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First Dark angels list. Played it today and liked it. Please tell me what you think







Tactical squad 1
9 Marines, 1 Sergeant
Power Weapon
Plasma Cannon

Tactical Squad 2
9 Marines, Sergeant
Melta Gun
Plasma Cannon

Devastator Squad
4 Marines, 1 Sergeant
2x Heavy Bolters
2x Lascannons

There it is. 1000 points even. Dev. stays back of course, Tac squad 1 breaks into 2 combat squads. The one with the sergeant will go into the rhino with the chaplain, the other will sit and shoot the plasma cannon. Tac squad 2 will do the same minus the rhino and chaplain. Dreadnoughts do what they do. Worked well in one game, but how will it do against all? Im playing a game vs. a store manager on tuesday, win or lose it will be fun, but i dont wanna look like i have no idea whats going on. thanks in advance

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Hey man , it looks good form what i see other than devastator squad . . a 5 man squad would die pretty quikly especially with only having 1 extra wound opposed to 6 (sarge) . If you were to drop the `dev squad , i'd add another rhino to the other squad and swap the plasma for a lascannon , a 5 man footslogging with a melta ? with a plasama gun fire support ? opposed to a 10 man squad in a rhino with a melta and lascannon ( or a HB for more killyness ) or maybe another dread ?

Good luck with your game
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