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I got these from a friend wh has a play tester for GW in there group. I don't if there true but WOW! If some are OH! How sweat that would be.

Let's Begin!

The new demons are much more frightening than VC
For just points bloodthirsters can reroll any to hit any combat any time

The BSB can nullify light magic in any army almost entirely which is the armies solo weakness.We just played our first test game.We tied after some arguing but I rolled incredibly nicely.The screamers can go up to 6 models but are able to slash anybody is 20 inches with zig zagging in the rules

The Brokethirster can get like 2d6+2 hits for points

Bloodletter: 12 pts with killing blow
Obsidian armor (3+, no magic weapons work against him)
There is a point banner, It's called the great standard of sunderering. After deployment (which is after the opponent rolls for spells), the owner of the banner picks a lore, all wizards that cast from that lore is at -2 to their casting rolls, in addition, any spell that is cast from the lore of light, miscasts when the wizard rolls double 1's, 2's, and 3's! It's bad ass!
-Also there is a banner for points that all demon units are stubborn within 12"

All foot demons dropped to points each. Demon saves are now real ward saves. Basic foot all have leadership of 7 now. Just like undead they crumble. However regen does not work for crumble.

The new slaanesh unit is close to the pleasure seekers, attacks S armor piercing. Special rule, enemy that runs away rolls 3 dice discards highest. points if I recall. Slaanesh foot troops drop to S armor piercing, go to W and M6. Yuck. Slaanesh cav new stats for riders, as listed above, mounts the same. Dropped to 24 points. Yuck again. If hero lvl Harald joints unit they get ASF.

New Nurgle removes flies, so no more -1 to hit. Foot is the same, but now has poison attacks no flies. cav close to the last type, have now gets regeneration, slime trail which gives them no bonuses for flanking or rearing them, and they go to D6 +1 poison attacks. points each, ouchy. Nurglings now scout, and have a crap load of 3's for stats if you get me. Harald gives unit regen.

Korne changed lots, no more fenzy for anything other than character upgrades. Foot 1 attack and killing blow. Flesh hounds are and have hatred. 35 points a whack now, holy crap. New blood crushers are riders with ttacks(very nice) beasts with attacks, M7 killing blow for all attacks, nice. AS4+ then the ward. points each for these guys. Harald gives Hatred.

Flamers are D6 S5 flaming shooting attacks up to 18 inches. screamers 20 inch fly by with any unit they move over taking a S5 hit from each they flew over, unit can only be effected by them 1 time per movement phase. They dumped their stats down to a bunch of 3's. Horrors sames stats, became casting unit with lvl based on how many in unit. 16-25 models gives you lvl 2 caster, so most will go with that. Harald gives them ward save of 4+. Cant recall any of the points totals for these, sorry.

Furries points, 1 attack, leadership 2 lol. Core but doesnt count to the 3 min you need.

The plagueriders are rare cost .The other crap it dirt cheap compared.people thought GG were horrible with armor plus regen

Slaanesh looks very sneakily nasty to me. I haven't seen it mentioned yet, but they can take a daemonic Master Rune of Challenge that even works on ItP. They also have a ton of screw with your leadership stuff, and then screw you with leadership based powers/spells/attacks. They have a spell that is cast on a 7+ and can easily wipe out a unit of 50 Gnoblars.

Khorne dogs are no longer Fast Cav

nurglings stubborn ( This is done with some type of banner thay don't say the name)

Regeneration for units, you can even get regen for poppa if you skimp on the weapon, and for like points slime trail negates flank and rear bonus. If you multiple staffs of nurgle mass skinks will be dead by turn 3. Cheap furies can also stop units from being lead around and nurglings take away hiding in the forest.

I know they are out of order I just cut and paste the good parts.

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All of this information and more can be found in the rummors forum...and most of the information is more accurate, your post has some errors on a few units costs and such. I would also suggest that you remove the points values you have posted for units and stats before a mod sees them as it is against forum rules to do so.

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Also, there are preveiw copies at GWs now. Its really not that hard to see the rules. Also the crumbling isn't like the undead type- its pretty much the same as before, but you can't poof out of existence.
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