaught of the daemonic legions of Warmaster Horus.

During the siege, Sammael and his men were allowed to take part in the defense of the Inner Palace. Since the Loyalists were badly outnumbered they needed every available man to help repel the Rebel attack. It was with some resignation on part of Rogal Dorn that Sammael and his men be allowed to fight. But Sammael made an impassioned plea on behalf of his men, convincing the Imperial Fists Primarch that this would be their one true chance to prove their loyalty and to earn their redemption. The Loyalists would exact a heavy toll on their former brothers and their hated Primarch Angron, paid with their tainted-blood.

Beneath their Fortress Monastery, grim-visaged Rogal Dorn led the stern Imperial Fists in final prayers. In a dark, secluded corner of the Reclusium, Sammael prayed with his own men as well.

“Today, we bring are righteous indignation down upon our former brethren!� Sammael’s voice boomed like thunder off the ceramite walls.

“We will no longer be a stigma in the eyes of our beloved Emperor! We renounce our former Primarch Angron! We are no longer World Eaters, we are seekers of blood…we are the ‘Blood Seekers’!�
Sammael gazed into the eyes of each of his men, seeing that all of them possessed the blood-mad look of the berserker. They were ready to do the good work of the Emperor.

Sammael finished his short sermon with one final sentence. “There is no respite…no forgiveness…only vengeance! Onward my brothers…for the honor and glory of the Emperor!� Sammael’s fellow Blood Seekers raised their weapons as one and roared with approval.

“For the Emperor!� They shouted in unison.

As a final act of defiance, Sammael had his men paint over the blue and white colors of the World Eaters Legion. Their power-armor was repainted white, to show everyone that they were pure in spirit as well as in deed. Their Legion symbol was hastily painted over with a winged-eye: a single drop of blood weeping from it. The eye symbolized that they were seeking blood and retribution. The angelic wings were painted in honor of being able to serve with Sanguinius’ Blood Angels.

The Blood Seekers were now ready to bring their unfettered wrath down upon the rebel legions of the Warmaster.

The embattled remnants of the Emperor’s army were desperately trying to hold out until reinforcements arrived. The Emperor himself oversaw the defense of his fortress-palace, personally commanding the Adeptus Custodes, his elite guard. He was accompanied by Sanguinius, white-pinioned Primarch of the Blood Angels and his Legion of Space Marines. Sammael and his small, but potent contingent of Blood Seekers Marines were also counted among the valiant defenders. In the palace grounds stood the stalwart Adeptus Arbites.

Sammael and his men stood beside the Primarch Sanguinius and his Blood Angels Legion as they defended the walls of the Imperial Palace from Angron and his daemonic hordes. Three times the horde managed to scale the walls; and three times it was driven off by the valiant efforts of Sanguinius, his Blood Angels, and Sammael’s Blood Seekers.

Day by day the siege wore on, casualties rose from the thousands, to tens of thousands, to hundreds of thousands. Bodies had to be bulldozed from the access ways to the Saturnine Gate by war machines. As the battle progressed the defenders of the Imperial Palace were pushed back slowly, foot by torturous foot. The Loyalists were forced back. The great walls of the palace were riddled with hundreds of kilometers of bulkheads and corridor. Within this maze hand to hand fighting ensued till entire sections of passage were filled with bloated corpses.

The Blood Seekers and the rest of the palace’s defenders were pushed back all the way to the Ultimate Gate. Here they made their final stand against the daemonic hordes. Sanguinius personally held the Ultimate Gate against the oncoming horde while the last of his wounded men was carried through.

It would take many pages and much time to describe in full all the events that transpired on that fateful day all those millennia ago. But suffice to say the short war ended when the Emperor teleported on Horus’ battle-barge and slew the Warmaster in hand-to-hand combat. During this epic battle, Sanguinius was killed and the Emperor was mortally wounded. Rogal Dorn found the battered and mutilated form of his beloved Emperor and placed him within a life-bubble.

The Emperor then directed the construction of the Golden Throne; the giant prosthetic device that would be used to sustain the Emperor’s immortal soul. Breathing his last breath, the Emperor’s body was removed from the life-bubble by Rogal Dorn and placed within the confines of the Golden Throne. The Emperor ceased to live in the conventional sense. It is from here that the powerful psychic spirit of the Master of Mankind would be bound together to rule the human Imperium for the next ten thousand years.
In the end the Blood Seekers had prevailed and were redeemed of their brother’s sins.


Seven years after the death of Horus, the Primogenitor Chapters of the Second Founding occurred.
Once again the inception of the Blood Seekers was delayed due to the reorganization of the Space Marine Legions. They were broken down into a smaller existing formation known as a Chapter. Some archivists of the Ordo Historical postulate that the delay was mainly due to the extremely stringent enforcement measures imposed upon the gene-adepts of the Adeptus Terra that were put into place after the Horus Heresy.

The Horus Heresy had revealed weaknesses in the geneseed of several Space Marine Legions. These defects had been exacerbated by the accelerated geneseed cultivation techniques needed to keep the Space Marine Legions up to strength. The powers of Chaos were able to exploit the resultant physical and mental corruption to turn Horus’ troops against the Emperor. The first objective of the newly created Codex Astartes (authored by the Ultramarines Legion Primarch Roboute Guilliman) was to reorganize and expunge these weaknesses.

The Codex decreed that Space Marines would be created and trained slowly. The genetic banks used to create implants and cultivate organs would be subject to the most stringent of purity tests. The cultivation and harboring of enough viable zygotes from the spliced geneseed of the Blood Seekers needed to create an entire Chapter would take the genelabs of Terra many years.

The geneseed of the Traitor Legions was placed under a time-locked stasis seal, although at the time many believed these dangerous gene stocks had been destroyed. Due to the nature of the Blood Seekers spliced geneseed their gene stock was rigorously tested for purification to the extreme. Satisfied that there was no taint of Chaos to be found, the High Lords of Terra (the newly created council of the twelve most powerful individuals within the Imperium who ruled on behalf of the Emperor) brought their findings before the Emperor. The Emperor decreed that the Blood Seekers had been granted forgiveness, and that they may move ahead with the founding of their new Chapter.

At their founding ceremony Sammael Kane, the newly appointed Imperial Commander of the fledgling Space Marine Chapter of the Blood Seekers, announced that the Chapter should embrace its heritage and listed Sanguinius as the Chapter’s Primarch, to be solely revered. It was from Sanguinius, their adoptive Primarch and father that the Blood Seekers had gained the tenacity to stamp out evil in all its forms. Imperial Commander Kane also announced that they would honor the memory of Brother-Captain Varren, revering the valiant commander as the Patriarch of their Chapter. Some of those within the Inquisition and the Administratum viewed this beatification as heretical. To assuage any fears and to reinforce the loyalty of the Chapter, Imperial Commander Sammael Kane swore strict adherence to the Codex Astartes.

The Inquisition did not show favor towards the newly created Chapter due to their spliced-geneseed composed of World Eaters and Blood Angels stock. They were especially disturbed to find that the Blood Angels geneseed had recently started to show signs of a mutation now known as the Red Thirst; an infliction that causes the Omophagea implant to have an unnatural craving for blood.


The Blood Seekers were assigned a sector of space near the outer rims of the Imperium, near the Segmentum Obscurus. This sector of space bordered the rim of the Eyes of Terror, a system of hell-worlds wrapped in a dust nebula and awash with warpstorms. After the Siege of Earth, during which Horus was killed and the Emperor was mortally wounded, the Traitor Legions were driven into the Eye by the remaining Loyalist forces.

Seeking retribution, the newly created Chapter took the fight directly to the dark heart of Chaos itself. They attacked the Traitor Legions with implacable fury. Despite their number, the one thousand marines of the Blood Seekers Chapter brought the light of the Emperor to their damned brethren. For the next ten millennia the Blood Seekers have fought an ongoing guerilla war against the minions of Chaos.

To further achieve their goals of eradicating the threat of Chaos, the Blood Seekers have posted an eternal watch on the Eye of Terror. These listening posts are known as Chapter Bastions, which are situated throughout the Segmentum Obscurus. The highest concentrations of Chapter Bastions are situated just outside the Cadian Gate, the stable corridor of space that leads from the Eye of Terror to Earth. Each time the fleets of Chaos regurgitate from the Eye of Terror, the Blood Seekers muster to fight them. Each time warp space is calm enough to allow passage; the Blood Seekers take the fight to the forces of Chaos.


Following the aftermath of the events surrounding the Horus Heresy and the traitorous actions of their former brethren the World Eaters, the senior members of the Chapter assembled in a secret conclave and decreed that the knowledge of the fall of their brothers should forever remain with them. No outsider must ever learn that they were once Space Marines of the World Eaters Legion. Should this dreadful secret become known, the Chapter would surely be destroyed and all hopes of expunging the stain that sullies their honor would be forever lost.

An Inner Circle of the Chapter’s most senior officers was formed to guard this dangerous knowledge and every man swore oaths of unspeakable binding. Until every World Eaters Traitor Legionnaire was captured and forced to repent, there would be no peace for the Blood Seekers. Should but one of these followers of Chaos live, than the Chapter would be Forsaken, cursed by their brothers to eternally atone for the sins of the past.


The Blood Seekers Chapter has no homeworld to speak of, instead they live, train, and operate from their Crusade fleet upon many battle barges, strike cruisers and various other craft. The majority of the Chapter resides on the mighty Chaptership, the Pius Indignatio. This Chaptership is roughly equivalent to an Emperor Class Battleship but is more heavily armored. Most of the hull space is taken up by launch bays for the small intra-system craft, drop-pods and Thunderhawk gunships, and with its numerous firing batteries, heavily shielded armor, and its compliment of over 1,500 Imperial Navy personnel attached from Battlefleet Obscurus who maintain the operations and various functions, the Pius Indignatio is a formidable fighting vessel. The Pius Indignatio also possess accommodations for twice as many Space Marines than a normal battle barge.

The Pius Indignatio is millennia old, tracing its lineage to the days of the Great Crusade, but it is kept in fighting condition and is capable of transporting the entire Chapter. The battle-record of this ancient vessel is a long and glorious one. A far more common site for the enemies of the Emperor is the nine Nova Class frigates, which the Chapter keeps in continuous operation. Each can carry an entire Space Marine Company and a compliment of Imperial Navy personnel.

Although the Blood Seekers do not have a homeworld to call their own, they do recruit from various planets located throughout the Segmentum Obscurus and beyond. They attain most of their initiates from the planet Cruentus, in the Abyssus Subsector (a little-known section of the galaxy recently rediscovered in the last century located to the galactic northwest) far beyond the known reaches of Imperial space. The Blood Seekers have also established Chapter Bastions on every world that they conquer or reclaim for the Emperor. The main purpose of the Chapter Bastions is to recruit new Space Marine candidates from the population, act as listening posts, and in times of great need a staging area for mustering the entire Chapter against the threat posed by the forces of Chaos. These Chapter Bastions are vast, with chambers to accommodate two to three Companies of Space Marines, but are far smaller than the Fortress Monasteries of other Chapters. However, there have been hundreds of Chapter Bastions established over the millennia. Some are still standing to this present day; others have fallen into ruin and disrepair and have been abandoned.


The companies of the Blood Seekers generally fight according to the precepts of the Codex Astartes, employing the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Battle Companies. These four companies form the bulwark of the main battle lines bearing the brunt of the fighting. The specialist companies (the 1st, 8th, and 10th) are kept in reserve and only deployed when necessary. The 6th, 7th, and 9th Reserve Companies kept on standby, ready to deploy in a moments notice. The Chapter's Dreadnoughts, or Honored Ancients as the Blood Seekers call them, are often used as fire support units if not Furiosos.

However, these Companies cannot be relied upon to fight in the structured and disciplined ways of other purely Codex Chapters, for the strength of their genetic curse (known as the Red Thirst) can turn even the most taciturn veteran into a berserker, wishing only to release their calculated brutality and savagery upon their foes. A Blood Seekers Space Marine in the throes of the Red Thirst seeks nothing more in battle than to rush into close quarters with the enemy and tear them apart in a storm of blood. Those who have actually witnessed their bloodthirstiness in action report that they have never seen such sickening displays of butchery and wholesale killing. The charnel violence following a Blood Seekers army has made many other Imperial forces, including fellow Space Marine Chapters refuse to fight alongside them.

The Blood Seekers eschew the use of heavy weapons and armored vehicles of any kind, often times employing only chainswords, power fists, flaying knives and, if need be, their bare hands and teeth. They will employ Rhinos and Razorbacks, as this enables the Blood Seekers to surge forwards and take the enemy with bolt pistols and power axes. Once unleashed, the Blood Seekers will permit nothing to stand in the way of the gratification that can only be found in close combat. Some Imperial scholars speculate that this is the only way for the Blood Seekers to exorcise the demons within them exhibited by the genetic instabilities found in their geneseed.

Their dogged resistance in combat has become legendary. In situations where even other Space Marines would fall back, the Blood Seekers will fight to the bitter end. No retreat, no surrender is their watchword. This is reflected in their stubborn refusal to move in the face of the enemy, even in situations in which it would be beneficial for them to do so.

The Blood Seekers are notoriously intolerant of non-humans and will refuse to fight alongside armies that include alien races. An aloof and intolerant Chapter they are highly suspicious of outsiders, often times refusing to fight alongside even other Space Marine Chapters. There have been occasions when the Blood Seekers have withdrawn suddenly and with no explanation from a warzone when confronted by an Imperial Inquisitor or Missionary. Because of their bloodthirsty nature and secretive ways they have been put under constant Inquisitorial and Ministorum scrutiny.


Though originally formed within the dictates of the Codex Astartes, adhering to the precepts of this holiest of tomes, there are notable exceptions. The Blood Seekers have several specialist units that they share with their adopted predecessor, the Blood Angels. The most notable exception that the Blood Seekers exhibit in their ranks is a preponderance of close combat troops. The chance to become one of the Blood Seekers Assault Marines is a much sought after honor, as it is in close combat that these Space Marines can exorcise the ghosts of their ancestral memory of their tainted World Eaters geneseed. The Blood Seekers fighting style does not allow them the use of heavy weapons as other Chapters and as a result they have no Devastator Squads.

The first two Companies of the Blood Seekers are where the greatest difference between other codex Chapters lie. The members of the 1st Company fight as assault troops when not equipped as Terminators, rather than tactical squads as is the case with many of their brother Chapters. The 2nd Company’s ranks are made up of those who are masters of high-speed attack. Every warrior rides a bike or land speeder and is organized into squadrons of five vehicles rather than ten man squads.

The entire 8th Company is dedicated to close combat, many of their members being amongst the finest assault troops in the Legion Astartes. Those Space Marines not equipped with jump packs often make use of Land Speeders and Bikes to support their brethren. The other companies of the Blood Seekers conform to the structure established by the Codex Astartes, with the 3rd, 4th, and 5th Companies forming the Battle Companies, and the 6th, 7th, and 9th the Reserve Companies and lastly, the 10th Company is made up of Scouts.

The Chapter's Dreadnoughts, or Honored Ancients as the Blood Seekers call them, are often used as fire support units if not Furiosos. A hero of the Blood Seekers can be given eternal life as a Dreadnought; a walking armored behemoth carrying the scarred remains of the hero. This honor is only given to the most brutal and devoted of the Blood Seekers, and only in very rare cases.

To the Blood Seekers Chapter, being entombed in a Dreadnought is both a blessing and a curse for an entombed hero; he is given the opportunity to forever slay in the glorious name of the Emperor, but he has also lost all traces of humanity; bound to a body of unfeeling metal and plasteel, forever forsaking their humanity and their former lives as a living Space Marine.

In total, the Blood Seekers Chapter has some forty Honored Ancients entombed in these mighty war machines. The majority of the Chapter’s Dreadnoughts never use any other weapon patterns other than the Furioso Pattern, preferring to slaughter their enemies in close and bloody combat.

The Blood Seekers Headquarters division includes a number of ranks that are not found in any other Chapter, reflecting their unique nature and organization. These include Sanguinarius Priests, custodians of the holy blood of their adopted Primarch Sanguinius. It is their duty to guard the Sanguine Chalice; the Blood Seekers most revered holy relic said to hold some of the blood of Sanguinius before he was slain. Using this holiest of relics, the assembled Sanguinarius Priests drink from it as part of the Ritual of Creation. They also tend the Chapter’s wounded and save the precious geneseed of any fallen Space Marine warriors. The apothecaries of the Blood Seekers also endeavor to find the Vîtae Rememdium, the elusive Blood Cure for their afflicted battle-brothers that are consumed with the dreaded Red Thirst.

Another exception to the standard Codex organization is the inclusion of the fearsome Tormentor-Chaplains. These devout individuals administer the rites of the Chapter, perform ancient ceremonies of Initiation and Vindication, and chant the liturgies of battle as they lead their brothers into war. In the Blood Seekers Chapter it is the sacred duty of the Tormentor-Chaplains to persuade any captured World Eaters Traitor Legionnaires to repent for their sins of the past before they are tediously tortured and finally granted the oblivion of an agonizingly slow death.

One of the more significant variations is in the command structure. The Blood Seekers are constantly sending small task forces to seek out and deal with the threats posed by Chaos warbands. For this reason the Blood Seekers have reorganized their first five battle companies to have a more diverse mixture of troop types. Some of the veterans of the First Company are distributed to the battle companies. This allows each of the first five companies to act as autonomous units that can be sent out as a small strike force. Some of the scouts of the Tenth Company are also distributed to the battle companies under the leadership of a First Company Veteran. Although the Tenth Company still acts as a training company, these small strike forces help the Scouts gain first-hand combat experience.

Another notable change in the command structure of the companies is the additional honorary rank of Lieutenant. This rank has been re-instituted from the bygone days of the Space Marine Legions. This rank is awarded to two members of each company to further expand the command-and-control capabilities. Lieutenants are experienced warriors who display promising leadership skills and are viewed by the Chapter as Captains-in-training.


The chapter badge is worn on the left shoulder. The Company iconography is worn on the right shoulder pad to distinguish the company a Space Marine belongs to. These traditional symbols of the various Companies are taken from the heraldry of the original Lord-Captains when the Blood Seekers Chapter was founded.

Numbers or symbols on the right kneepad are used to distinguish what Company a Blood Seeker Space Marine belongs to. Squad symbols are used on the left kneepad to distinguish squads. This is left up to the current Squad Leader.

Blood Seekers Officers-Red shoulder pads with white trim. Officers will also tend to incorporate personal heraldry on their right shoulder pads.

Blood Seekers Sergeants-Black shoulder pads with red trim.

Blood Seekers Troopers-White shoulder pads with red trim.

1st Company-Identified by the color red-on-white scheme. Various portions of their armor are painted red to distinguish that they have been bloodied any numerous battles, to include: upper portion of the helmet, upper portion of the legs, and the top of the jump pack.


The driving force of this Chapter is the hunting of their former brethren the World Eaters. Only by hunting down and capturing each of these Traitor Legionnaires will the shame of the Blood Seekers be absolved in the eyes of the Emperor.

The daunting task of hunting down these miscreants is a challenging one. After the savage Skalathrax campaign an individual known as Khârn The Betrayer, an exalted and utterly insane berserker-champion of Khorne, set upon his brethren with such bloodlust that the whole World Eaters Legion tore itself apart in a great battle which lasted days and nights without end. By the time the smoke cleared the Legion had been shattered into dozens of warbands of crazed berserkers, which now move relentlessly through the Eye of Terror seeking out battle and bloodshed.

Some of these warbands are hundreds strong; others are no more than a lone champion leading his Berserkers on a quest for carnage. Such warbands have a tendency to join forces with any Chaos lord who is gathering their forces for conquests, asking nothing more than the chance to spill blood and take skulls for their lord Khorne.

It is these roaming warbands that the Blood Seekers relentlessly pursue across the great expanses of the galaxy. Thus the Blood Seekers ten millennia crusade is far from over. It is this quest for penance that drives them and they will follow up any rumor, no matter how slim, if it offers the chance of recapturing one of these traitorous scum. Should one be captured, he is taken back to the Pius Indignatio, and thrown in the darkest holds within the bowels of the mighty Chaptership. This is where the fearsome Tormentor-Chaplains make him repent for his past sins, through any means necessary. This will eventually result in the traitor’s death, a small price to pay for adding his name to the Book of Redemption.


Like their adopted predecessors the Blood Angels, the Blood Seekers Chapter shuns the company of the other Adeptus Astartes where possible. The gene-adepts of the Adeptus Administratum have reported suspicions that they are afflicted by the same terrible curse that haunts the Blood Angels and their Successor Chapters. Like their genetic forebears the Blood Seekers are also affected by the same genetic curse which makes them susceptible to an uncontrollable craving for blood, known as the Red Thirst. Inquisitorial investigations have not been successful in finding the truth to this matter, but this does not stop the Inquisition from making blasphemous claims that the Blood Seekers Chapter is one step away from damnation. It is known that the Blood Seekers themselves spend much of their time seeking a cure for their condition, but surely this does not mean that they are futilely trying to stem the grasp of Chaos from their very blood. The truth of the matter has been obscured by the mists of time, back to the bygone era of the Horus Heresy and the earliest primogenitor experiments.

When the Emperor was researching a new method of creating pure geneseed, making it unsusceptible to the taint of Chaos, for a second generation of Space Marines he decided to use a source of geneseed known to pure. He had the Blood Angels Primarch Sanguinius donate his genetic material to create the new geneseed and a copious amount of his own blood (which was carefully collected into a receptacle known as the Sanguine Chalice; the Sanguinarius Priests drink from it as part of the Ritual of Creation.) Through an unknown process the Sanguinarius Priests and Tech Adepts of the Blood Seekers have been able to preserve this most precious of resources. Using the ancient process of Exsanguination, the Sanguinarius Priests inject minute quantities of the Primarch’s still living blood into Space Marine aspirants. This process has enabled the Blood Seekers Chapter to escape the effects of the Black Rage; an infliction that affects the minds of some of the Blood Angels Space Marines and their Successor Chapters with visions of their Primarch’s death. Some members of the Inquisition of the Ordo Hereticus speculate that the true reason the Blood Seekers Chapter does not suffer from the Black Rage is because their geneseed is impure. Through the genetic blood-ties of their spliced geneseed with their former Primarch Angron, the Blood Seekers are not susceptible to the genetic curse that affects the Blood Angels and their Successor Chapters.

The fate of those unfortunates overtaken completely by the effects of the Red Thirst is known only to the Chapter itself. This is a closely guarded secret, which has remained shrouded to outsiders since the Chapter’s inception. The truth of the matter is only known to the Blood Seekers themselves and the Holy Emperor.


First pronounced by the Tormentor-Chaplains, “There is no respite…no forgiveness…only vengeance!� Which is answered by the Battle Brothers before going into action, “For the honor and glory of the Emperor!�
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