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Anyone have any tips on converting Combi-flamers? I have plenty of flamers from my catachan sets, and a couple of bolters. Any suggestions?
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Try asking in the conversion forum. :|
cut the nozzle off the combi melta and put on a flamer one ?
Just glue the flamer nozel to the top of the bolter and the canister underneath the muzzle.
On the Vet sarg sprue there is a hand flamer, just trim it down, then remove and reverse the bolter magazine and glue the hand flamer on, takes like 2 min to complete.
Well, seeing the Combi-LPlasma and Melta is done, and seeing as your using Normal Bolters, I'd try for a side=buy-side arrangement.

Flamer on one side of the bolter and the feul tanks on the other side?

Myself I'd cut a bolter apart and discard the grip below the barrel and glue the forward part of a flamer nozzle underneath, adding in the Promethium tank on the side.
Actually, in the New SM Commander box theres a combi Plasma and Melta, but no Flamer AFAIK.

I'd convert it from a storm-bolter, you already have two barrels then. Trim off one of the barrels (or both if you have tubing to replace it with) and put a flamer-nozzle nex to it. Glue a fuel tank either on the bolter itself (looks unwieldy) or use guitar wire to link it to the backpack or a tank in his belt or whatever you think looks good.

And no, there is no combi-flamer in the commander box, but the combi-melta is probably convertable.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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