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Cover save from Ordnance

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Can you get a cover save from an ordnance blast?

This is the scenario that happened in a recent game;
My ordnance template landed over a unit in cover.
The enemy were behind a low wall (from the tank). ie enemy, wall, empty table width, my tank.
But the line from centre of template to each enemy model didn't cross the wall. So in that regard they didn't have cover from the shrapnel.

Should the enemy have got the cover save that the dice roll said they got?

(without the cover save I would have killed 4 SM. But only got 1 because of the blimmin cover)
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regarding ordinance

Ordinance that does not fire with barrage (indirectly) does succumb to cover saves. indirect ordinace has cover determined from the center of the ordinance marker. If the blast hits a tank indirectly, its always from the direction of the tank firing (most often from the front). hope this clears it up.
Looking at the rules it appears that ordnance is treated exactly the same as blast weapons when it comes to cover. With ordnance barrages, you follow the rules for barrage weapons.

That makes my ordnance way less effective than I thought, but at least I'll play the rules right. :)
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