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CoS or DE against 'Ard Boyz?!?

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I've been playing against orcs for a few years and my DE always do ok. Every time I play against my friends orcs we tie. Recently Ive been building up a CoS army. Have a look at my list and any help will be wonderful. Next time we battle it'll be 2500pts, and I think that hes using 'Ard Boyz.

Druchii Anointed: GW, Enchanted Shield, Quickening Blood, Heart-stone, Pendant of Slaanesh, Steed of Slaanesh, Level 1 - 421pts
Sorceress:Crown of Black Iron, General, Mark of Slaanesh, Level 2 - 185pts
Noble:Battle Standard, Hydra banner, Chaos Armour, Dark Steed - 197pts
Aspiring Champion: Mark of Slaanesh, Book of Secrets - 140 pts
20 Devoted: Standard, Musician, War banner -283pts,
17 Devoted: Standard Musician-222pts
20 Spearmen: Full command, shields, mark of slaanesh - 205pts
6 Shades; mark of slaanesh, Lt armour - 100pts
8CoK:Champion, Musician, Mark of slaanesh - 279pts
11Chaos Warriors: Mark of Slaanesh, shields, full command, banner of wrath - 265pts
2RBT: -200pts
Total: 2497pts

I gave theAspiring Champion the Book of Secrets so he a Level 1 Lore of Fire, which will be very useful against Trolls. My plan is for the CoK+Noble to smash through one flank with the Anointed, then to flank charge some other orc units along with the infantry. What I Know of the orc horde is this: it consists mainly of infantry orcs, with unit of 3-6 River Trolls, one big unit of boar boyz and 3 warmachines.
My normal DE list is something like this:

Highborn: Dark Pegasus, Sword of Might, Shield of Ghrond, HeartStone, SDC,Hvy armour-290pts
Noble: SDC,Hvy Armour, BS, Hydra Banner- 185pts,
Noble: Draich of Dark Power, SDC,Hvy Armour- 130pts,
Sorceress: Level 2, Seal of Ghrond, Tome of Furion, Cold One - 196pts
20 Spearmen: Full Command - 185pts,
20 Corsairs: Standard, Musician - 215pts
5Dark Rideres: RxB, Musician -127pts
20 Executioners;Champ, Musician - 238pts,
20 Executioners: Full Command - 250pts
16 Witch Elves: Full Command Witchbrew - 263pts,
6CoK: Full Command - 219pts
2RBT: 200pts
Total ; 2498

Any advice, and should i just stick with normal DE?
One last question: Would the MSU or MSE gaming tacticts be very effective against his mainly infantry 'ard boyz army list?
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