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Dark Angels scouts.

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Hello to you Loyalists:)

I'm a poor old Chaosplayer who just laid my hands on a box of the new plastic Scouts. My first intention was to make a unit of Wolfscouts but then I saw the DA "preview" under- cover-secretly-photographs and
So, now I'm going to make a unit of DA-scouts. My question is how to equip them.
I guess every chapter has a prefered setup for scouts, some go snipers and some goes boltpistols. I would like to use the bolters but I don't know what DA-players think of this on scouts.
So, please help me, is the Bolter a valid option for DA-scouts?
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yup, bolters work fine, nothing especially distinctive about DA scouts except veteran sergeants look better in robes, DA generally have a fondness for the plasma weaponry in non scout models but other then that scouts are pretty much stock
Well, the one benefit DA scouts have over other scouts is the Intractable ability. Youll need the DA codex for details but it basically keeps you from running from shooting casualties. This helps scouts stay in that cover you infiltrated them into. Because of this, bolters or sniper rifles are egenerally your best bet.


Each and every DA Veteran sergeant can be given stubborn at an additional cost. This transfers over to the squad he is with. As such, a close combat sturbborn scout squad is indeed something to be reckeoned with. At the very least you can be asured that whatever you assault will stay in assualt untill either it, or you are dead.

So the choice is up to you.
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