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CoS or DE vs 'Ard Boyz

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I've been playing against orcs for a few years and my DE always do ok. Every time I play against my friends orcs we tie. recently Ive been building up a CoS army. Have a look at my list and any help will be wonderful. Next time we battle it'll be 2500pts, and I think that hes using 'Ard Boyz.

Druchii Anointed: GW, Enchanted Shield (checked the rules and he can use it against range but not in CC with the GW, is this right?), Quickening Blood, Heart-stone, Pendant of Slaanesh, Steed of Slaanesh, Level 1 - 421pts

Sorceress:Crown of Black Iron, General, Mark of Slaanesh, Level 2 - 185pts
Noble:Battle Standard, Hydra banner, Chaos Armour, Dark Steed - 197pts
Aspiring Champion: Mark of Slaanesh, Book of Secrets - 130 pts

20 Devoted: Standard, Musician, War banner - 283pts
17 Devoted: Standard Musician - 222pts
20 Spearmen: Full command, shields, mark of slaanesh - 205pts
6 Shades; mark of slaanesh, Lt armour - 100pts

8CoK:Champion, Musician, Mark of slaanesh - 279pts
11Chaos Warriors: Mark of Slaanesh, shields, full command, banner of wrath - 265pts

2RBT: -100pts

Total: 2500pts

I gave theAspiring Champion the Book of Secrets so he a Level 1 Lore of Fire, which will be very useful against Trolls. My plan is for the CoK+Noble to smash through one flank with the Anointed, then to flank charge some other orc units along with the infantry.Any advice, and should i just stick with normal DE?


After i posted this i noticed a number of mistakes

1) Aspiring camp is 140pts
2) I put 2RBTs as 100pts, not 200pts
3) the total cost of the army is 2497pts

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Then use the edit button to fix it rather than double posting in future please.
The list seems alright too me but I cant tell if it will be better than your normal De cause you didnt post a list..

This appears to be your first post so before you post more you should read the rules of posting and take a look around to see the do's and dont's that arnt included in the rules. You shouldnt ask questions about straight up rules such as enchanted shield with a GW. There are clear rules in the book about using 2 handed weapons with a shield and also rules about using magical shields / weapons in hand 2 hand.

Also posts like these should gear themselves more towards the army list section then regular DE talk.
Thanks for the advice.

I'm going to re post this in the list section and include my normal DE army list. Please
post any new replies there
Dark Pain

why do you use the book of secrets ?
If your Oponent plays 'ardBoyz he will have plenty of dispelldices, and you are going with 4 level of magic - here I belive you should strengthen the magic or go just with 2 Sorceress.
So drop the book or drop the noble in favor of a secound mage.
Where will he get loads of dispel dice form? I havnt read 'ardBoyz rules properly yet so what have i missed?!? As far as I know orcs get lots of power dice for every unit in CC, or is it dispel dice. Help?

The reason that i took the Book of Secrets is that I can have the Lore of Fire. The reason I wanted Fire is that I'm scared s***less of River Trolls. They have Vomit against CoK's (s6 no armour, auto hit!!) and 3 s4 attacks against infantry!! They are -1 to be hit in CC, have t4 and can regenerate - with 3 wounds each!!! They're stupid, yes, but they NEVER fail, AND he fields 4-6 of them (thats 12-18 regeneratable wounds:cry: )!!!!!!! With the Lore of Fire I can make the whole unit stop regenerating and then i might kill them! OK, theres my reasons, maybe someone could tell me another way to kill them PLEASE!

When I get some good excuses, I'll luv to get another Sorceress (Lore of Slaanesh is f***en brilliant) - I just need the points and the character slot.


Dark Pain
Where will he get loads of dispel dice form?
Look for the Effigy of Gork and there for the last special rule, which states that he will gain a extra DD for every blackorc hero or lord in 24'' of the effigeny.
If he plays smart he will get min 2. extra DD the wohle game or until he smashed through your lines. So it will be likley that you will face 4 or 5 DD..perhaps even 6 :-(
Aaaa. the Effigy. And that cant be killed can it? Hmmm. It could cause trouble. But, he usually dosent take that much black orc characters. he takes one as the general and thats it (in ard'boyz blackorc warbosses don't take up a hero slot so he gets an extra character), his other characters are a orc bigboss with battle standard and a orc shaman (who usually has either a dispel scroll or that staff that lets him re-roll a dice to cast a spell). So he'll have around 4DD, plus 1 if he gets another blackorc hero.

Ok, i've re-done my list, added a sorceress, dropped the aspiring champ, and knocked some points off the anointed.

Druchii Anointed - GW,Chaos Armour, Heartstone, Quickening Blood, Level 1 Sorcerer, Steed of Slaanesh = 391pts

Sorceress - Mark of Slaanesh, Talisman of Pro. Level 2, General = 165pts
Sorceress - Cold One, Wand of the Kharaidon, Level 2 = 196pts
Noble - Chaos Armour, Cold One, Hydra Banner, Battle Standard = 211pts

Core Units
20 Spearmen - Shields, Mark of Slaanesh, Standard, Musician = 195pts
20 Spearmen - Shields, Mark of Slaanesh, Standard, Musician = 195pts
10 Devoted - Campion = 132pts
10 Devoted - Campion = 132pts
5 Shades - RxB, Lt Armour, Mark of Slaanesh = 85pts
5 Shades - RxB, Lt Armour, Mark of Slaanesh = 85pts

Special Units
5 Cold One Knights - Mark of Slaanesh, Campion, Musician = 192pts
5 Dark Riders - RxB, Musician =127pts
10 Chaos Warriors - GW, Champion, Mark of Slaanesh = 192pts

Rare Untis
Reaper Bolt Thrower = 100pts
Reaper Bolt Thrower = 100pts

Power Dice: 7 Dispel Dice: 5

Hows that look. i have more power dice, enough dispel, 5levels of magic and a spell bound item.

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