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The rules for Cypher are in a UK WD 281. Without being specific....Cypher's rules are awesome - he has higher initiative than a SM HQ, a power-weapon and two master-crafted pistols... I highly recommend him.

If you wanted to play a "Fallen Army" I'd recommend you play a Chaos Undivided army (without the Mocu), and paint them up as fallen. I'd limit myself to fluffy choices only for the lost marines e.g.:

No Daemons/Daemonic Gifts
No Chaos-related Wargear
No Vehicles (think 13th Company)
No Daemon-Related units (e.g. Obliterators, Raptors)

I think it would be cool, your army would fight very like a marine army, except it would be very fluffy and unusual as a Fallen, and you could still have some cool stuff like Chosen, Chaos Bikers, Havocs etc. I'd also throw a Dark Blade on your HQ and claim it's a Sword of Secrets (the rules for the two things are basically identical). Of course you'd have to research your paint-job etc correctly to ensure accuracy (I'm sure myself and other DA historians would be willing to assist you).
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