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Combat patrol for the Raptors (rookie)

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heloo all,

well here is my first try at my space marine Raoptors army.

See but don't be seen
trust your battle brothers
flesh over steel

the list:

5 marines Bolters cccw
1 vetrean sergeant, Powerfist, Bolter 156
all infiltrate and trust your battle brothers

Landspeeder tornado, HB, AC 80

5 Devastators
2x ML, 2x HB

my entire force will infiltrate (exept the tornado)
the tactical squad will get in combat as soon as possible, firing all the way.
The Devastators infiltrate to get some good fire lanes.
And the tornado will run rounds at the enemy blowing him top pieces.

any help and/or critics greatly appreciated
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Not bad at all, the only thing I would say is that its not always a great idea to mix heavy weapons in devastator squads, go for all missile launchers or all H. bolters.

Other than that, it is a very solid list, great job!
its pretty good, the only problem is short on numbers..mabye take some scouts instead of the land speeder? or get some points for a small squad of scouts, i dunno i just like scouts, it really all comes down to personal preference. Also id proubaly switch the devestators to all HB unless your versing a MEQ(speed freaks, tau or eldar are the only people who can bring vehicles in combat patrol), because most people dont bother to bring vehicles in combat patrol. Other then that it looks great, nice work!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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