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Played in my first GT this weekend. It was a good time but less then half of my opponets were new people. 1 was someone I see on a regular basis and another I have to say at least semi regular.

My list...
Tyrant: HA, Mawseeker, Jade Lion, Tender
Butcher: Siege Breaker, Wyrdstone, Luck Gnoblar
Butcher: Bangstick, powerstone
Butcher: Skullmantle

3x 3 bulls with bellower
3x 4 Iron gutz w/ standard
3x 20 Gnoblars
8 Trapper

2x 2 Belchers

2x Gorger

Game 1: Dwarves.

Scenario: I forgot the scenario but it had diagnol deployment. Meaning instead of sides you picked a corner. And through some geometry there was a space in the middle of the board 24 inches apart. Personally I had mixed feelings about it. There was novelty in it but after several other scenarios of diagnol deployment it wore off.

Not much to talk about here. He was fairly new to the game and it was a route for me. I scored 18 pts. 15 for the win and 3 out of 5 voctory conditions.

Game 2 Chaos
Scenario: After turn three roll a D6. According to the results the phases of the game go mixed up.

His army had a large unit of
Tzeentch Lord w/ staff
BSB lvl 1 mage item
lvl2 Sorcerer
Chosen knights
Chaos Warriors,
10 marauder horsemen

this game didn't take 3 turns. he used some movement spell to move the warriors and that left them open of all sorts of charges. I had soo much charging I was a little worried. Well his stuff got away but 2 units failed 2 rally attempts on leadersip 10 and ran off his board edge.

Another highlight was that he put his marauder horsemen on a bridge where my gnoblars got to through 40 rusty spoons at him. It did enough wounds to force panic and they did too.

I owe this opponet a rematch. I didn't win this game and he did loose it. His dice failed him big time.

Another 18 pts for me.

Game 3: WoodElves

This game was against the person who has won the GT the last two years.

Scenario: Diagnol deployment. Opponet picks the unit that you have to deploy. No scouting and all units start on the board. So gorgers started on board! Personwith highest unit str in a board quarter wins that corner. Goal was to have the most board quarter

His list was something like this...
2 Treeman (one Lord lvl with Annoyance of nettlings)
Dryads and some other things.

Again diagnol deployment with a huge wall that ran down the left hand side of the board.

He placed his 2 treemen flush next to each other so that if a unit charged them they got both. I deployed the bulk of my force accross from them.

my three bull units were in front. two belchers behind them. Iron guts behind them. Plan was to bait treemen with bulls have treemen run into leadbelchers that were set at angels and seperate tose two meanies. Then hammer the Ancient with guts while another unit of guts with tyrant and seige breaker butcher on the non character treeman. With the treeman gone I think I could have just about taken out the army. So things were going great untill I rolled a three to flee and the Ancent ran down the bulls and caused 2 other units to panic through three other units. 2 of the other units then paniced. I guess this was karma paying me back for last game. Needless to say my plan got flushed and I got crushed.

GTG I will post about day 2 later.

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Game 4: Brettonians

This was a game against a guy from my home town that I have played 2 times before in tournaments. He has a very very balanced list as far as bretonians go. This was my first win against him. It was something like...

Lord on Peg: Kitted pretty much to take out Gorgers. Immune to Killing Blow and some magic weapon he never got to use.

Scenario: Supply cart. Three units start with a token. At the end of the game add all the tokens distances together. Who ever has the furthest distance gets 500 extra VP's.

Damsel: Dispell Scroll In with a unit of Grail Knights (I am assuming that's the name of the knights that all count as champs.)
Damsel: With Peasants
BSB: with Grail Knights.

2 x 6 knights errant
3 x 6 KotR
5 mounted yoemen

2 x 20 units of peasants
20 skirmishing flaming archers
10 flamig archers with spikes.
2 x 3 Peg Knights
7 Grail Knights

Fortunately I knew exactly where his stuff was going to go except for two units. he plays a sort of refused flank but in the middle while the knights sweep around the flanks. Learning from my past failars I deployed on the left flank with my ogres and the 4 units of gnoblars protected the right. There was a pond on the left so I had 2 unit of bulls and a unit of Iron guts take the middle of the board 1 unit of bulls, 1 beclher, and 2 irongutz on the left acros from his KotR, 1 Peg knights, grail Knights, and 1 Kngihts Errant.

Key to my winning this game was freezing his Grail knights with a gorger that was half peeking out of a woods and angled so that if the grail knights charged him they would have been stuck right in the edge of the woods for a nice flank charge. In the end it didn't matter as I charged my Tyrant and Siege butcher in Pumeled them for 3 rounds of combat untill they broke and ran off the table. One tense moment with this move was when my siege Buthcher charged it had 2 wounds on it. No biggy I thought because I would just bloodgruel one back and have 3 wounds left. Guess what I rolled on a d6. Yup a 1. so know i was down to 1 wound left. Luckily and contrary to many people telling me not to I had the Wyrdstone and luck gnoblar on this guy. During that combat I blocked three wounds with the Wyrdstone after using the Luck gnoblar over the next two turns. The Tyrant just kept issuing challenges and getting enough over kill to win 2 out of three combats. After beating down the Grail knights and the other stuff I still had enough points to win the game desptie giving him the Scenario bonus.

Game 5: ogres

The guy with the ringer army kept winning his games so I played him. Oddly enough he was the person that ran the game and the only game that left a sour taste in my mouth.

He was using ALL non-Ogre Kingdom models except for a scrap launcher and a Hunter. Even the Hunters cats weren't the normal ones. Actually he was also using a ME as his tyrant.

It was very confusing for me as his Iron Guts didn't necessarily look like gutz unless you really looked at them. More on this later...

He went first and did his thing then he turned it over to me. After I rolled my animosity and declared moved a few things he realized he never used his trappers to shoot. The kicker was whe he asked if I minded. That puts me in a sticky situation. If I say no I look like a jerk, if I say yes I might take a wound on my bulls. As it turned out I took 3. I agreed to let him shoot thinking fine he needs 6's to wound anyways. Well it cost me.

Turn two he charged I fled and set him up for counter. I made a calcualted charge out of a unit with my tyrant knowing he was going to flee and be able to counter charge with what I thought were bulls. Turns out they were iron gutz and my tyrant was chopped down turn 2.

The game went on with him being very strict with some rules against me but liberal for himself. He also seemed to know many of the finer points of the army but didn't realize others.

By turn three it was apparent how this game was going to go no matter what I did. He declared a charge I in turn said I would stay because I didn't think he had the range. He then changed his mind about that charge and charged something else.

I don't really remember the rest of the game because I checked out after that. By the end he was litteraly telling me what pieces to move and not to move.

Results and summary next.

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All said what a riot! I was EXHUASTED by the end. LOL actually things got fuzzy going into game 3 day 1. I did pretty much as I expected. I can't help to wonder what would have happened if game 5 was different but getting upset about it isn't good for my health!

My painting score was a little lower than I thought I would get. 40 out 50 but the judge had to look at some seriously nice armies. And no doubt there were at least 2 painted better than mine.

There was a good showing from the New York City based gaming club Warmonger. Unfortunately I never had a chance to play any of them!!! They must be a pretty serious club as they even had their own photographer taking pictures of the armies, game and stuff. I know he took some pics of my stuff so hopefully I will be able to set up some links.
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