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Hey guys, in light of a few new (and confused) members, I thought that I would post up a thread covering most of the Fantasy "abbreviations" that show up in our posts. I can't believe we haven't already made/stickied one of these! So here we go:

WHFB = War Hammer Fantasy Battles
The game we're all playing

BRB = Big Rule Book
The main rulebook for Fantasy

pt or pts = Points
In regards to points costs. Eg: my General costs 200pts

VPs = Victory Points
The point totaled for winning and losing a game, as per the core rules

DoC = Daemons of Chaos

WoC = Warriors of Chaos

HE = High Elves

DE = Dark Elves

WE = Wood Elves

TK = Tomb Kings

VC = Vampire Counts

OK = Ogre Kingdoms

O&G = Orcs and Goblins

CR = Combat Resolution
SCR = Static Combat Resolution
The number of points scored for determining who wins a round of combat, as per the core rules.
"Static" Combat Resolution are points without ranks and kills. A regiment with a Battle Standard Bearer, a Standard Bearer, and the War Banner would have a total of 3 for their SCR.

LoS = Line of Sight
Line of sight for shooting/charging, etc

LOS = Look Out Sir!
The "Look Out Sir" save granted by being inside of a regiment. Some people also write this as 'LoS!' instead.

CC = Close Combat
Sometimes also HtH for "Hand to Hand", representing the combat phase

S&S, S+S, SS = Stand and Shoot
A 'Stand and Shoot' charge reaction.

IF/MC = Irresistable Force / MisCast
Rolling double 6's in the magic phase. Typically, use the one which you are addressing. A rule preventing Miscasts would use MC, for example.

Lvl or Lv = Level
Wizarding levels. Eg, Lvl1, Lv2, etc

BSB = Battle Standard Bearer
Your army battle standard bearer.

FC = Full Command
Having taken all of the typical command options in a regiment: Champion, Standard Bearer, and Musician

4++ = Wardsave
Any number followed by '++' denotes a Ward Save from an item or ability. Typically, armor is shown as a number+ (1+, 2+, 3+, etc) with Wards tagged after. A 2+ Armor with a 4+ Ward is often written as 2+/4++

RR = ReRoll
Often in terms of armor, again. So a 2+RR means a 2+ save which can be rerolled.

ASF = Always Strikes First
The 'Always Strikes First' special rule

ASL = Always Strikes Last
The 'Always Strikes Last' special rule

ToP = Talisman of Preservation
The 4+ Ward item from the core rules. Generally not used to refer to the lesser Talisman of Protection.

HWS, HW&S, HW+S, Sword'n'Board = Hand Weapon and Shield
In regards to equipment, a Handweapon and Shield combination. 'HW' is short for Hand Weapon, regardless of shield.

GW = Great Weapon
In regards to equipment

XB = Cross Bow
Repeater Crossbows are often marked as RXBs

RBT = Repeater Bolt Thrower
Either of the Elf varieties of Repeating Bolt Thrower. Most armies don't shorten a single Bolt Thrower down, however. Only the repeating varieties.

As you can see, most of the abbreviations are fairly common-sense. It doesn't take much to realize that HW is Handweapon, for example. Just look at the abbreviation in context, and try to think of a common rule or item which might use that combination of letters. This is the internet after all, we should be used to text-message style abbreviations, lol.
If anyone would like to add a commonly used abbreviation (not one that you only use yourself, or do often see on the forums) go ahead and suggest it below.

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Great Work Captain!! We should do a few army specific ones as well. Such as

Warriors of Chaos (WoC)

MoK = Mark of Khorne
MoS = Mark of Slaanesh
MoN = Mark of Nurgle
MoT = Mark of Tzeentch
DrOgres = Dragon Ogres

Orcs an Goblins

BlOrcs = Black Orcs
NG = Night Goblins
CG = Common Goblins
NG BB = Night Goblin Big Boss
CG BB = Common Goblin Big Boss

A few Generic ones to add to your list Captain,

Std = Standard
Muso/Musi = Musician

I'm sure there's loads more...
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