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The new Ork Warbikes are one of the best miniatures ever created by GW so much so that I plan to have an army based around them.

But what about the Warbosses' Bike? Surely any sane warboss would build up his warbike to make it bigger and better than his boyz' rides!

So any ideas on how I could create a metal monster of a bike for my warboss to ride on?

The only ideas i've had is either a quad bike using the space marine bike or a wartrak with the boss on the back (like a chariot)

Dear All Concerned...
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Dear All Concerned,

I would go with this:

1. Pick up the Space Marine Attack Bike with Side Car
2. Pick up the ork bike kit.
3. Pick up an ork boss.
4. Order a Grot, or find a friend with a goblin army.
5. Assemble the Attack Bike as normal, throwing on some orky like pieces.
6. Assemble the top half of the boss.
7. Assemble the bottom half of the ork bike rider.
8. ^^ Combine those two pieces.
9. Attach the Boss to the bike.
10. Throw the grot in the side car.

And there you have it! A boss on a bike!

Hope this helped!

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