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Codex: Enemies of the Imperium

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Is anyone using this army builder/codex ? I just installed it on my computer and saw that the tyranids are from the 3rd edition ... do you know a patch or something to fix it ?
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GW is notorious for taking forever to update their games, let alone their software. There is a patch on their website but it took me forever to find it. But the patch I got last (about 2 months ago) had only the 3rd edition rules also. I'm not sure if there is a newer patch. I belive there is a link in the program group to the support site to check for a newer patch. Otherwise you'll have to search the GW site.
Holo, There is nothing yet for 4th ed Tyranids. I know the program you are talking about and when the guy at the GW store near me was explaning it, he also mentioned that Tyranids upgrade has not yet come out. There was one other army too, but your kinda out of luck at the moment
Thx, I've sended an email to [email protected] and hope to recevie some feedback on when the next patch is coming out :D I'll post here if and when I get the mail ...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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