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Hi all!

So I've been getting back in to Warmachine, playing a few games here and there with some friends. I play Cryx, and while I have been giving a Deneghra battle-box list a run these past few weeks, it hasn't been going all that well. So, I'm thinking of returning to a Skarre list I used to run, like so...

Pirate Queen Skarre
+ Skarlock thrall
+ Seether
Bane Thralls (leader and 5)
Satyxis Raiders (Leader and 5)

Admittedly I've not played a vast number of games with said list, but I've been debating the merits of swapping out the Skarlock thrall for a Sea Witch Raider Captain unit attachment for my beleaguered Satyxis, to help them not get shot so much.

I of course lose the capacity to muck around with as many spells, but in all honestly I'm not really playing a Skarre list to try and magic people to death. No, this list is meant for beating people in the face, and I reason the more damage I mitigate on the way to those faces, the better I will do once I get there...

The only other outside opinion I really have thus far is that 'You have to take a Skarlock with Skarre - it even tells you so in her name!' but, while that point does have merit, I was curious to see if I could gather any other feedback on the matter. So, perhaps you have some you'd be willing to share?

Thanks for your time if you do!
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