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Ok first of all I'm going to issue some thanks.

First goes to dr.nick22 the only person on Earth crazy enough to give me inspiration for this codex. I never thought a discussion about farm animals would turn into a 19 page codex. dr.nick22 has just given me many long sleepless nights working on this codex (well ok 1 but a sleepless night is still a big deal).

Next I would like to thank E-Mance and Karmoon for the hours of work they put in contributing ideas to this codex over MSN. E-Mance sounded like a drunk turkey by the end.

Fianally I would like to thank Lord Yossanrion and Lost Nemesis who put up with my little questions and nagging to proofread it.

Before we begin I would also like to ask any aspiring artists out there if you are sitting around bored i would love it if you could draw up some artwork for this codex. Nothing fancy necessary. A chicken and rat rider would be cool.

Ok well lets read on to the farm animals.

EDIT: i will be editing any comments I make in here. When I go to post it the stats stay in their table. When it actually posts though all you can see is a jumbled mix of letters and numbers. How do I fix this?

Welcome Farmer to Codex: Farmyard Animals. Within these dusty pages you will find everything you need to know on how to field an army of farm animals. The farm critters take some getting used to with their style of play but once you have mastered using the close combat units in synergy with the fire support you will find them a very rewarding army to play. There’s nothing like beating down an army of uptight space marines or eldar with a well placed goat.

Why Collect Farmyard Animals?

The number one advantage of the animals is that they are dirt cheap in money. Every gamer complains about high games workshop but farm animals can be bought in almost any kids store in the world for a pittance. There next advantage is the boast factor. There is nothing like crushing high tech freaks, barbaric orks and undead robots with a fat, drunk farmer and his trusty pigs.

Farmyard Animals have a unique style of play for the gamer, offering multiple units each designed to support each other. The ranged units put down some support fire to keep the enemies heads down as you hit your opponent from all sides with powerful close combat units working in unison. This tactic is sure to give a warm glow inside as it stays interesting game after game after game unlike the many one trick ponies out there.

Farmyard animals have some of the miniatures available. Whilst marines may have unrealistic shoulders and chaos has an unhealthy amount of spikes we have anatomically correct pigs and cows; giving a more realistic feel to your games. Many sets also include barns and paddocks giving an interesting battlefield to fight for. The knowledge that you are defending your home farm can be exciting to play as you battle your very best to defend your animals from destruction.

How to Use this Book

The first part of this codex details the history behind the animals, how they escaped extinction over the centuries and how they were rescued by Professor Jonas and escaped to the planet of Earth II.

Part two of this book details the army list. Everything you need to know about an animal army and the information to put you on the path to fielding your own animal armada.

Part three describes the heroes of the animals, how the legendary ‘animal farm’ is run and various other legends that have stood out over the ages.

Find out more by personal messaging me, e-mailing me or adding me to MSN add [email protected] (2 _’s). Don’t turn to games workshop asking for advice on the farmyard until this army is put into white dwarf magazines.

The Befouling of Earth
The dark age of technology was just beginning and people were yet to realise the full impact it would have on their environment. Animals across the globe faced extinction as the Earth was plundered to feed the gaping maw that was progress. Greatest of these were the farm animals. They had co-existed with humanity for eons now but it seemed this relationship meant little to the despoilers. At last only a few traditional farms remained and these were disappearing rapidly from the face of the earth. Professor Jonas, a young scientist who saw the suffering of these animals put forth a plea to have them protected. This plea was deemed to be against the march of progress and the animals were denied the right to live. Using stolen parts from the fledgling I.S.E.P (International Space Exploration Program) Jonas built himself a great ark; taking aboard flocks of every animal he could find and the few humans who still cared, leading them off of a world gone mad.

The Settlement of Earth II
As the new world of machines was renamed Terra, Jonas found a quiet planet on the eastern rim of the galaxy after a long journey through the depths of space. Here he rebuilt the farms of old and gave the animals a better life than they had ever known. As time passed though Jonas grew old and he knew his animals would struggle without his aid. In his last remaining years Jonas worked upon selective breeding and genetic engineering programs to alter his animals slightly. They would be given the rudiments of intellect so that they could fend for themselves once he was gone.

The Rise of the Animals
Jonas died before he heard his animals speak their first word. Many of the animals moaned words of pity and grief but the pigs muttered of vengeance. As their intelligence grew they began to form the beginnings of weaponry. From here they would learn space travel and return to Terra. To reclaim whatever was left of their former home. Under the leadership of the few humans Jonas had brought with him (the farmers) the animals formed their armies and built their society. Prepared for the day of reckoning.

The Arrival of the Imperium
Tens of thousands of years had passed and the animals had all but forgotten their plans for vengeance, only a few discontented pigs still dreamt of retaking their home. Most animals had now grown lax and were prepared simply to coast through life at the command of the farmers. All this changed though when the Imperium arrived at last. Rank upon rank of Imperial Guardsmen arrived, astonished when they learned this civilisation had been formed at the birth of the dark age of technology. They came to build their metal cities upon the soil and suck the recourses dry, as they had done to Terra but this time the animals could fight back. They still held the legacy of Jonas and so the pigs once again rallied the animals for war. They would drive the monsters back from their world…

Farmer McMahon stood amongst the sheep observing the battlefield. The enemy bolters were cutting through his pigs with ease and the horses were caught deep in enemy lines. He was hesitant to sound the retreat. His reserves were late but that didn’t mean they weren’t coming. The enemy struck his sheep in a furious charge, their advanced jump packs roaring as they slammed into the stupid animals. The sheep baaahed loudly and turned to run but Lachlan, the dog at the farmers side gave a vicious bark and the terrified sheep held their ground. The assault marines hacked and chopped, swearing as they tried in vain to break through the wall of sheep.

There was a loud howl as the dogs gave a counter-charge. Slamming into the marines from the sides and kicking and biting as they went. Several assault marines went down quickly under the initial charge and retreat was impossible as they were caught up in the flock. In a last ditch attempt to save the fight the sergeant desperately swung his power fist at Farmer McMahon. He dodged it easily and fired a shot from his old revolver. The old girl still worked perfectly and the marine went down clutching his stomach.

Although the wave of assault marines had been defeated the battle was far from over. The Imperial tanks had arrived now and his forces could not stand up to the lascannons and heavy bolters. In the distance he could hear the geese finally arriving from the skies; flying in V formation to break up the enemy ranks.

It would not be easy, but he had never expected an easy win against the Adeptus Astartes.

Special Rules
Livestock-the animals are used to losing members of the herd at random times and as such never suffer the -1 leadership for being below 50% casualties.

Varying Species-The farm animal kingdom is made up of several different factions, namely with their own species. Without the presence of a charismatic leader these factions are as likely to turn upon the other kinds of animals as they are the enemy. If the farmer dies then each animal unit must roll a d6. On a roll of 1 the unit is set upon by its former companions. The unit suffers d6 S6 hits ignoring armour saves (invulnerable saves may be taken as normal).

Sixth Sense-Animals have all sorts of tiny scouts working for them, rabbits, flies, bees and most of them just have a sixth sense. As such it is incredibly hard to sneak up on an animal. Any infiltrators deployed must be more than 24� away from an animal unit if they can be seen or more than 15� away if they are out of sight.

Exotic Animals-You may only take 0-1 exotic animals unless your farmer has the exotic animal license. These animals do not count towards the force organisation chart and don’t occupy a slot on it.


1 Farmer 155 points.

The Farmer is the heart and soul of an animal army. Without him each animal would be unable to work with one of a different species and any organised army would quickly break down. The farmer is a considerable fighter in close combat and relies upon his animals for protection. Each farmer is unique in what they spend their money on, whether it be some handy abilities to keep them safe or lethal weapons designed to bring death to the enemies of the farm.

4 4 4 4 4
I A Ld Sv
5 2 9 -

A single farmer must always be included in a farmyard animal army.
A farmer is unique in the 40k universe as he has a set points cost towards the army list. All this equipment is bought using money ($) and these do not count towards your points total. $ And points are completely separate.

Independent Character, Monstrous Creature

Meatshields: Whilst farmers never wear armour as such they have learned other means of protection. Ordinarily monstrous creatures may be picked out by enemy shooting and Independent Characters can be picked out in an assault. If the farmer is ever attacked and is attached to a squad then any attack directed at him the farmer may redirect at another member of his squad instead on a d6 roll of 2+. For example if a space marine chooses to direct his attack at the farmer (whether from shooting or close combat) the farmer could immediately assign this shot to another member of his squad (on a 2+). Once the shot has been redirected roll to hit and wound as normal. Roll the d6 for each weapon being fired at the farmer to see if he can redirect it. Roll for redirecting attacks before rolling to hit with any of the weapons, so in effect the farmer could have the whole rest of his squad taking 10 shots each while he is unharmed. Redirected shots must be evenly spread out through the rest of the unit.

All farmers are given $100 to spend on equipment, weapons and wargear. He may take either 2 single handed weapons or 1 single handed weapon and 1 double handed weapon.

$10 Close Combat Weapon

$20 Revolver-12� S4 ap6 pistol

$20 Trident (pitchfork)-This is a 2 handed weapon that means the farmer strikes at +1WS, +1I and +1S in close combat.

$30 Shotgun-12� S5 ap- assault d3.

$80 Scythe- This is a 2 handed weapon. The farmer may forfeit all other attacks this assault phase (no matter where they came from) to make 1 S10 attack ignoring saves of all kinds. If this attack kills a model then the attack is repeated against a fresh target. Keep attacking until the scythe fails to kill someone. The maximum number of attacks that can be used per assault phase this way is 4. The Scythe may still only kill enemies within 2� of the farmer no matter how many attacks he gets. Against Vehicles the Scythe counts as a single S10 attack and may not gain additional attacks like it does against models. Regardless of the armour penetration roll a Scythe may only score glancing hits against vehicles.

$20 Hunting Rifle-36� SX ap6 heavy 1 sniper

Whilst it makes no sense for some of the following to be purchased with money it is still used on that system for the sake of simplicity.

$25 All his teeth-For a farmer to still have all his teeth is a sign of incredible luck on his behalf. A farmer that still contains all his teeth gains a 5+ invulnerable save.

$35 Fat-whenever a weapon would instant kill a farmer for any reason (strength being double toughness, force weapon, wraithcannon etc.) roll a d6. On a 4+ the fat confuses the wound and he only takes a single wound instead of dying instantly.

$25 6 Pack of Rum-The Farmer is heavily intoxicated and is unlikely to notice an enemy blow let alone keel over and die. He gains the Feel No Pain special rule.

$5 Rabbit Scouts-if an enemy unit infiltrates to within 6d6�of the farmer he and any squad he is attached to make a free shot at them before the game begins, even if they are not in range of the enemy.

$20 Cat Companion-A cat Companion confers +1A and the rending special rule upon the farmer.

The farmer may choose a single special skill from the list below.

1. Economics Education-The farmer may choose any amount of equipment (he may still only carry 2 weapons following normal restrictions on them). If he exceeds $100 any extra money used counts towards your points limit for the army. For example a farmer with $160 worth of equipment would cost 215 points.

2. Exotic Animal License-The farmer may choose any number of animals from the ‘zoo’ section of the codex instead of the normal 1. These animals count as troops choices on the force organisation chart. They may not be taken as your compulsory troops choices.

3. Old Army Veteran-The farmer adds +1 to his WS, BS, I, A, Ld.

4. Animal Friend-The farmer cares greatly for the welfare of his animals. Whenever the farmer is engaged in close combat any squad participating in that same close combat gains the counterattack special rule and +1A until the end of turn. Any animal squad with a model within 6� of the farmer is stubborn.


Dogs 19 points

The dogs are the elite soldiers of the pigs and the farmers and it is often difficult to decide where their loyalties lie. Whichever master they serve they are powerful warriors who charge into combat and rip their enemies apart in a ferocious brawl, shrugging off any hurt to themselves. The dogs serve as fast elite units in an animal army and are usually found accompanying geese and horses in a lethal three pronged attack.

4 0 3 3 1
I A Ld Sv
5 2 8 -

Squad Size: 5-15
Unit Type: Cavalry

Weapons: Teeth

Furious Charge: Dogs are much better when they have momentum behind them as they crash into an enemy unit and tear it to shreds. They have the furious charge special rule.

Feel No Pain: The dogs have been trained and brainwashed into a life of military service and thus will fight on no matter what injury they may have sustained. They have the Feel No Pain special rule.

Character: One dog may be upgraded to a patriot at +10 points. The patriot has an identical statline but ignores armour saves in close combat.

Ferret 70 points

The ferret is the ultimate weapon in pig technology. These miniature monsters can appear anywhere on the battlefield when the enemy least suspects it and cause havoc behind their lines. Ferrets have an obsession with sharp things and they usually carry several kilos worth of pointy rocks and needles; perfect weapons for sliding through flaws in the enemy and back out the other side.

5 4 3 3 1
I A Ld Sv
6 4 8 -

Squad Size: 1
Unit Type: Infantry

Weapons: Ferrets are renowned for having an arsenal of sharp pointy things (including their teeth). Some designed for stabbing and some designed for throwing. The sharp things mean that he ignores armour saves in close combat as he can punch through any weaknesses in armour no matter how small. When thrown the sharp bits have the following profile:

12� S3 ap6 assault 4 pinning

Stealth and Agility: due to his speed and reflexes a ferret is only ever hit in close combat on a 6. Due to his stealth he gains +2 to all cover saves and has a 5+ cover save when in the open. He may only be targeted by enemy shooting if he is the closest unit to them. He benefits from the move through cover special rule.

Surprise!: A ferret may enter play using the deep-strike special rule even if the mission being played does not allow it. As an exception to the normal rule he may still move, shoot and assault immediately after deep-striking.

Goats 35 points

The goats are one of the last animals to remain fiercely loyal to the farmer and ignore the pig’s message of genocide against the Imperium. Ever since they crew smart enough to recognise Jonas’ legacy the goats have been finding new ways to expand their intellect and make animals a powerful force that Jonas had intended them to be. On the battlefield goats use their warp spawned abilities to conjure up daemons of nurgle to add to their own stench drown the foe in faeces. Even the thought of such a fate will make most enemies buckle in fear.

3 3 4 3 1
I A Ld Sv
3 2 9 6+

Squad Size 1-3
Whilst goats are deployed separately on the table you may take up to 3 in a single force organisation chart slot.
Unit Type: Infantry

Goats are Independent Characters. Goats are exceptionally foul creatures however and may not join squads as characters usually can.

We’re used to it: Goat psychic powers have no effect on units with the mark of nurgle, nurgle daemons, plague zombies or mutants of nurgle.

Goats benefit from the move through cover, stubborn and furious charge special rules.

Goats are the psykers of the animal kingdom thanks to a little age and experience and a lot of selective breeding from the pigs. Each goat rolls a d6 and gains a power from the chart below of the corresponding number.

1. This power is treated as a shooting attack. The goat draws deeply from the warp and sets off a lethal wave of odours from his person. The stench of daemons pours across the battlefield. All enemies within 12� of the goat must take a pinning test at -2 Ld.

2. This power is used at the beginning of the turn. The goat covers the battlefield in the horrors of the warp; laying toxic piles of waste. Place a large blast marker over the goat to indicate a minefield. Any enemy unit wishing to enter the minefield must first pass a morale check at -3 Ld or else stop upon reaching it. The minefield counts as difficult terrain.

3. This power is treated as a shooting attack. The goat can unleash the horrors of the warp upon an unsuspecting enemy in a vicious attack. The enemy runs the risk of being mentally drowned in faeces. Select a single enemy model within 18�. That enemy suffers a perils of the warp attack on a d6 roll of 4+.

4. This power is used at the beginning of the goats shooting phase. The fear of excrement can often be a powerful tool in the goat’s arsenal. If he plays his cards right he can offer troops the chance to avoid their faeces related fate and earn their loyalty for a brief period of time. Select an enemy squad within 12�. The goat and the squad each roll a d6 and add their respective Ld (using the highest Ld in the enemy squad). If the enemy wins, nothing happens. If the goat wins he can force the enemy to make a single free round of shooting at any other enemy squad. Normal restrictions apply (such as restrictions for heavy weapons etc.). Fearless units are immune to this power.

5. This power is treated as a shooting attack. Select an enemy vehicle within 24� and roll to hit, if the goat hits the vehicle takes an automatic crew stunned result. This cannot be lowered to shaken through the aid of extra armour, spirit stones etc.

6. The goat may select any power from the list and roll again on the chart. He may still only cast 1 power per turn.


Pigs 5 points

The pigs are the stereotype of the farm. Each of them is a trained fighter and deadly combatant in their own right. Pigs are constantly finding new and inventive ways to defeat the enemy. They are often in direct competition with the farmer over the management of the farms although such disputes are quickly settled when the call to war is sounded. Pigs are usually seen making up the bulk of an animal army and wield their crude weapons off to war.

2 3 3 3 2
W A Ld Sv
1 1 7 6+

Squad Size: 5-20
Unit Type: Infantry

A pigs armour save can be represented either through crude shields/moveable cover or through selective breeding to get really tough hides.

Bastards: Pigs tend to be unpopular through many animals in an army. Whenever the farmer dies they are attacked on a 1 or a 2 instead of the usual 1 for the varying species special rule.

Weapons: The pigs have managed to fashion several crude weapons, whether it be from looting humans or building their own slings or throwing spears. As such each pig carries a Pig Weapon.

Character: One pig may be upgraded to a boss at +10 points. The boss has +1Ld and is armed with a close combat weapon and a revolver.

Options: Up to three pigs in the squad may replace their Pig Weapons with Heavy Pig Weapons at +10 points or scrap launchers at +15 points per model.

A squad of pigs numbering 12 models or less may take a pickup truck transport at +50 points.

Sheep 4 points

There are two words to sum up the sheep perfectly. Mindless Cowards. Almost anything will frighten away a sheep and it is up to the sheep dogs to keep them on the battlefield. Upon the battlefield they are almost useless in a fight except to put up a screen for the pigs and other animals to hide behind. Many a foe has lost the day because the bulk of their army was caught up in an endless tide of scared sheep.

2 0 3 4 1
I A Ld Sv
2 1 5 5+

Squad Size: 10-30
Unit Type: Infantry

Weapons: None

Slow and Lazy: Sheep always strike last in close combat and only ever hit on a roll to hit of 6 regardless of respective weapon skills.

A sheep squad numbering 12 or less models may take a pickup truck transport for +50 points.

Character: A sheep dog may be included in the unit of sheep with the following profile for +20 points:

3 0 3 3 1
I A Ld Sv
3 1 5 5+

A sheepdog means its squad of sheep automatically rallies at the beginning of its turn if it is fleeing. This ability does not help if the unit ordinarily couldn’t rally (i.e enemy within 6� or below half strength). The sheep dog just isn’t that good.

Chickens 8 points

The chickens provide a bit of mobile support to the army as they bring down enemy threats to the close combat animals. They are usually seen fluttering around the battlefield just behind a squad of horses or dogs. The chickens are always accompanied by their rat riders. Trained professionals who have sworn loyalty to the pigs and wield the mighty guns of the animals. As the chicken flutters around the battlefield the rats keep their nerve and calmly draw a bead on the enemy with their weapons.

3 3 3 3 1
I A Ld Sv
3 1 6 6+
Squad Size: 5-20
Unit Type: Infantry

Chickens benefit from the fleet of wing special rule.

Weapons: Each chicken comes accompanied by their own rat riders. Rat Riders don’t actually exist in game but they should be modelled on to the chickens. The rats and the chickens are essentially the same model in one so use the chickens BS for shooting. Each rat rider carries a variety of weapons ranging from slings, to pea shooters to sharp rocks. These rat riders are all armed with something equivalent to a Chicken Weapon so we use that profile.

Options: One chicken may be upgraded to a rooster at +15 points. The rooster is a much stronger animal and can support a rat sized mini ballista on its back (a rooster has a mini ballista). The rooster has the same profile as a chicken except it is BS4 and Ld7.

Broody: Chickens may gain the stubborn special rule at no extra points. If they take this option they must pass a leadership test at the beginning of each turn in order to be able to move. If they fail the test they may not move and/or fleet that turn.

Pickup Truck 50 points

The pickup Truck is the basic personnel carrier of the animal army. Before the war it was designed to carry animals to fairs and the like or take a crop to market. Now however raving gun nuts inhabit its interior firing blindly from the windows in an attempt to keep the enemy down. Several animals can be placed in the back to be transported off for war although this is an extremely exposed position.

AV 11 11 10 BS4

Crew: friends
Firing Points: 4 windows
Access points: rear ramp
Capacity: 12

Dedicated Transport.

The Pickup Truck is open topped.

Options: You may add up to 4 friends with hunter’s rifles to the car as a vehicle upgrade; each friend may only shoot out of a window.

Fast Attack

Horses-29 points

The horses are famed amongst the animals for their brute strength and endurance. Whilst they may not be as immovable as a cow they are rampage into enemy lines and trample down anything that gets in their way. The horses dream of a future without interference from the Imperium and so they follow the pigs blindly in an attempt to cleanse them from the world. In battle few enemies can withstand a horse charge while they are being supported by other close combat specialists.

3 0 4 5 2
I A Ld Sv
4 2 7 -

Squad Size: 3-10
Unit Type: Cavalry

Weapons: Hooves

Horses benefit from the Furious Charge special rule.

Trample: Horses gain +2A for charging instead of the usual +1.

Character: One Horse can be upgraded to a Patriot at +25 points. The Patriot has an identical statline but has cat passengers granting +2A and the rending special ability.

Bees 8 points

The bees benefited little from Jonas’ Legacy due to his inability to get past their hive mind. A single bee is still a mindless creature controlled only by the will of the queen. Due to this lack of intelligence bees are controlled exclusively by the farmer as the pigs are as yet incapable of training them to take orders. Despite their lack of weapons bees make a fearsome foe in combat. They care nothing for their own casualties and swarm over an enemy in a frenzied cloud of death until the foe has either died of blood loss or the amount of toxin running though his veins.

2 0 3 3 3
I A Ld Sv
2 3 4 -
Squad Size: 5-15
Unit Type: Jump Infantry

Weapons: Stingers.

Bees use the swarms, vulnerable to blasts, fearless and fleet of wing special rules.

Agile: Bees are in total control of their flight and always ignore difficult terrain.

Stings: Bees always wound on a roll of 4+ due to the venom in their stings (enhanced by selective breeding thanks once again to the pigs).

Geese 23 points

The geese are another twisted experiment of the pigs. Once upon a time they would dive bomb across the battlefield dropping eggs but the pigs realised how inefficient their style of combat was. To fix this they pigs designed a kind of heavy steel armour covered from head to toe in long sharp spikes. Now whenever the geese are unleashed in combat they are a ferocious horde of screaming soldiers, flying into an enemy unit and cutting many to ribbons. They have had much practice in flying through an enemy unit and then coming back upon his exposed flank.

3 0 3 3 1
I A Ld Sv
4 2 7 3+
Squad Size: 5-20
Unit Type: Jump Infantry

Weapons: Armoured Spiky Bits

Geese have the Furious Charge and Hit and Run special rules.

Spiky Bits: Spiky Bits allow geese to re-roll misses when in close combat.

Vicious Buggers: Geese always benefit from having the preferred enemy special rule regardless of whom they are actually fighting.

Options: Up to 3 geese in the squad may be upgraded to carry a rat rider armed with a mini ballista.

Foxes 26 points

Foxes are mysterious individuals who band together to raid farms for food. Since the war began they have caused quite a stir amongst the farms in that they are brilliant soldiers that refused to serve the farmers. In response the farmers now offer chickens as sacrifices to attract the foxes to their armies. On a battlefield foxes tend to drift from the rest of the army, shunned due to their carnivorous habits. They infiltrate into a forward position and quickly slaughter an enemy unit before disappearing back into the darkness. They may be hated by the other animals but everyone grudgingly agrees the sacrifice for their assistance is well worth it.

5 0 4 3 5
W A Ld Sv
1 3 8 -
Unit Type: Cavalry
Squad Size: 5-10

Foxes benefit from the move through cover and infiltrate special rules.

Character: One fox may be upgraded to a patriot at +25 points. A patriot grants his squad a 5+ cover save due to his expertise at hiding and ignores armour saves in close combat.

Heavy Support

Cows 40 points

Nothing can dislodge a cow, and this theory is held up on the battlefield. Accompanied by whatever comes along for the ride on their backs the cows advance up the battlefield shrugging of all but the heaviest of firepower. As their passengers blow holes in the enemy ranks the enemy find they can do little in return as shell after shell is emptied into the cow to no avail. The cows are not the most intelligent of creatures and are often manipulated by the pigs into doing the slave work around the farm.

2 3 5 5 3
I A Ld Sv
2 1 7 -

Squad Size: 3-5
Unit Type: Infantry

Weapons: Cows have heavy weaponry strapped to their backs; these are then operated by a pair of rats riding on top. Whilst they may not have the best accuracy no-one likes being shot by a rat. Cows carry a single weapon from the list below. All cows in the unit must carry the same type of weapon although any combination of that weapon and cats is allowed:

Cows must take a heavy scrap launcher at +5 points, a heavy crossbow at +5 points or a bolt thrower at + 10 points.

Options: Instead of taking a gun a cow may take a few cat passengers along for the ride. The cats grant the cow +2A and the rending special ability at no extra cost.

Tractor 100 points

The tractor had always been used as a farming utensil until the days of the war with the Imperium. Since then it has been necessary to develop weapons capable of harming the awesome adeptus astartes. The tractor was a joint effort between the farmer and the pigs and was developed until it was capable of crushing anything under its awesome weight. Even power armour would not keep an enemy safe. To go even further a few of the combine harvesters were developed into weapons and these things are capable of grinding even a daemon prince or terminator into a pile of muck in seconds.

AV 12 12 10 BS3

Crew: Employees
Firing Points: 2 windows

Up to 2 employees may fire shotguns from tractor windows.

Tank Shock Doom: Whenever the tractor tank shocks an enemy unit that unit takes d6 S6 hits ignoring saves as well as the normal effects of tank shock.

Options: The Tractor may be upgraded to a combine harvester for +50 points. This adds +1 front armour. Instead of attacking with d6 on a tank shock the combine harvester causes 1 hit for every model in the unit on a 3+. Any model hit automatically dies using the same rules as the death or glory rules (in effect the models have been caught up underneath and nothing can save them now).

The LAND CRUISER 0-1 (you ‘aint getting more than one wife to drive this thing) 200 points

What started out as the farmers ‘formal’ car was quickly grabbed by the pigs and turned into their ultimate creation. With rudimentary armour constantly heaped over the sides it looks more like a fortress now than a car. The LAND CRUISER is equipped with the inferno gun, an almighty weapon capable of burning up any number of enemy troops. What started out as an innocent barbecue lighter was quickly looted and ‘improved’ by the pig’s twisted genius. With some tinkering (and much tape to stick multiple lighters together) a blazing inferno gun was created. Now the LAND CRUISER rolls into battle shrugging off all enemy fire and unloading its own massive firepower on the enemy.

AV 14 14 14 BS4

Crew: The wife
Firing Points: 4 windows.

Weapons: Inferno Gun

Spare Tyre: Due to the excess of spare tyres lying about whenever the LAND CRUISER suffers an immobilised result it may roll a d6 at the beginning of each turn. On a 4+ the immobilised result is repaired and the vehicle is free to move again.

For a cost of 10 points you may add a kid with a hunter’s rifle or shotgun to the LAND CRUISER. This upgrade may be taken up to 4 times.

The LAND CRUISER is the ultimate in four wheel drive technology and ignores difficult and dangerous terrain.

Exotic Animals

An army may only take one exotic animal unless the farmer has an exotic animal license.

Before Terra completely annihilated its animal population Jonas had managed to recover, buy or steal several animals from various zoos across the planet. These animals are extremely rare today and it is every farmer’s dream of owning one. It is every pigs dream to start strapping weapons to them to make a truly invulnerable killing machine.

Elephant 150 points
5 0 7 7 4
I A Ld Sv
4 3 10 3+
Squad Size: 1
Unit Type: Monstrous Creature

Weapons: Tusks and Feet (does not count as 2 close combat weapons.)

An elephant’s tusks allow him to re-roll one missed to hit roll in close combat. His feet mean that whenever he charges into close combat he gains +d3 attacks instead of the usual +1.

Lion 105 points
6 0 5 4 2
I A Ld Sv
6 4 10 4+
Squad Size: 1-3
Unit Type: Cavalry

Weapons: Teeth and Claws (not 2 close combat weapons).

A lion benefits from the rending, stealth and move through cover special rules.

Gorilla 140 points
6 0 5 5 3
I A Ld Sv
5 4 10 4+
Squad Size: 1
Unit Type: Monstrous Creature

Weapons: Arms

A Gorilla benefits from the move through cover and furious charge special rules.

Dinosaur 200 points
5 0 8 7 4
I A Ld Sv
5 5 10 2+
Squad Size: 1
Unit Type: Monstrous Creature

A dinosaur may have a variety of different models representing it as dinosaurs were a diverse race. It is assumed though that players would use one of the bigger ones as it is a monstrous creature after all.

Vehicle Upgrades

All vehicles may take any number of the following upgrades:

Smells of Goats 5 points
If a vehicle smells of goats the crewmen are already undergoing heavy punishment and no amount of enemy firepower is going to disrupt their efforts. All crew stunned results are lowered to crew shaken.

Spare Tyre 3 points
A vehicle that has been immobilised may attempt to replace the damaged tyre. At the beginning of each turn roll a d6. On a 6 the immobilised result is repaired. The LAND CRUISER may not take this upgrade.

Torch 1 point
A vehicle with a crew carrying torches may ignore night fight and shoot at enemies normally. Any vehicle that uses a torch may be shot at without penalty by enemy units as they can see the torch too.

Birds 10 points
At the beginning of each turn the all enemy units with a model within 6� must make a morale test. The incredibly loud and high pitched screeching of the birds can scare the living daylights out of enemies, or just annoy the hell out of them.

Banner 25 points
All friendly units with a model within 6� of the vehicle are fearless.

Weapons Summary
Weapon Name Range Strength AP Type
Shotgun 12� 5 - Assault D3
Hunters Rifle 24� X 6 Heavy 1 Sniper
Sharp Bitz 12� 3 6 Assault 4
Mini Ballista 36� 6 2 Assault 1
Pig Weapon 24� 3 - Rapid Fire
Heavy Crossbow 48� 8 2 Heavy 1
Bolt Thrower 48� 8 2 Heavy 1 lance
Scrap Launcher G36� 4 - Heavy 1 Pinning, Blast
Heavy Scrap Launcher G48� 6 - Heavy 1 Ordnance
Revolver 12� 4 6 Pistol
Heavy Pig Weapon 30� 5 - Rapid Fire
Inferno Gun Flame Template 10 2 Heavy 3
Chicken Weapon 18� 3 - Assault 3

Special Characters

This section of the codex details the legendary heroes of the animals. Those great individuals who have held off against the Imperium for years and have gained skills no ordinary animal could achieve. Most renowned of these are the denizens of animal farm the first farm to go to war and defend its planet from the Imperial invaders.

All special characters take up a HQ slot on the force organisation chart.

Napolean (Pig) 210 points

5 5 4 4 3
I A Ld Sv
4 3 10 4+

Napolean is an independent character; if he joins a unit of pigs the squad becomes fearless.

Glorious Leader: An army that includes Napolean may never take a farmer, Napolean counts as being a farmer for the purpose of the Varying Species special rule. While Napolean is on the table all animal units may use his Ld for leadership tests (except psychic tests).

Squealer: Squealer is Napolean’s second in command. Whilst he is not actually represented by a model he is always at Napolean’s side. Squealers job is to root out traitors and increase overall efficiency. Once per battle you may automatically remove one model as a casualty. All units in your army fight with renewed fervour and +1A for the rest of that turn.

Human Traits: Napolean has always been fascinated by human technology and has modified a gun for himself. He wields a rifle with the following profile:

30� S5 ap3 assault 3

Jesse (Dog) 80 points

6 0 4 4 2
I A Ld Sv
6 4 10 -

Jesse moves follows all the normal rules that apply to dogs (feel no pain, move as cavalry etc.).

Jesse is an independent character; whenever she joins a unit of dogs that squad becomes fearless.

Sheepdog Legend: any sheep unit with a model within 12� of Jesse counts as having a sheep dog for the purpose of rallying.

Good Friend: Jesse has worked her whole life towards animal co-operation and is seen as a friend by most animals. When a farmer dies Jesse and any squad she is attached to does not roll for Varying Species damage.

Puppies: If Jesse is included in an army then one squad of dogs may be upgraded to her puppies for +5 points. Her puppies are legendary warriors trained by Napolean’s secret service. They gain +1 WS and A.

Animal Farm: If Napolean is taken in the army then Jessie does not take up a HQ slot on the force organisation chart. It is assumed she shares Napolean’s.

Boxer (Horse) 100 points

5 4 5 5 (6) 3
I A Ld Sv
4 3 10 -

Boxer is an independent character, if he joins a unit of horses that squad becomes fearless.
Boxes moves as cavalry.

Hard Labour: Boxer is accustomed to exhausting work that would leave other horses collapsing of exhaustion. Any horse squad led by Boxer adds +1T to their profile. This does not count when calculating double toughness for instant death.

Animal Farm: If Napolean is taken in the army then Boxer does not take up a HQ slot on the force organisation chart. It is assumed he shares Napolean’s.

Moses (Raven [Goose]) 30 points

4 0 3 3 1
I A Ld Sv
3 2 10 -

Moses is an independent character.
Moses moves as jump infantry.

As long as Moses is included in the army all geese units are fearless and gain the deep-strike special rule. The geese only remain fearless as long as Moses is alive.

Animal Farm: If Napolean is taken in the army then Moses does not take up a HQ slot on the force organisation chart. It is assumed he shares Napolean’s.

The Animal Social Order

Where each animal ranks in the hierarchy varies from farm to farm. In most cases the farmer sits at the top of the pyramid, supreme commander of army. Beneath him sit the pigs, evil geniuses who are determined to make animals great. The farmers and pigs are often at odds with each other, where the pigs usually favour an all out attack upon the enemies farmers tend to be more peaceful and only fight when their forces have no other choice. In some rare cases the pigs stand above the farmers through popular support or revolution.

Next in line come the more powerful and intelligent animals. The dogs, geese and horses serve the pigs without question whereas the sheep are loyal to the farmer. The goats are generally respected by all animals and the goats are loyal to the farmer. Bees and chickens are too mindless to fit into any kind of social order although the rats are loyal to the pigs.

Set apart from other animals are the ferrets and the foxes. Ferrets tend to be friendly with pigs and often share ideas for new weaponry. On the flip side of the coin foxes are loners, only fighting when a farmer manages to earn their respect or satisfy their hunger. They have no love for the pigs.

The exotic animals are controlled by the farmer, the pigs are constantly plotting to get their hands on one and conduct their evil experiments to create the ultimate killing machine.

So if you have managed to twist your mind around the complex animal hierarchy it looks as though the pigs have slightly more control. However to add to the confusion the farmer has complete control over the armies tanks. An animal farmyard is a dangerous place of shifting loyalties where your seeming allies can turn upon you in an instant on the battlefield.

Chapter Approved

Welcome folks to our chapter approved article. Codex: Farmyard Animals can’t contain every idea that people have offered and so it is here that we detail some of the farmers more secret servants and some of the pigs most twisted experiments.

Operation Archfiend is the pig’s greatest experiment of all time. General Porkchop is the only pig in history that has been capable of kidnapping a dinosaur. When the old MacDonald was found dead on a battlefield under mysterious circumstances Porkchop assumed command. The massive tyrannosaurus rex has been tied to the ground as the pigs tried fusing all sorts of weapons and genetic enhancements to his skin. When ‘Archfiend’ is unleashed he unleashes masses of firepower on his enemies as he storms into combat and tears his opponents apart. His massive jaws are capable of breaking apart huge battle tanks and tossing them around like rag dolls.

Archfiend is armed with the Flame Grenade Launcher, a weapon that covers the battlefield in dangerous explosives that have the power to tear through enemy infantry. Enemy commanders tend to get a nasty shock as grenades are lobbed randomly amongst their ranks.

Archfiend 350 points

6 4 10 8 5
I A Ld Sv
6 6 10 2+

Archfiend is a monstrous creature.

Not enough armour!: No amount of armour can protect a vehicle as Archfiend attacks. He uses the ordnance penetrating hit table to work out vehicle damage. He also adds +1 to any results on this table.

Genetic Enhancements: Archfiend has the improved statline as above. He also benefits from the fleet of foot and feel no pain and fearless special rules.

Flame Grenade Launcher: Archfiend may shoot a single S10 ap2 shot at every enemy infantry unit on the board. Roll to hit and wound for each shot.

Thankyou for reading Codex: Farmyard Animals. I am hoping this section can be filled with artwork in future.

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Wow looks like you put a ton of work into this! I will give it a good read at some point but from giving it a quick glance over i can tell that we have a new 40k army in town!

Games workshop couldn't think of a good way to crack the 1-5 kids market but it looks like you guys have done it!

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Great list lordlink (and to all those who contributed to it). I'd just like to say that's its nice to know that this list was made because I live on a cattle station and never dreamt that a list of farm animals would be made........(and also because it reminds me of the stuff I do nearly every day):w00t: :yes:
Rep for you since I love this list so much...(although us farmer's aren't all fat or drunk....)

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@ Lord Link

So.. how angry was your grandma then? ;)
Nicely done mate :)
I don't think she knows I stayed up all night yet. :ninja:

dfg said:
...(although us farmer's aren't all fat or drunk....)
I know but not all space marines are blue.

Sometimes you just have to go with what sells better. :rolleyes:

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Great. Any army that allows you to include a tractor and a dinosaur gets 10/10 in my book.

Maybe as a later addition you could have the Special character 'Old, McDonald' the legandery farmer of old.

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Absolutely freaking awesome. I love this codex, good work LordLink. I didn't know you'd take my joking suggestion so far, but I'm glad that you did. Keep up the good work.

Oh, and have you considered a second, cheaper HQ choice? Something like 'Farm Hand', or 'Stable Boy'. Maybe with only $50, and not strong. Someone yet to be promoted to farmer ;) Just a suggestion. Looking forward to seeing more about the farm animals :)

And for those of you who don't know, the farm animals codex premise is partly based on 'Animal Farm', by George Orwell (such as all the special characters for example). If you haven't read it, I thoroughly recommend it, it's a good read.

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Crop Farmer Allies

Fantastic - and surely there will be Heavy Support Allies from the 'crop' sector - if only to be able to have a Combine Harvester in your army (slurry spreader anyone?).

Great work again



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damn,wish i thought of the idea!isnt napoleon,boxer and moses from the novel animal farm by george orwell by any chance?and why cant we see farmyard badgers!other than no badgers,good codex,ill enojoy seeing a horse beating the living hell out of capatin sicarius.

"sicarius to ultramarines-battle stations.we are under attack from goats."

*ultramarines laugh*

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Ha. That really made me laugh - I want to use my baby brother's animals now to cause mass destruction - I especially like the Land Crusier! Thanks.


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the world needs more pigs named napoleon....awesome idea. What kind of pics are you looking for? I can draw fairly decent, and Farmyard animals arent that complex....PM if you need artistic help...

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Love it,
Sounds like fun to play!!
i think that the farmer should have more $ to spend though, $100 isn't enough say if you want a scythe and his teeth!
really funny and it looks great

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Theres a post over in the sketchbook forum for any artists that want to help.

If you want an uber farmer then you need to take the extra $50 skill. Because at the moment the other skills seem better than it.

I designed him in mind with: uber cc power OR survivable power (for varying species rule). The purpose of the economics upgrade was to allow him to be both.

I might make the scythe cheaper though. Like I said none of the costs are set in stone.

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Theres a post over in the sketchbook forum for any artists that want to help.

If you want an uber farmer then you need to take the extra $50 skill. Because at the moment the other skills seem better than it.

I designed him in mind with: uber cc power OR survivable power (for varying species rule). The purpose of the economics upgrade was to allow him to be both.

I might make the scythe cheaper though. Like I said none of the costs are set in stone.
hmm...i looked at the rules for the scythe,but i thought its perfectly balanced (cost included).the closest equivelent is the sustained assualt eldar exarch power (its gone now,but it used to belong to swooping hawks),and that was +20pts.however,since the attack is at strength 10,ignoring armour saves,making it cheaper may unbalance it.its like something i was doing for a offline codex-a certin unit costed about 95pts (without upgrades,it was 45pts.given a photon cannon,it went up by +30pts.the addition of energy shields was another +30pts).

the more powerful something is,the more expensive it needs to be-rule number 1.why is it that a land raider is 250pts if this wasnt true?

finally,i think i will do something-just dont expect good quality,and whatever you do DONT EXPECT IT SOON-MY PAPER RESERVES ARE INCREADIBLY LOW!

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So would everyone like to see a stable hand as a second HQ or should the farmer stay as being unique?

The other option is to have a phoenix lord style HQ where each animal has a special character choice to represent it. Having the legendary animal lead them (although farmers are still essential).

Thank you Adrian MalSeraph for doing some artwork for the codex. I'll post up your chicken and rat once you're done.
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