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Hi im starting a 1000 points hoc army for the brisbane conflict in brisbane. Tomorrow im getting 2 reigments of warriors. Im going to run it as a mocu army. I havent got the list yet but im most likely goin to run it as
2 units of 14 warriors
5 kninghts
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I played a game as im stil learning but my 6 man knight unit with ful command took out a unti of 8 chosen inner circle knights! I didnt take any casualties either. Is that good im not to sure im a bit of a noob:p

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I'd say it's a bit of a Gamble. Taking the Chaos Knight's strength into account, the Empires' Knights still have a 3+ Save. Should it happen that you roll rather bad to hit (and wound) and your opponent equally manages to make the saves, he might come out without any casualties either (and by superior numbers he wins the close combat)
And sometime, it will happen.

(Heck, last Weekend, my Tzeentch Lord managed to withstand three bolt throwers and an organ gun unscratched - much to the chargrin of the enemies :w00t: )
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