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Valerian said:
Okay, I did a forum search to see if this had been answered before and didn't find anything, so...

I've been trying to work this out in my head, but can't grasp how having a combat shield would help out a non-Independent Character (such as the Veteran Assault Sergeant from the boxed set that comes with a Combat Shield arm as an option).

I understand how an Independent Character (IC) would benefit, since they are counted as a completely separate unit during assaults, the enemy allocates attacks specifically against the IC, which then uses either his armour save against normal close combat attacks, or the combat shield's invulnerable save against power weapons, etc. that do not allow an armour save.

The Veteran Sergeant, however, does not count as separate from his unit in close combat. For a unit I make any available armour saves vs. the majority save (which would be 3+ for a power-armour based squad), then allocate hits for any failed saves and remove the models I pick as the casualties from those remaining at each initiative step. I don't see how he could/would get to take advantage of the 5+ invulnerable save from the combat shield unless he were the only model left alive in his squad.

If I am missing something please explain.

Appreciate your help,

Because if he has another type of save, he may be assigned a wound-see mixed armour-p 76 I believe for more info.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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