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Dark Angels color scheme

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I'm starting to collect a Dark Angels army and I'm itching to paint them, but the dark green color scheme that the codex gives the Dark Angels doesn't appeal to me. Could I get away with any other color schemes for the Dark Angels?
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well there are subchapters, and really if you arent too concerned with fluffiness they COULD be bright pink with neon green polka dots... although in that case most dark angel players would have to hunt you down and kill you...

but in all seriousness it is your army, in the codex it discusses a few alternate paint schemes as well.
Pre the horus Heresey, DA were Black, Ravenwing still retain that colour scheme, Death wing are white, there are, as someone said, sucessor chapters shown with different colour scheme, there is no reason why you can not invent your own sucessor chapter using DA rules and your own colour scheme
Yep. Simply make up a Successor Chapter and colour as you like.

+NOTE+ Deathwing were originally black-armoured too until bone-white was introduced (comparatively in 40k time) recently.

A method I have found that looks good sometimes (but it depends upon the rest of the colours) is paint the helmets, or maybe a leg or something in the original chapter's colour then do the rest of the armour in your successor chapter's colours...
Or you could just do them completely different...
There is a guy by the name of ODM that has gone very dark with his Dark Angels. I believe he went Black with DA Green Highlighting. He kept his Terminators black to reflect a Pre-Plains World time frame. I'll go search for a link.

Otherwise, it's been said above.

Found the Link
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