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I was just wanting clarification on Raider and Ravagers Cruising speed.

Does the fast and skimmer combination mean it has
0-12 Combat
12-18 Cruising
18-24 Flatout

or does it simply mean fast can fire all weapons in cruising and it is actually
0-6 Combat
6-12 Cruising
12-24 Flatout

This is mainly in figuring out if Ravagers can
a)move 12 and fire all weapons (which fast clearly states can happen)
b)move 18 and fire all Disintegrators in Sustained mode as defensive weapon

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Pg. 57 covers movement speeds for all vehicles, pg. 70 tells us that Fast Vehicles can go "flat out" by moving over 12'', and the chart at the bottom of pg. 73 lays out what vehicles can fire at what speed.

0-6" Combat
7-12" Cruising
12"+ Flat Out

If Ravagers move up to 6'' they can fire all weapons. If they move 7-12" they can fire one primary weapon and all defensive weapons (i.e. Disintigrators in sustained fire). If they move over 12'' they are moving flat out and cannot fire any weapons.
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