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Could use advice(nothing to do with WH)

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Sorry for the long read but I wanted the situation thoroughly explained.

First of all, I am coming here because I was hoping someone might have an idea of whether or not this girl likes me. First of all, I know her because she is my best friend's sister.

I've known this friend for about 2 years and didn't get any idea that his sister might like me until about 2 months ago. I was thinking she liked me because she seemed to try to talk to me and would come close to me sometimes. One time is when my friend was on the computer she came and sat on the arm of my chair. A second thing that happened was I slept over at my friends house and I was sleeping on the couch and for one reason or another she was trying to wake me and my other friend up. The thing is though that she was paying more attention to me, this included her sitting on my legs(near the knees), which might sound kind of strange but she basically sat on me to wake me up. A third time was when me and my 2 friends were sitting down watching TV and she pulled on my belt to annoy me. Also, she does mess with a lot of people not just me but it seems like she was giving me extra attention.

Next, the day before I went out of town for a week, on the internet she asked what I would say if she said she liked me. Avoiding the question at the time I asked why she annoyed me all the time if she liked me. (Now this part I don't remember exactly because it was 2 months ago) She said something like what do you want me to say? your hot? Next, since I still was avoiding the question at the time because I was unsure of what to say I just started joking around with her about it. Nothing that important really happened after this, I talked to her for a little bit thats all, not talking about that. One of the main reasons we switched subjects was I was talking to my other friend asking him if he thought she was serious or just joking.

Now this is the part that basically made it impossible to know if she was serious or just messing with me because I'm her brothers friend. My friend started talking to her about it which I assumed embarrased her. And if she was serious that would embarass her because he is also really good friends with her brother.

After all of this it seems like she likes me probably to you and to me at this point. But, everything was different after this.

2 months have gone by and she hasn't shown ANY interest in me at all now. I was over at my friends house watching a movie and she sat on the other couch. Also, she hasn't shown any insentive to talk to me, not when I was over there nor online.

So today I was curious if she did like me or not so I said to her online that I was curious if she liked me or not, because of that one time, and I told her if she did like me she could tell me and I wouldn't tell anyone if she didn't want me to. After I said this she said I can't like you, your *myname*. So I said I was just wondering because u acted like you did that one time and you asked me what I'd say if you said you liked me. She said it was a joke and that I'm completely clueless. And thats all.

To sum it all up, originally she acted like she liked me but now she claims it was a joke.

Now other things I'd like you all to note is that:
-I am unsure if I like her or not, I am mainly curious as to if she likes me then I'll consider whether I like her or not.
-She is 2 yrs younger than me so next year when I'm a junior in HS she'll be a freshman.
-I don't know if it would ever work anyways because she is my best friends sister.

So I'd love to hear anyone's opinion on whether or not they think she likes me, and if so then whether or not you think a relationship should ever occur between us or if a relationship would even have a chance of working. Also, anyone have any suggestions for what I should do (I considered asking her what she'd say if I said I liked her, like she said to me, but she already denied that she ever liked me so I don't know)


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I read your whole post, but will only comment one one line...
she is my best friend's sister.
Just walk away. Never go out with your friend's sister.
2 months ago she liked you (bear in mind at 15 her feelings are being mixed by hormonal change) You decided not to respond, indeed seemed embarrassed by her, so now she his trying to cover it up (she may or may not still like you)

Either way Knape is right, never go out with your friends sister.

Walking away may not help, this may annoy her more, I would go for the "a freak accident involving a chemical transporter lorry has left me chamically neautered and regrettably pysically unable to return your feelings" as teh "I am gay" option will doubtless get spread as rumour controll or be used to worry your best friend, unless he bats for the other side in which case you are in more trouble than you thought
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Knape97 said:
I read your whole post, but will only comment one one line...

Just walk away. Never go out with your friend's sister.
Yes sir, two bags full.
Dude it is against guy code to show fealing for the following:
friends sister, mother, current girlfriend, wife -special case the friend might be a girl then maby ok
Brothers girlfriend, wife
It sounds like she did like you. However, don't feel bad that you missed your opportunity. At that age it was just a silly crush and will probably come and go at least another 2 times before she graduated Highschool. The other problem for you is that she is your best friends sister. I guarantee because it happened to my friend, his sister, and my other friend. You will ruin your friendship with your best friend, 99% guaranteed.
Also note that usually you only have a window of maybe three weeks if she likes you before you get lumped eternally into the "Just Friends" category.

Personal favourite is to let her start the "I just want to be friends" thing, reply with: "No thanks. I have enough friends." and then cut everything off with her. A lot of problems will be solved.
Never go out with a friend's sister! The unwritten rules of friendship!
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