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I recently re-read the first 3 books in the Horus Heresy series and finally gave in to doing a Luna Wolves army. However, how to write a list? The Marine Codex is too 'modern', the Chaos codex is to chaotic and the 30K rule set from BolS requires you to have 3 different codex's, one of which is out of date, so I decided to embark on a rather large endeavour; writing a proper pre-heresy codex. I've got a bit so far, but I'm looking for a Beta/Proof reader and a few play testers. If you fancy helping me out with this, please PM me. Just to whet your appetites, here are a few first draft pre-veiws

Legion Astartes Special Rules

And They Shall Know No Fear: Legion Space Marines automatically pass tests to regroup, and can take such tests even if the squad has been reduced to less than half strength by casualties, though all other criteria apply. Usualy troops that regroup cannot move normally and always count as moving whether they do or not, but these restrictions do not apply to models subject to this special rule. If Legion Space Marines are caught by a sweeping advance, they are not destroyed and will instead continue to fight normally. If this happens then the unit is subject to the No Reatreat! rule in this round of close combat and might therefore suffer additional casualties.

Legion Tactics: A non-fearless Legion Space Marine unit with this special rule can choose to automatically fail any Morale check it is called to make.

Horrors of the Warp: At this time, the true dangers of the warp are unknown by all save those in positions of command. Any Legion Space Marine unit that is not within 6" of a friendly HQ choice suffers -1 Ld for any Leadership test caused by a Phsycic power.

Terran Veterans
Before the Great Crusade, the Emperor and the first Adeptus Astartes faught to unify Terra in the Unification Wars. Some of these first Astartes have survived both the Uification Wars and 200 years of the Great Crusade. They are warriors almost without equal. They know how to lead men to glory and are often found in positions of high comand, such as Captains, Chapter Masters and Lord Commanders. Any character that is a Terran Veteran has the Feel no Pain Special Rule.

Terran Veterans as Squad Commanders
If a squad is led by a Terran Veteran and a Squad Standard is taken, the squad will not loose the effects of the standard, even if the bearer is killed. Note that a Sergeant that is upgraded to a Terran Veteran does not have the Feel no Pain Special Rule.

Legion Astartes Weapons
Experimental Weapons:
During the Great Crusade and the Horus Heresy, some weaponry is still being developed. Only one Experimental Ranged weapon and one Experimental Close combat weapon may be taken per squad. (For example; A squad of Terminators may take an Experimental Stormbolter and an Experimental Lightning Claw, but no other Experimental weapons) Note that a pair of Experimenal Lightning Claws count as a single experimental weapon choice.

Ranged Weapons

Bolt Pistol

Hand Flamer
Template Str.3 AP.5 Pistol



Combi Bolter

Twin-Linked Bolter

Heavy Bolter

Heavy Flamer



Missile Launcher

Reaper Autocanon

Experimental Melta
Rng. 14" Str.8 AP.1 Assault1, Melta, Gets Hot

Experimental Multi-melta
Rng.26" Str.8 AP.1 Heavy 1, Melta, Gets Hot

Experimental Stormbolter

Experimental Plasma Cannon
Rng.34" Str.7 AP.2 Heavy 1, Blast, Gets Very Hot
Gets Very Hot: Any 'To Hit' rolls of a 1 or a 2 cause a wound on the user

Close Combat Weapons

Close Combat Weapon

Power Sword

Power Fist

Relic Blade

Force Weapon

Experimental Lightning Claw

Experimental Chain-Fist

Experimental Melta Bombs
Used as normal, but any 'To Hit' rolls of a 1 cause a wound on the user.

Vehicle Armoury

Demolisher Cannon

Dozer Blade

Extra Armour

Havoc Launcher

Hunter-Killer missile

Pintle-mounted Combi-weapon

Pintle-mounted Twin-linked bolter


Smoke Launchers

Squad Standards and Traits
Some squads of Legion Space Marines carry Squad Standard into battle. They instill a sense of pride, honour and determination in the Astartes in the squad. A Squad Standard may give a trait to the squad. If the standard bearer is killed, then the trait is lost, unless the squad is led by a Terran Veteran.

Some Legions can take certain traits for half the cost (rounding up) For Example, the Trait of the Skilled is 20pts for a Legion Tactical Squad. The Emperors Children Legion may take this for 10pts

Trait of the Coragous
The unit may re-roll failed Morale checks (that are not failed as per the Combat Tactics rule)

Trait of the Fierce
All members of the squad have +1 Attack

Trait of the Determined
All members of the squad have +1 Toughness

Trait of the Skilled
All members of the squad have +1 Iniative

Trait of the Strong
All member of the squad have +1 Strength

Tactical Legion Squad (16pts per Model)

WS - 4
BS - 4
S - 4
T - 4
W - 1
I - 4
A - 1
Ld - 8
Sv - 3+

Unit Type: Infantry

Number/Squad: 5-20

>Power Armour
>Bolt Pistol
>Close Combat Weapons
>Frag and Krak Grenades

Special Rules:
>And They Shall Know No Fear
>Legion Tactics
>Horrors of the Warp

Dedicated Transport:
If the squad numbers ten models or less, may select a Rhino or Drop Pod

>One model may be upgraded to Sergeant for +10pts (+1A, +1Ld)

>Sergeant may be upgraded to Terran Veteran for +5pts (+1Ld [for Ld.10])

>Sergeant may replace his Bolter for one of the following:
>Twin-linked Bolter for +5pts
>Combi-weapon for +10pts
>Hand Flamer for +5pts

>Sergeant may replace his Close combat weapon for one of the following:
>Power Weapon for +15pts
>Power Fist for +30pts
>Experimental Lightning Claw for +30pts (Terran Veteran Only)

>Sergeant may replace his bolt pistol with a hand flamer for free.

>Sergeant may have Experimental Melta Bombs for +5pts.

>One Legion Space Marine may replace his Boltgun with one of the following
>Flamer for +5pts
>Experimental Meltagun for +10pts

>If the Squad numbers 10 or more models, a second Legion Space Marine may replace his Boltgun with one of the following:
>Missile Launcher for +5pts
>Autocannon for +10pts
>Heavy Bolter for + 10pts
>Heavy Flamer for +10pts
>Lascannon for +20pts
>Experimental Meltagun for +10 pts
>Flamer for +5 pts

Squad Standard:
>One model may be given a Squad Standard with one of the following Traits:
>Trait of the Couragous for +10pts
>Trait of the Feirce for +30pts
>Trait of the Skilled for +20pts
>Trait of the Determined for +50pts
>Trait of the Strong for +50 pts

By the Silver Sword!
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If I've missed out stats for experimental weapons, it's because nothing about then has changed, they are just restricted (i.e. An experimental lightning claw is a normal lightning claw, but is limited to 2 per squad max)

I've got most of the codex written now, but I'd rather not post it here due to copyright etc.
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