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Sorry bout this, I'm sure this has been asked before but when I try to find the answer I just get army lists >_>

In the Space Marine codex under the command squad entry the Company Standard bearer says he can be upgraded and will carry a "Company standard" now maybe I'm missing something but I can't find any entry for Company standard. There are entries for Chapter Banner, Company Banner and Sacred Standard but nothing for Company Standard.

So my question is which banner does the Standard bearer get as a default? (I think it's the company banner since there's no points cost or listing of it in the wargear section, just in the descriptions but I'm not sure)

Also a quick piggyback question, under the Relics and Artefacts section, can I only have one item from that list per army? or only one of each item? So, can I have a master with an iron halo and adamantine mantle?
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