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This competition is open to anyone of any skill. It is designed so that people can get positive feedback from their peers in a direct way from any and all.

This is a chance to compete for that most coveted of Prizes ‘Winner’ and to go into the hall of fame.
Check out the last winners here:

The theme of this contest is ‘ Wheels!

This is because the winner from the last round got to choose the theme.

DavidWC09 said:
Chariots, war altars, war shrines, 40k stuff (no, I really don't know any of the units). But if it's got a wheel, paint it up!

Any queries about that, do post and I’ll try and help.

Closing date; 23:59 (BST) 24th January 2010

Contest rules.

People entering have one month in which to design, build and paint a single based model to the theme set. Members will be expected to post their pictures which will then be placed into a thread for voting. It is done so that people can improve their skills, and try out things. And purely for fun, there is no prize or anything, just the fun of it

1.) Models from any manufacturer are allowed, as are scratch built models.

2.) There is one month (more or less) to each project.

3.) One base (any size) per entry... Multiple models permanently fixed to the single base are allowed. No armies on display boards though.

4.) Models painted within the time frame are looked upon favourably. (It is of course impossible for us to check). Please use this competition to come up with a new idea.

5.) Pictures can be no wider than 700 pixels (as per the normal LO rules).

6.) Maximum of two pictures can be posted. Single pictures of multiple views (montages) are allowed.

7.) The organisers of the competition have the right to refuse entry to any applicant if they feel it doesn't meet the criteria

8.) Voting. It is considered un-sportsmanlike to vote for yourself. You are voting on what you think is the most original, unique, clever conversion with the most groundbreaking painting techniques.


So just post your completed entries here before the deadline, and if you want you can post WIPs along the way.

Hopefully, there should be some wonderful entries to look forward to this time, as always.

1. Is it too late to enter? No it isn’t until the deadline above is reached.
2. How do I enter? Just post a link to a photo of your mini in this thread, preferably it should follow the LO rules for such things, as it is a bit of a hassle for me to resize stuff and re-host it, but I can if you don’t know how.
3. The Prize?! Get to choose the next theme!? How does that work? You tell me and I post it up, but it should be inclusive and interesting. For all the other participants, your prize is experience and fun.
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Maybe with the upcoming short festive break from work I'll be able to a) finish the conversion I started for last month's contest, and b) paint it for this month's contest...

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Very well done on that big wheel. A lot of different colors all over the model which makes it very interesting to and exciting to look at. The paint looks thin and applied with high skill. Thanks for sharing man. You are a talented painter. :) The color of the wood impressed me the most. It really looks like wood. It's great man. I'll have to save it on my computer.

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Youve probably put off some people, should have held off posting until a few other entered!

I have just the thing to enter actually, just enough time too- havent got a hope of competing but I may enter anyway!

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Well i was going to build and enter a Iron Warriors Rhino, but after seeing that Doom Wheel i might aswell just not bother! ( i jest, but that is one fine painted model well done Mr Justice)
Hpefully i will have my entry done within the week so watch this space.

Wow it's been months since ive done anything for these comps, i'm really gald you keep them going Jon, well done for that.
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