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Converted Command Squad (Very Pic Heavy)

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Greetings all!
The following are pictures of my converted Ultramarines command squad. I don’t pretend I’m an excellent painter but I like to hope all of my miniatures are at least tabletop quality. I would like to know what you think of my conversions, every model in the squad is converted in some way, from a simple bit swap to hacking and cutting.
Some of the images are out of focus and I apologize for that.

This is the part where I could say that the pictures don’t do them justice, but to be honest they look better the further away you are.

So feel free to comment and enjoy.

The Honour Guard:
Chainsword marine:
Ex-deathwatch marine:
Hammer Wielding Marine (out of focus):
The Company Scribe (personal favourite):
Small Chainsword conversion:
Knife Wielding Guy (another Favourite):
My Commander; Master Julius:
Company Champion
Veteran Sergeant
Plasma Gunner (although not actually in the squad I did make him at the same time)

Note: If a moderator thinks this would be better suited in the conversion forum, please don't hesitate to move it.

Thanks in advance,
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Very nice. I especially like the Scribe, but my favorite is the Commander.

The only thing I have to say other than that, is on the Honour Guard model, it looks like he's moving quickly, and about to swing the armor. With the way the legs are positioned, it looks kind of "odd."

Not a big deal, and I'm not nitpicking or anything, but that was my first thought when I saw it. But good job, everything is much better than I could do.
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I have to say the scribe and master are very cool. The scribe is very unique, I like it. The sargeant with the power fist is cool too.
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I like them. The first one, though, he throws me off. He's swinging his sword while holding onto his helmet? Odd position. Nice painting, though, good tabletop quality. You're highlighting's not bad.
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Thanks everyone for the positive replies.

Imperialis_Dominatus and gywo copta: I know what you mean here, he was made mayby a year ago and it shows in the skills used to put him together. I was trying to get a sence of movement like he had just swung his axe and was cradling his helmit in the other hand. It did not turn out exactly how i had imagined him but atleast he is unique and that was the most important bit for me.

Guthbrand: I have to say i was extremely happy with the way the master turned out, for a while during conctruction i was a bit iffy but the finished product speaks for itself.

Thanks again for your kind words, rep for all.

Keep it up,
Your commander has a chest like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

Good job :)
Haha! Thats not exactly what i was going for but thanks anyway :D.

The chest was actually based on some work by scibor; the spartan marine.

Thanks for your input,
This belongs better in the Modeling forum.

Great models, though. ;Y


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