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Crazy sayin' "Hi" from Indiana!

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Greetings all you gals and (hopefully!^_^) gals! I'm Crazy Guy, a guy lookin' for more stuff on da 'Ardboyz, one of my work-inprogress armies. I like short (;) ) walks on the beach, (that is, I hopefully would once we GET a beach :) ....) and I like red meat. :shifty:

May your swords(or choppas) be ever sharp, and your enemies ever weak.
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Hi and welcom to LO please feel free to click the rules button at the top of the page, they shall instruct you as to the correct use of a choppa on this site.

Where at in Indiana? I did some time in Indy, Purdue and then military service out of Muncie.
I'm about 90 miles from Indy. I live in Scott County. :yes:
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