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a friend of my has made his first Space marine list, a combat patrol. and he asked me to post ot here to know what you all think about it.

it has no traits (yet)

Codicier, veil of time, bolt pistol 111

5 Tactical Marines, Heavy Bolter 80

4 Tactical Marines, flamer 106
1 vetran sergeant, boltpistol,

2 attack Bikes (heavy bolters) 100

total: 397

he said he would appeciate any critics and tips,

thanks in advance

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hey, im just a visitor around these parts and don't collect space marines :p

Anyways the army seems very anti-infantry based and lacks stuff to take out something like a tau devilfish transport. In combat patrol it might be an idea to have at least 1 anti-tank weapon. My preferance would be the missle launcher as it can deal with both infantry and tanks.
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