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Cripsin's Army Overhaul Projects.

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Well hello there fellow lo'ers. I recently dusted off my old warhammer case (which was hidden away in my old apartment) and decided to take up the hobby once more. My collection is currently 30 (ish) tactical marines, a couple of inquisitors, a couple of retinues, and about 120 cadians....

I have however become dissolutioned with both the new guard codex (my men are all camo schemed and used to have light infantry and camoleoline under the old rules, and were an effective all infantry force, no longer....), and the recent grey knights dex, (no allies?)

Now my idea is to convert these disparate sections of moddeling mayhem into a number of armies. That number currently being 2....

The first is an Astral Claws space marine contingent. I intend to construct an army using my marines, and a number of cadians to create a tyrant's legion army list. This will be the base of my modelling from now on, and gives me the scope as my forces grow to still field smaller IG or Marine army lists, (even perhaps chaos).

The second army I have not fully decided upon.... Model wise, the army is going to consist of an inquisitor and his vastly swollen personnel retinue of followers, hangers on, advisers and enforcers. Here comes the problem...

Option 1: use the new GK codex for this (coteaz and 6 retinues), the issue here is.... I don't like vehicles, and I have no intention of buying or fielding any. This fact would make a henchman army cool but... Well.... Pants...

Option 2: Demon codex...

I will go into more detail later, but all of my conversions will be based upon cadians and empire mini's (as I have these in great supply), and I will be going for a gothic (in the baroque sense, not the cradle of filth sense) technology look.

Work on this project will commence next week (when I return to university), as I begin to strip my minions ready for change.

Any input, interest, suggestions, declarations of insanity, or general ramblings welcome until then.
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Dettol, just the basic brown coloured antiseptic stuff for cleaning cuts. It works beautifully on acrylic paint on both plastics and metal miniatures.

Here's the good stuff, £2.69 for 750ml from Tesco.

Soak your miniatures overnight to really give the paint a good seeing to, then scrub the miniature with a toothbrush in a bucket of water to get the gunk off.

Word of warning, sweetie tins like roses are not waterproof. :lol: The kitchen was stinking after we made that mistake. I'm using a tubberware cake box, one of Tesco's 4.5l resealable ones. You will also want gloves, the paint gunk sticks to everything.
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I dunk the miniatures in warm water and scrub the paint off under water, every now and then you need to wipe your toothbrush clean but the paint gunk should sink to the bottom of the water.
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