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Trying to come up with a combat patrol list for an upcoming project I'm hoping to work on; however while coming up with a list I came up with two for the two possible chapters I hope to use. (I have to pick one of the two though can't go with both.)

So I'm wondering which one you all would pick between these two, and if there are any changes you might suggest to either of them. Note that these aren't supposed to be highly competative lists and are trying to stick with a theme of scouts being present in each force. (In the case of the Crimson Fists, the number of scouts needs to be equal to or more than the number of marines in power armour.)

I'm currently leaning towards the White Scars list, because it contains some strong weapons and fast units despite the Crimson Fist list having greater numbers.

Crimson Fists:
Suffer not the alien to live (orks)
Faithful unto death

7x Scouts
7x Suffer not the alien to live
Terminator honours; powerfist

7x Scouts
7x Suffer not the alien to live
Terminator honours; powerfist

6x Devestators
3x Heavy bolters

Total: 391

White Scars:
Be swift as the wind
Trust your battle brother
flesh over steel

5x Bikers
2x Meltagun

5x Scout bikers
Terminator honours; power weapon

Attack bike

Total: 395

So what do you all think and suggest?
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