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Currently fixing up an old chart that me and a couple Warhammerites made back in the day that can accurately generate point costs/restrictions to make actual balanced custom characters. It features everything from extra stats/Special Wargear/Extra Rules and has even been used to make everything from a 1984pt Chaos Lord to a 22pt Tau Stealth Suit Commander.

Ill repost this as soon as its finished... but in the meentime feel free to post your ideas for custom commanders and ill throw them through our chart just for kicks. any suggestions are welcome.

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Well I have a rough draft for you. keep in mind it is a rough draft and I am looking for a cool name. I came up with one I liked.

Chief Librarian Trager Arcanium

Special Rules:

And They Shall Know No Fear, Combat Tactics, Independent Character

Trager has gone mad with the warp. He can hold himself from being possessed by daemons but he is known to take rash actions. Trager must assault the closest enemy if possible. However, due to this power that flows through him his weapon skill and initiative are increased to 6 because his senses are honed in to the battle.

Scythe of Mortarion: The scythe of Mortarion was given to Trager before he turned to chaos. The scythe counts as a force weapon and grants Trager Arcanium with two additional attacks (already included above).

Built in psychic hood: Trager has a built in psychic hood in his helmet. The same rules apply.

Terminator armor

Fusion bolter: This bolter contains the power to shoot melta-slugs. These bolter shots have the melta special rule and are strength 6, AP 3.

Trager Arcanium has access to three psychic powers a turn.

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K yea. Im not at my home computer right now so ill try to get the old ver up. Ill also post the new one soon as i am almost done it.

Yes the Chart can make C'tan. It can make anything. The new chart can also make custom units.

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How about a 3 wound, 3 attacks Chaplain with Terminator Honours, a powerfist and a Jump pack?

Chaplain Charon
5 5 4 4 3 5 4 10 3+/4++
Combat Tactics, Independent Character, Honour of the Chapter, Liturgies of Battle
Wargear: Crozius Arcanum, Rosarius, Powerfist, Terminator Honours, Jump pack.

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I have one for you.

Endymion, a chaos sorceror

6 5 4 4 3 4 4 10 3/5+

Endymion's Staff, Endymion's Bolt Pistol, Doom Siren, Mark of Slaanesh, Daemonic Aura

Psychic Abilities and Equipment
Warp Talisman, Doombolt, Enhance Senses (described below), Minor Psychic Powers: Fuelled by Pain, Touch of Slaanesh,

Enhance Senses
Endymion may use this power in his own Shooting phase. It requires a Psychic test to use. May target any friendly unit within 18". If the test is passed, the unit is at +1 WS and BS until the beginning of the caster's next Shooting phase. This power may be used in addition to any shooting Endymion may have, and may be cast on units in combat.

Endymion's Staff
Endymion's Staff is a daemon weapon that ignores armour saves, counts as a Personal Icon and grants him +1 Attack but lowers his Initiative by 1 due to its large and heavy nature (both bonuses are included in the profile above). If he is in combat with multiple enemies, Endymion's Staff grants him another additional attack. Endymion's Staff also negates the need for Familiars.

Endymion's Bolt Pistol
Endymion's Bolt Pistol is a bolt pistol inscribed with arcane sorcerous runes. To represent this, it counts as being master-crafted, and having an AP of 4.

That was based on the last edition CSM rules though :S

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I'd be more interested to see the actual process you're using to generate the points costs. Then we can all share the wealth, and offer you come suggestions for tweaking it.

Sounds pretty awesome, too. I'm surprised GW hasn't made a system like this already - or have they? It would fit right alongside the VDR, TMC creator, critter/plant creator...

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They way i do it is i take the basic form of that army (Space Marine...Guardsman...Guardian etc.) then you add onto it at roughly 5+ per stat bonus
for armor and weapons you just use the armory given to you and add bonuses on a 5+ per strength and armor penetration then 10+ for range

Master of Sanctity(chaplain) Typhon
Sv 3+/5+i

Wargear - Purity Seals, Crozius Arcanum, Arcanum Plasma Pistol, Frag Grenades, Bionics


Litanies of hate (read 4th ed codex)

Faith onto you: The chaplain's unbreakable faith and loyalty to the emporer is confered onto those around him. All Models within 12 inches of Typhon (including himself) gain a 6+i save and 'feel no pain'

Leader of the Lost: As Master of Sanctity it is his job to watch over the Arbiters of the chapter and control it's defects. Typhon can only join a unit of Arbiters(death company)

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We want the shiny stuff!

Can you plz post the system, and give the points for the test commanders? Or is it a fake system :curl-lip: ?

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almost finished xD. there was huge flaw in the system so i had to rework it again.

its kind of a hard system to wrap your head around but it works so far.

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That was a huge flaw indeed if it took you 3 month's to fix. Good luck and I hope to see it soon!:act-up:

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almost finished now. Points costs are being tallied up. Special abilities and Special rules still need to be implimented and there are s a few minor bugs with wargear.


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OOokay. please keep in mind this the first draft of the new concept. ill be reworking Wargear and Abilities and trying to finde ways to distribute points better. Overall it does work. but you need to be careful.

Have some fun with it. Gimme feedback and post characters youve made.

Coming soon:
Vehicle Generator
Unit Generator

Here’s how it works.

Start with a blank slate:

*Character Name*

WS 0
BS 0
S 0
T 0
W 0
I 0
Ld 0
Sv -
Inv -

Wargear: None

This is the blank slate of your character.

It costs 0 Points. Unfortunately, alternatively you could field an entire army of just THESE units. However, because they have 0 stat values and no save, they are completely worthless. We need to add some stat values. The stat value system works differently depending on what kind of unit you are trying to create.

Here’s how the system works.
Stage 1: Adding Stats.

Your characters cannot have a higher invulnerable save than their armour save. To up a stat point the amount of points you have to spend on each upgrade get higher and higher until it’s not really tactically sound to create your uber character. Here’s how to distribute points into stats.

Each stat costs an ever increasing amount.

1st - 00pts 0
2nd - 05pts 5
3rd - 05pts 10
4th - 05pts 15
5th - 05pts 20
6th - 05pts 25
7th - 05pts 30
8th - 05pts 35
9th - 05pts 40
10th - 05pts 45

To have one stat at max 10pts. You need to spend at least 45pts on one stat.
Ld, I, Sv and Inv work differently.
Ld I
1 - 00pts 0 -00 0
2 – 00pts 0 -00 0
3 - 00pts 0 -00 0
4 - 05pts 5 -05 5
5 - 05pts 10 -05 10
6 - 05pts 15 -05 15
7 - 05pts 20 -05 20
8 - 05pts 25 -05 25
9 - 05pts 30 -05 30
10 – 05pts 35 -05 35

At the same time. Stats are linked together.

You can have a character with 10 A, but hell still do pretty much no damage in close combat unless he has Wargear. So you need S as well. When you start adding S to a character, the points cost of Stats that are linked to S (Attacks, Initiative and WS) go up because of the increasing power. A unit with 3 attacks and 5 Str will do allot more damage than a unit with 7A and 1S, alternatively a Unit with 1A and 7Str will do good damage as well, but only to one unit. But I digress.

Linked stats are:

Close Combat: WS, T, A, S, I,
Fitness: W, T, Ld, I
Ranged Combat: BS, T, Ld

Linked Stats Fall under the Custom “Linked Stat” rule. Because stats that work together cost more.
A linked stat, say… WS and T (Close Combat) works like this. For every 1 point of Ws and Every 1 Point of T on a custom Character, you add 5 points. Now, some people with what my math teach would call “Cancelitis” would work down the system and end up with a 10,000 point character.

What you do is take all the linked stats your character has. Tally them, and for every two tally points add 5points. The wrong thing to do is take every stat of every line and connect it with its counterpart from every other linked stat.

A really easy way is to do this.

WS6 BS6 S4 T5 W3 I8 A3 Ld6

Add up all the stat Points for each category, Divide the totals by 2, Round up if it’s a decimal, then multiply that total by 5 and subtract 10 from the final total of all the linked stats
Ws+T+A+S+I Close Combat
W+T+Ld+I Fitness
BS+T+Ld+W Ranged Combat
Total = 145

And add pts values to your character.

The main problem here is that we used all 3 generalisations. And had to add a total of 145 pts to our custom commander because of a few extra stat points.

Many stats are linked twice, this is because they genuinely are.

(This is one of the main reasons why this took so long to make) the system was flawed. If exploited properly the list could be used to make characters that had max stats for minimal points, and if used improperly a character would be left destroyed by a single space marine.

So we created the specialist rules.

It works like this:

Each Character chooses one of 4 Categories:

Close Combat.
Ranged Combat.

Each custom Commander has a hidden rule called “Linked Stats” which basically means that when creating that character, all the stats that are chosen are linked to other stats and are increased in point cost relative to other stats that fit the same category and so on. Choosing a category removes the linked stat rules for stats in that category.

Close Combat- Removes the "Linked Stat" rules for Close Combat Stats
*Great For Close Combat Oriented Heroes*
Ranged Combat- Removes “Linked Stat” rules for Close Combat Stats
*Great for Ranged Oriented Heroes*
Fitness- Removes “Linked Stat” rules for fitness Stats.
*Great for Commanding Heroes or Psykers*
Balanced- Remove 60pts from final Overall Stat Pt cost total (20 for Each Specialization).
*No Special*

For our commander. Let’s create A Psyker (mainly because it allows me to use the more complicated systems)
(at the same time you can be making your own commander. Just follow the directions and use your own specs.)
We are going to use the “Fitness” set. Meaning that when we calculate linked stat pts totals, you cut out the entire Fitness section and just use the regular total.

*Enger* Chaos Sorcerer

Fitness Stat List

Time to Calculate Stats

WS6 = 25
BS6 = 25
S6 = 25
T5 = 20
A2 = 5
W3 = 10
I6 = 15
Ld10 = 35
Linked Stat Totals.
45 close combat
40 ranged combat
*Fitness Removed*

Total = 245pts

(use the same system to make your hero)

Section 2: Abilities.

Special Abilities are one of the main reasons you have a special character. Things that bolster the power of your hero or of units around it. As well as offensive and defence specials that make them behemoths on the battlefield.

For our hero (Being a Psyker) we are going to give him Two Psychic abilities.

Because abilites can be absolutely anything. A basic staple is.

Stat Increases. Passive = +10per stat
Activated = +10per stat/2

Offensive. Str of Each Hit – Maximum Number of Attacks
Maximum Number of Attacks – Str of Each Hit
Whichever is the higher number. And add that total x5 to your points cost.

Defensive. Save increase/ Inv Increase/ Number of Dodged attacks/ Number of blocked attacks x5

Our two Psychic abilities will be.

Echoes. Offensive
Deals 1d6 str 4 hits

Warden. Defensive
Blocks 3 attacks *Ranged, Melee or Psychic* remains active until 3 attacks have been blocked.

245pts + 35pts = 280pts

Section 3: Wargear

Wargear is where your hero’s armour save is calculated.

Create an armor name

6+sv = 5pts
5+sv = 5pts
4+sv = 5pts
3+sv = 5pts
2+sv = 5pts
No1+ Saves.

Also add Inv Saves.
6+sv = 10pts
5+sv = 5pts
4+sv = 5pts
3+sv = 5pts
2+sv = 5pts

Wargear that adds stats. +10 per stat
Wargear that adds specials. See “Section2”

And that is. In a nutshell. The first draft of the new concept.

---------- Post added at 16:30 ---------- Previous post was at 16:28 ----------

Just to add. if youve got anything else youd like to see in this system post it and ill try and find some way to add it. maybe we could even approach GW with it if we can get it perfect. xD

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OK, this is my go with your creator - meet Bathan the Swift, Blood Angel 2nd Company Captain. He's armed with a Relic Blade, Stormbolter, DigiWeapons, MeltaBombs, Artificer Armour, and the Iron Halo that is standard for Captains.

Chapter Tactics: Counter Attack (he's designed to work with a Vanilla codex army, but I couldn't work out points for this so I guess it's moot)

WS 7 - 30
BS 5 - 20
S 4 - 15
T 4 - 15
W 4 - 15
I 7 - 20
A 4 - 15
Ld 10 - 35

Artificer Armour (2+) - 25
Iron Halo (4+ Inv) - 20

Relic Blade - 30
Storm Bolter - 5
DigiWeapons - 10

Stats 165
Fitness 13
Ranged 12
Armour 45
Equip 45

Total: 280

Not bad for 280 points, probably what I would have expected.

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okay, here goes...

The Dragon

Ws 5 - 20
Bs 0 - 0
S 9 - 40
T 8 - 35
W 5 - 20
I 5 - 10
A 6 - 25
Ld 10 - 35 points
save: 3+ invulnerable - 45

close combat: 75 - not applicable
fitness: 65
Ranged: 40

total so far: 335 points.

Seems a fairly good rpice for the baseline, but i need more detailed ability scores to complete it.

My main problem with this is the ranged ombat group of stats. While they certainly help to survive ranged combat, most of them just don't belong in there.

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I need to tweak the Linked stats a little bit more. All in all if you can come up with a better combo for them. im all ears.
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