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Hi there!

I was about to start a Crimson Fists army, because they look pretty cool. I intended to make some scenarios based on the siege of their homeworld Rynn. I was especially interested in the famous last stand, I've seen depicted many places, not least on the cover of the first 'Rogue Trader' edition of the game, that I still have lying around somewhere.

However, I just finished reading Rynn's World (the first space marine battles novel from black Library) for research purposes, and I noticed two things:

1) For an astartes chapter, the Crimson Fists seem pretty incompetent and consistently screw things up. To begin with, they completely misjudge the orcs that live close by in neighbouring systems and their ability to muster an offensive (Waaargh). When the orcs do attack, the Fists are caught kind of unprepared. They know the orc forces are huge, yet they dispatch only one company to deal with the greenskin threat. When the captain of that company realises he cant win against such odds, he still elects to raid the city of Badlanding to take out some orc communication facilities. During that mission new SP scout disaobeys a direct order (!) and tries to snipe an orc warboss, resulting in the whole operation going haywire. Ok, sh*t happens, but they are astartes, right, they will just make a tactical withdrawal, no? I guess not. The marines are chased out of the city by a green horde and ends up being decimated (a whole company!), as some orc bikes and buggies come their way. After this disaster, The chapter manages to blow up their own fortress monastery with a stray missile. I know this is the whole premise for the dire situation of the chapter and for the plot of the book, but it's still pretty dumb. Luckily, they placed a couple of companies in New Rynn City, accompanied by the Rynn defence forces, who seem pretty incompetent too (why wouldn't a sm chapter make sure the guardsmen of their home planet was totally top notch?). The marines who survive the fortress disaster, amongst who Pedro Kantor, the chapter master, is counted, then marches a thousand kilometers (!) to Rynn City to join up with their brethren in the capital. during which Pedro and the 4th company captain Cortez constantly argue, with the latter disobeying orders all the time. They are all only saved because the imperial navy shows up in numbers and add more sm chapters and titans to the theater.

Later, in a sequel to the book, Kantor marches his marines into an impossible situation, surrounded by orcs, and is only saved, because some space elves shows up.

Anyways, just made me think twice about painting up my minis af Crimson Fists, because they seem kind of whiny in this book.

2) The famous 'Last Stand of the Crimson Fists' does not take place in the book! The last stand situation against orcs in the sequel (Traitors Gorge) could be it, but it doesn't say that anywhere on the wiki sites or anywhere else on the net. So here is a question: where and how does that last stand take place in the fluff/lore? Or is it just a symbol or a metaphor of the generally hard pressed situation the chapter is in on Rynn's world?

If I can get over the wussiness of the chapter in that book, I might still want to design a scenario around that last stand. But I can't seem to find any information on it whatsoever.

Hope some real fluff experts can help me out here!



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Welcome to the Forum Simombo.

You seem to have read more background on Crimson fists than most people so I'm not sure if there is anyone that can help you. However I would not use the GW novels as a true source of background as sometimes their novels can somewhat..... miss the mark in terms of cannon (Prime examples, The Blood agensl novels by Simon Swallow, Brothers of the snake by Dan Abnet, Blood Ravens novels by CS Goto.).

I would look to the Horus Heresy books for a more realistic background check for them. Read up on Alexis Pollux to get a true judge of their character. The Crimson Fists were created from the most rational and level headed Imperial Fists (the nutters becoming Black Templars!) after the Heresy and Pollux was their First Chapter Master.

AS for the actual site of their last stand, no idea. I always saw the chap with the Power Fist as Captain Cortez.... but that's just me.
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