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Is the Hypothesis Plausible

DA Fallen Hypothesis

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If you don't know, I have been working on a massive story that is posted in the fiction section of the forums. I am getting to a point where I want to add some background fluff to the Fallen Dark Angels and I want to post the idea to you to see if I should develop it further in my story or do a rewrite.

The Fallen Angels were scattered throughout Space and Time with the destruction of Caliban by the Chaos Gods in their fury at Luther and the Lion. Not all of the Fallen went to Chaos as some were shamed and integrated themselves back into the Imperial society.

Would it be possible, that every Fallen Angel was marked by a Chaos God or Undivided as they were scattered? The mark would manifest itself at some time later in the marines lives and it confers an incentive to nudge the marine along the path towards Chaos. Those Fallen that still have loyalty to the Emperor would fight or take up a very unorthodox crusade (Cypher) in order to rid themselves of the Mark?
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I guess it all depends on what is considered fallen, whether it is just a dark angel that happened to be with luthor on caliban before or during the lion's raid, or someone who fully accepted chaos knowingly. I guess the lack of published fluff and details somewhat makes you have to reach into the hypothetical realm, but I highly doubt that someone still loyal to the imperium in thought, purpose and deed would have any exterior markings of any kind save self inflicted tattooing or branding, not including battle scars. I guess my opinion is that chaos would have to have some kind of footing on the dark angel before he would be considered truly fallen, and actually manifest some symbol or mutation due to it.

just MHO...
Its plausable, but you are walking a very fine line for it, from what I understand of it most of the fallen are too ashamed to return to the imperium but refuse to worship chaos as they remain loyal.
I say go for it. It would not only be plausible, but make sense for the Fallen to be marked in some way, shape, or form. How do the rest of the DA know they're Fallen? If they take off their armour, the DA would never know.

Perhaps in their forehead. Cypher always wears his hood, which I know is to hide his face, but I mean, come on. It doesn't hide his entire face anyway. Perhaps he is hiding a mark...
It says in the 2nd edition Dark Angels codex that somefallen have chosen new lives away from war. These Fallen would be quickly found if they had some mark of Chaos, I don't think the Fallen should always be on a path to chaos. Bare in mind that some can be redeemed which most warriors of chaos could not be.
Well yeah but HYPOTHETICALLY, it could be anything from a giant pustulating chaos-y wound or a small slanneshy pimple on the left inner ankle... (shrug) love the story, not too keen on a loyalist or clearly honorable person being afflicted thus but hey, it is your story...
Well, the Fallen run into basically 3 categories:

Lutherites - Fallen that have become true chaos marines dedicated to chaos
Astellenites - Angels from the original legion who believe Lion betrayed them but don't worship Chaos.
Cypherites - Those still loyal to the emperor and the lion but misled by Luther

Here runs the dilemma, marines with a Mark of Chaos would be Lutherites, but Lutherites are pretty unlikely to want redemption in any form. The other two groups either don't want redemption or are untouched by Chaos.

You'll have to tinker with fluff a bit, perhaps write some new passages about the Cypherites? Until you come up with something more concrete, I'm not saying no but I'm withholding my vote :)
I have made the change away from it. I never liked the Angel of Darkness suggestions of the three factions of Fallen, but I must keep my audience in mind as I write. I was going in the same vein as Dan Abnett's Traitor General where they had that thing on their arm to let them pass. It was purely Chaos but the person who bore it was not.

Though I had planned to have the main character do a Luke Skywalker and give in into the temptation of letting blood as well so he could defeat the baddie. Story is in my sig, part referenced is Chapter 13.
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