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Here is another Chapter of my own creation.
Well, the fluff anyway. GW mentioned them briefly way back in the day when they took part in the Badab War. I hope everyone enjoys reading it as much as I enjoyed creating it!

Please email me any questions or comments at:
[email protected]

For Russ and The Emperor!


Chapter Number: Unknown

Founding: Unknown (Reputedly, The Thirteenth Founding)

Progenitor Legion: White Scars (Suspected)

Homeworld: Minos

Chapter Colors: Red/Yellow

Imperial Data File: No file available
The Space Marine Chapter of the Minotaurs is steeped in mystery as well as infamy. The exact date of their founding is unknown but most would not argue their long record of faithful service to the Imperium. The Minotaurs claim no lineage from any one particular First Founding Legions, although Imperial scholars suspect that their geneseed stock is that of the White Scars warrior Primarch Jaghatai Khan. The White Scars deny such blood-ties with this infamous Chapter. It has even been speculated that they are one of the lost Chapters of The Thirteenth Founding, also known as the Dark Founding. Whatever the truth, the Minotaurs will neither confirm nor deny such claims.

Though their origins are surrounded in doubt, their unquestioning faith in the divine Emperor is absolute. This mighty chapter believes in the virtues of strength, loyalty, duty, and honor. They live by their Chapter Motto; “Our Honor Is Our Life. Let None Dispute It.� These stalwart warriors also value martial prowess and strength of arms.

Fierce warriors, bearing the ritual scars of bravery, they fight with all the tribal savagery of their home world and bring swift death to all enemies of the Imperium...


The Minotaurs Chapter of Space Marines hails from the Imperial world of Minos, located on the Northeastern fringe of the Ultima Segmentum. It is part of a multi-planet system inhabited by humans and orks. Minos is situated dangerously close between the ork-inhabited worlds Bork and Gorkamorka. Some five millennia ago, a huge intra-system war erupted between the Minosians and the Orks. A large Ork Waaaaaggghh! nearly decimated Minos with orbital nuclear weapons, killing nearly 80% of the world’s population. Minos’ once-great civilization perished, along with its renowned centers of art, culture, and sciences.

The few humans who survived were forced to struggle for their very existence against the corrupted environment, the elements, and constant ork attacks. Their numbers dropped nearly to the point of extinction before the last remaining humans banded together in their struggle for their survival. The population devolved into nomadic tribes who constantly roamed the land seeking out the few remaining sources of food and water. Only the strongest of them survived. The nomads took to the mountains, where they were able to meek out a meager existence amongst the ruins of their once-great civilization.

Eventually, over the millennia, the humans of Minos were able to regain some supremacy over their world. Through evolution and strife the harsh climate bred unbreakable warriors tempered in the heat of constant battle.

In M38, contact with the Imperium was reestablished. A deep space Adeptus Mechanicus Explorator team was conducting a planet-wide survey of Minos. Minos was now an arid, desolate planet with violent windstorms and only narrow belts of cultivatable land. The Explorator team was hoping to find rich ore deposits and STC on this unpopulated planet. Despite high levels of radiation the Explorator team was amazed to find that there was still life on this feral world. They found the indigenous population to be a semi-barbaric people from ancient Terran stock.

Ministorum missionaries were immediately dispatched to spread the imperial cult amongst the indigenous population. Despite being fierce and primitive, the missionaries were amazed to find that the Minosians still worshipped the Master of Mankind, albeit in a corrupted tribal fashion. The people were probed for any sign of Chaotic taint but were found to be unwaveringly loyal to the Emperor.

When inquiries were made to the Minosians as to how they had survived all of these millennia without the Emperor’s guiding light, they told an amazing tale of how over five hundred years before, “Warriors from the Stars� descended from the heavens. They were adorned with strange armor that the greenskins could not penetrate with their weapons, and used mighty weapons that spit the fire of their wrath upon the loathsome creatures. The “Sky-Warriors� slew them with wrathful anger. Since that time, they saved the people of the planet from destruction many times over, and helped reestablish their faith in the Master of Mankind. The power and might displayed by these mysterious “Sky-Warriors� were found to be like that of an ancient creature from Minosian legend, the Minotaur. Forever after, the people began to call the “Sky-Warriors�, Minotaurs.

A great fortress-monastery was constructed by the grateful Minosians in the center of their world’s largest continent known as Minosus. The great fortress was hewn into the cliff face of the tallest mountain within the highest peaks. The mysterious Minotaurs found the hardy people not wanting and so, many of the tribe’s finest warriors were taken to become the “Chosen of the Gods�.

Intrigued, the Explorator team immediately began a probe of the continent of Minosus. When they came within ten leagues of the Minotaurs fortress-monastery’s location, they were hailed by these mysterious Minotaurs. It was discovered that the Minotaurs were actually a Chapter of the Legion Astartes!

The Ecclesiarchy and the Inquisition then conducted a thorough investigation. Unable to determine their origin, the Minotaurs Space Marine Chapter was found not to exhibit any signs of Chaos, and was found to be loyal servants of the Divine Emperor. Soon after, they were awarded the rights of ruling Minos and its surrounding system. The Minotaurs’ are well placed on the fringes of the galaxy in readiness for any alien or chaos incursion. The chapter is constantly on standby in order to swoop down with fires of retribution and wrath on any threat to humanity.


The companies of the Minotaurs generally fight according to the precepts of the Codex Astartes, employing the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Battle Companies. These four companies form the bulwark of the main battle lines bearing the brunt of the fighting. The specialist companies (the 1st, 8th, and 10th) are kept in reserve and only deployed when necessary. The 6th, 7th, and 9th Reserve Companies kept on standby, ready to deploy in a moments notice. The Chapter's Dreadnoughts are often used as fire support units, if not, Furiosos.

However, these Companies cannot be relied upon to fight in the structured and disciplined ways of other purely Codex Chapters, for even the most taciturn veteran turns into a berserker, wishing only to release their calculated brutality and savagery upon their foes. A Minotaur Space Marine in the heat of battle
seeks nothing more than to rush into close quarters with the enemy and tear them apart in a hail of blood. Those who have actually witnessed their bloodthirstiness in action report that they have never seen such sickening displays of butchery and wholesale killing. The charnel violence following a Minotaurs army has made many other Imperial forces, including fellow Space Marine Chapters refuse to fight alongside them.

Though the Minotaurs demonstrate a highly unusual grasp of military strategy, and excel in many theaters of war, they are completely oblivious to the subtleties of negotiation and parlay. It simply does not occur to the Minotaurs to use anything less than total and decisive force to achieve their objectives. This tendency has been accepted without question and has become standard operating procedure. Where a simple surgical strike would suffice, the Minotaurs regularly use excessive force to achieve their goals. The Minotaurs have expressed on more than one occasion that by crushing the offender in full view of his compatriots, an enforcer not only solves the original problem beyond all doubt but ensures that those who witness it dares not stray from the path of Imperial law.

The Minotaurs are cunning and fearless in battle, and will never use subterfuge or trickery to defeat an enemy. They believe that the only honorable way to face an opponent is up close and personal. Therefore, they tend to eschew the use of heavy weapons and armored vehicles of any kind, often times employing only chainswords, power fists, power-axes, and, if need be, their bare hands and teeth. They will employ Rhinos and Razorbacks, as this enables the Minotaurs to surge forwards and take the enemy with bolt pistols and power axes. Once unleashed, the Minotaurs will permit nothing to stand in the way of the gratification that can only be found in close combat.

Their dogged resistance in combat has become legendary. In situations where even other Space Marines would fall back, the Minotaurs will fight to the bitter end. ‘Always forward, never back!’ is their watchword. This is reflected in their stubborn refusal to move in the face of the enemy, even in situations in which it would be beneficial for them to do so.

The Minotaurs are notoriously intolerant of non-humans and will refuse to fight alongside armies that include alien races. An aloof and intolerant Chapter they are highly suspicious of outsiders often times refusing to fight alongside even other Space Marine Chapters. Because of their bloodthirsty nature they have been put under constant Inquisitorial and Ministorum scrutiny.

The Minotaurs have a penchant for close-assault fighting. Over the centuries they have excelled at becoming masters of ship-to-ship sieges. Often times they are called upon to perform space-lane duties. Most notably was during the Badab War in 906.M41 along with their fellow Space Marine Chapter the Red Scorpions. During the Badab War the Minotaurs were brought in to relieve other Chapters recalled to perform their normal service duties. In 908.M41 the Minotaurs caught the Lamenters Chapter who, “eventually surrendered after bloody ship-to-ship fighting,� in an ambush. In 912.M41 the Minotaurs were granted salvage rights to space craft and a “portion of the booty� for their part in the war.

Though originally formed within the dictates of the Codex Astartes, adhering to the precepts of this holiest of tomes, there are notable exceptions. The Minotaurs have several specialist units akin to their supposed predecessors the White Scars. The most notable exception that the Minotaurs exhibit in their ranks is a preponderance of close combat troops. The chance to become one of the Minotaurs Assault Marines is a much sought after honor, for the right to draw first blood in combat. The Minotaurs fighting style does not allow them the use of heavy weapons as other Chapters and as a result they have no Devastator Squads.

The first two Companies of the Minotaurs are where the greatest difference between other codex Chapters lie. The members of the 1st Company fight as assault troops when not equipped as Terminators, rather than tactical squads as is the case with many of their brother Chapters. The 2nd Company’s ranks are made up of those who are masters of the high-speed attack. Every warrior rides a bike or land speeder and is organized into squadrons of five vehicles rather than ten man squads.

The entire 8th Company is dedicated to close combat, many of their members being amongst the finest ship-ship assault troops within the Legion Astartes. Those Space Marines not equipped with jump packs often make use of Land Speeders and Bikes to support their brethren. The other companies of the Minotaurs conform to the structure established by the Codex Astartes, with the 3rd, 4th, and 5th Companies forming the Battle Companies, and the 6th, 7th, and 9th the Reserve Companies and lastly, the 10th Company is made up of Scouts.

The Chapter's Dreadnoughts are often used as fire support units if not Furiosos. A hero of the Minotaurs can be given eternal life as a Dreadnought; a walking armored behemoth carrying the scarred remains of the hero. This honor is only given to the most brutal and devoted of the Minotaurs, and only in very rare circumstances. To the Minotaurs Chapter, being entombed in a Dreadnought is a blessing for the entombed hero; he is given the opportunity to forever slay in the glorious name of the Emperor.

In total, the Minotaurs Chapter has some thirty battle-brothers entombed in these mighty war machines. The majority of the Chapter’s Dreadnoughts never use any other weapon patterns other than the Furioso Pattern, preferring to slaughter their enemies in close and bloody combat.

One of the more significant variations is in the command structure. The Minotaurs are constantly sending small task forces to seek out and deal with the threats to the Imperium. For this reason the Minotaurs have reorganized their first five battle companies to have a more diverse mixture of troop types. Some of the veterans of the First Company are distributed to the battle companies. This allows each of the first five companies to act as autonomous units that can be sent out as a small strike force. Some of the scouts of the Tenth Company are also distributed to the battle companies under the leadership of a First Company Veteran. Although the Tenth Company still acts as a training company, these small strike forces help the Scouts gain first-hand combat experience.


The chapter badge is worn on the right shoulder. The Company iconography is worn on the left shoulder pad to distinguish the company a Space Marine belongs to. These traditional symbols of the various Companies are taken from the heraldry of the original Lord-Captains when the Minotaurs Chapter was founded.

Numbers or symbols on the right kneepad are used to distinguish what Company a Minotaurs Space Marine belongs to. Squad symbols are used on the left kneepad to distinguish squads. This is left up to the current Squad Leader.

“Camouflage is for cowards! We do not disguise ourselves or use subterfuge to confuse our enemies! We face them like warriors, our colors bold and true! Red-to show everyone the blood we shed in the name of our beloved Emperor! Yellow-to show that we are not cowards! It is the raiment of our blinding faith!

-Chaplain Gorlon
Speaking to newly inducted Aspirants.


The Minotaurs firmly believe that it is Mankind’s manifest destiny to vanquish all the vile and wicked alien races, and to take their place as the rightful inheritors of the galaxy. The Minotaurs hold most Imperial citizens in contempt mainly because they feel that those who cower behind others have no right to live because their freedom is bought with another’s blood. They have been reprimanded on many occasions when confronted about their brutal battle stratagems which have resulted in the deaths of innocents. The typical Minotaurs’ response is, “Those who died were expendable and acceptable losses.�

“The ‘heretic’ comes in many forms: man, woman, or matters not! They are all guilty by association and therefore, have blasphemed in the eyes of the Emperor! They will beg you for mercy, to spare their pathetic lives, but listen not to their pitiful cries! Grant them the ‘mercy’ of oblivion!�

- Instructor-Sergeant Caltor

They firmly believe that there is no such thing as innocence, merely degrees of guilt. The Minotaurs also firmly perceive themselves to be the self-evident superiors to their fellow man. The Inquisition has noticed that this is a worrying psychological trait that has not only brought about the deaths of nearly thousands of innocents, but shows a disturbing egotistical streak in the command structure of the Minotaurs Space Marine Chapter.


Not all foundings of Space Marine Chapters are recorded in exact detail. However, the Adeptus Terra maintains a bank of original gene-seed from every single Chapter ever created since the Horus Heresy. There is one notable exception: The Thirteenth Founding, also known as the Dark Founding. No one knows how many Chapters were created by the Dark Founding or what became of them.

The Adeptus Mechanicus gene-adepts have been unable to determine the source of the Minotaurs original geneseed, although the characteristics of their geneseed seems to be inherent of the White Scars gene-stock. The Minotaurs geneseed has obviously suffered some mutations from the original seed that was given to them. The hostile conditions of their lives, coupled with the rituals and practices of the chapter changed them drastically. Most notably is that they are quick to anger and slow to forgive past transgressions. They tend to be overzealous when dispensing the Emperor’s will. They’re brutal and vicious, following closely the tenet of “might makes right�. These apparent aberrations most likely occurred when the genetic material from the Minos tribesman was introduced. The genome of the Minotaurs geneseed seems to have inherited their savagery and thirst for battle.

As headstrong as they are fierce, the Minotaurs are experts at close-quarter fighting, and their warriors compete keenly for glory on the battlefield. The Minotaurs live to fight, and death holds no fear for them.


“For the honor of the Emperor! Die Well!�

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Nice, simply nice 8)

Very detailed, very well thought through history.
But I have to agree with Spasmarod, some of it sounds a bit picked from other existing chapters...


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Nicely written and a interesting and enlightening read!

Although i've already made a plan to deal with them. Lots and lots of mines, "always forward, never back!" :lol: .
That would be fun to see!

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You could claim that they have some defect in their geneseed like the Flesh tearers or black dragons then say that it makes them grow horns,cloven feet and fur or something like that.

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Ceran The Great they are not mutated physically. great stuff whitefang, i was contemplating the ,intotaurs but didnt like the colours, all the chapters in the badab war seem to be devised by some pot smoking inquisitor.... 8|
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