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For a chaos "count as" army, I was planning on using the Bonne Family from Mega Man Legends as a theme. Heres what I have so far:

Terminator Lord - Teisel Bonne

Sorc - Tron Bonne

Dreadnaught - Bon Bonne

CSMs/Havocs/etc - Servbots

Noise Marines - Coked out lookin eyes, guitars, mohawks, speakers built into chest, obnoxious rave colors

Zerkers - Mean face, axes about as big as their entire body

Plauge Marines - Pale, wide white eyes, drooling, flamers (slimers) w/ biohazard barrels on back

K Sons - Clueless

Defilers - Feldynaught ( Image:Feldynaught.jpg - MMKB: The Mega Man Knowledge Base - a Wikia wiki )

Tanks - Blumebear ( Image:Blumebear.jpg - MMKB: The Mega Man Knowledge Base - a Wikia wiki )

Terminators - The Gustav

MoT - Armor Plated
MoK - Spikey
MoS - Some kinda jet booster/roller skates, open to suggestions
MoN - Broken in places, battered looking

And for those wondering, I will be using actual lego heads for the servebots

Any suggestions/tips? I tried the modeling section but it is a "chaos" army
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