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Hey all
I've recently been hit by new Nid army list my friend made. As i don't really know much about them other than their names i dould do with a bit of assistance. The list contains(as much as i can remember):
  • A Flyrant. I'm not sure about what weapons it has other than they re-roll misses and wounds. This is what i wasn't expecting and I havn't a clue what to do about it
  • Sniper fex. Not too bad as it missed my predator most of the time
  • screamer killer.I took this bad boy down in 2 turns with 2 lascannon shots and an ass load of power fists
  • 3 zoanthropes, I managed to avoid them in the match we had
  • 8 geanstealers
  • Broodlord
  • a small meat shield of hormagaunts
Oh and by the way I have a 1500pt chaos army

is coming out to play
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I would suggest you do more of a shooty list. Plasma cannon's and heavy bolters will work like magic. But then you might want some lascannons so they have to take their invulnerable saves.

The other Kind of Fluff
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Supersquig, you're in luck, because the list doesn't look ultra cheesy. I think we can mix something up for you 8Y.

Against Nids, you'll need 2 main types of weapons: Long range shots with a high strength & low ap & a whole lot of basic fire or heavy bolter rounds. These two ingredients are the way to deal with a pesky Nid infestations.

If you're custom-building an army strictly for countering Nids, then might I suggest the following:

Chaos Sorcerer w/ Flight & Lash of Submission
*Works on Monstrous Creatures as well, but most importantly, it delays the swarm rush by 1-2 rounds.

Chosen w/ plasma guns
*The plasma gun is a user-friendly weapon against Nids, as it shoots high strength, mid-ranged shots for dealing with monstrous creatures, and then you can double tap it when the swarm draws near or to finish of an encroaching Hive Tyrant.

TROOPS (the more the merrier):
Chaos Marines- 10 man squads with dual plasmas & a champion with fist
*Don't be tempted by our numerous icons. Leave them be, and simply equip each marine squad with the Glory Icon. Against Nids, you need all the basic bolter shots you can afford. Take dual plasma guns, as well as a fisted champion for contending against any residual monstrous creatures that survived the march to your side of the table. The champion with a fist is optional, as he's rather expensive; however, I've found him to be immensely useful for clean up duty.

Noise Marines: Two configurations
8x noise marines with 7x sonic blasters & a blastmaster
5x noise marines with 4x sonic blasters & a blastmaster
*Both units work well, as they're obviously very destructive against the swarm. I prefer three 5 man squads over two 8 men, as they're comparable in price and yield an additional blastmaster. If your build includes a sufficient number of plasma guns and missile launchers, then you can sometimes get away without equipping blastmasters in your noise squads.

Havocs: Two configurations
8x havocs with 4x missile launchers
8x havocs with 4x heavy bolters
*Your basic essentials for managing Nids. Missiles for the big beasts, and heavy bolter plugs for the little critters.

For a more versatile build, you should consider the use of vehicles. However, against Nids, our basic bolters are just incredible, which is why I suggest fielding units that have sufficient basic fire.

The other Kind of Fluff
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Squig, you might consider posting your list in the chaos army list section, once you get it together.

Side: Nice signature image by the way.

Blood Boy
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A Flyrant. I'm not sure about what weapons it has other than they re-roll misses and wounds. This is what i wasn't expecting and I havn't a clue what to do about it

That thing can be found here.

It's the second post there, the Devil/Dakka Flytyrant. The weapons it uses are twinlinked devourers. They are often believed to be the nastiest of winged Hive tyrants. Hope this helps out in thinking up what to do about it.

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There's a lot of merit in 'knowing your foe'.

It's a basic tennant of any kind of encounter. The more you know about your enemy, the more chance you have of defeating them.

I'd advise you to take a good long read of the nid codex, and figure out what they're strong and weakpoint are.

As both a Chaos and a Nid player, I can safely say that the Nid codex is fair, AND we have a fair chance of winning.. but not knowing what they're capable of can give you a nasty shock.

Certainly, your friend's army isn't cheesy at all - the very presence of a screamer killer and broodlord is testament to that.

Good luck.
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