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Crusades, by The Plastic Constellations

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I would be surprised if anyone read this article knowing who The Plastic Constellations are. They're a band from around where I live, but not a local band with no publicity or anything -- Crusades, their latest CD, is available on iTunes and and their website. So if you won't read the review, at least go buy the CD.

If you like rock at all, you owe Crusades a listen. Why do I give it a 4/5? It was too short. Only 10 tracks of awesomeness... leaves you hanging there. It's not one of those albums based on like 2 songs and a bunch of fillers, though. Nope. Part of what makes it an incredible CD is that it's one of the few nowdays that sortave flows, portrays a musical story (not in lyrics, but... it's not a random jumble of songs, and it's not one big song split into different parts) that grips you in the first 5 seconds and has you begging for more in the last few.

So, what exactly do The Plastic Constellations sound like? Kinda hard to describe... Head over to and check out the media section for downloadable MP3's of some of their songs. Iron City Jungles = very yes.
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