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Since they're ancient, even amongst Eldar standards, I thought I'd try my hand at a balanced "5ed Codex". Obviously this is still a work in progress, but constructive criticism would be appreciated :)


Splinter Weaponry - Due to the lethal toxins covering the splinter shards loaded into Splinter Weaponry, all Splinter Weapons wound on a 5+

Splinter Pistol
SX Ap5 Pistol1 12"

Splinter Rifle
SX Ap5 Assault1 24"
SX Ap5 Assault2 6"

Splinter Cannon
SX Ap5 Assault6 24"

Raiders/Raider Gunboats/Ravagers - Whenever they move, these units count as moving 6" less than they actually did in the previous movement phase for purposes of their own shooting OR embarking/disembarking ONLY (They may not do BOTH). This means they can still claim their cover save if they *Actually* moved far enough in the movement phase.


Dark Eldar Lord-
(A Dark Eldar Lord may take standard options OR may choose one of the following and thus forfeit the choice of any other upgrades, but can still take Plasma & Haywire Grenades as per the standard points cost. All Fallen Aspect Lords may also take Combat Drugs at +20 points)
Fallen Scorpion - The Lord was once a proud warrior of the Scorpion Aspect, He has a 3+ Armour save, a Tormentor Helm and a Punisher as well as the Move Through Cover special rule for +35 points (Please note he loses the Fleet special rule)
Fallen Banshee - The Lord was once a proud warrior of the Banshee Aspect, She has a Power Weapon, a Splinter Pistol, the Mask of the Damned and the Furious Charge special rule for +28 points
Fallen Reaper - The Lord was once a proud warrior of the Reaper Aspect, He has a Dark Lance, a pair of Poisoned Blades (+1A), and the Relentless and Acute Senses special rules for +32 points
Fallen Dragon - The Lord was once a proud warrior of the Dragon Aspect, He has a Blaster, Melta Bombs, a Hand Flamer (Works as a Flamer but has the Pistol status) and the Eternal Warrior special rule for +38 points
Fallen Hawk - The Lord was once a proud warrior of the Hawk Aspect, He has a Twin-Linked Splinter Cannon, Scourge Wings (Counts as Jump Pack), Shadowfield and a Power Weapon for +40 points

The Fallen Aspect Lords may still purchase a Retinue if desired. (But please note that this may force some of the variants to lose some abilities, such as the Fallen Hawk's 12" movement. The Lord may not detach from his Retinue but if they are killed then he acts as normal for an Independent Character)

Incubi can be taken as an Elites Squad, 5-10 squad size with same weapons, costs and options as in the Lord's retinue. They may take 0-5 Warriors with same upgrades as the retinue.

Harlequins are now an option for the ELITES section, as per the same costs/options etc as in Codex: Eldar.

Warriors now have a Splinter Pistol and CCW in addition to their Splinter Rifle for no additional points cost.
Raiders now have a Transport Capacity of 12 models, slight points increase to 58. Keeps all other options.

Raider Gunboat Pack
Unit Size; 1-3 Raiders (70 points each) in a Squadron
Weapons; 1 Dark Lance, Horrorfex.
Options; Each Raider has access to the Dark Eldar Vehicle Armoury.
Raider Gunboats;
The Raiders in a gunboat pack have been modified with the addition of a horrorfex and extra armour but may only carry 6 Models. Each Raider Gunboat has AV 11 Front, 11 Side, 10 Back and has no transport capacity. They are otherwise treated as normal Raiders in respect to rules, upgrades (But may not take another Horrorfex) and Unit types but may never be taken as dedicated transports in place of normal Raiders.

Ravagers; 115 Points each, 2 May be taken as one Heavy Support slot but they may be deployed independently and act independently throughout the game.
Weapons; 3 Dark Lances. Any number of Dark Lances may be upgrades to Disintigrators for +10 points each.
Phenominal Agility; A Ravager's Pilot is an exceptional one indeed. They learn to treat their craft as an extension of their own bodies and act in sympathy with it. Ravager Pilots can operate their Ravagers with supernatural agility, dodging enemy shots and gliding into the shadows. Ravagers do not count as Open Topped.

Scourges are now 11 points per model, Splinter Cannons are +10 points and Dark Lances are +15 points. All other restrictions/options remain the same. They have the Relentless special rule as they are equipped with Jump Packs.

Talos- The Talos Sting now counts as TWO Splinter Cannons and still use the Wildfire rule.

Drazhar has the option of joining an Incubi squad instead of joining the Lord's retinue. If the squad includes an Incubi Master then Drazhar loses his "Bodyguard" special rule and the Incubi Master gains it, focussed on Drazhar.

Scourge Lord
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Hi there, I'll give some constructive criticism on every change, but first know that I am really happy to see another player trying to fix our broken codex.

• Splinter weaponry – I like the 5+ poison, but it will hurt DE against T3 armies like Guard, Tyranid, and Orks. Dropping to AP 6 is unnecessary.
• Splinter rifle – Heavy 2 / Assault 1 promotes immobile DE, which doesn't seem right to me. 30" is best reserved to Tau rifles, since it's their trademark. What I've found works really nicely is simply Assault 1 24". It's really versatile and pecks away every turn. You could probably tack on an Assault 2 6" mode to that without upping the price.
• Vehicles – So a raider can now move 18", shoot, and disembark? That's a first turn charge every game because your units can now charge 28-33" away, and that's without the combat drugs 12" charge! I feel this is likely to unbalance your games. Perhaps limit it to shooting only. I did something similar as a vehicle upgrade, but with an added limitation to make it less offending.
• Dark Eldar Lords – several options have been cut out here. Combat drugs for one.
• Fallen Scorpion – love it, but also note that he loses fleet
• Fallen Banshee – not as good as the normal options. I'd work in the agoniser, always strikes first drug result, and a hell mask (or MotD)
• Fallen Reaper – cool cool coolio
• Fallen Dragon – EW maybe, but FNP don't seem to fit the theme. How about giving him melta bombs, a blaster, and a flamer instead?
• Fallen Hawk – I'm not sure the Skyleap ability is needed, but a power weapon would be nice with wings & fleet
• Incubi – Seems fair. This unit can also have Warriors & a Raider right?
• Wyches – Not sure the changes are needed (I find the Wyches to be well balanced), but your changes seem fair.
• Warriors – ?? They are already overpriced as is. Even Guardsmen (who are several points cheaper) are more effective than these guys now that they have orders.
• Gunboats – keep their transport capacity if they are 70 pts each, or perhaps just drop their capacity to 6 (good for hiding your CC specialists).
• Phenomenal Agility – too powerful. My suggestion is a "hostile avoidance system" upgrade for +10 points that always gives a cover save and can move when stunned, but requires a dangerous terrain test when doing so. You could also include a "counts as moving at cruising speed" ability that can be used when the Ravager is assaulted, but that would require the cost to go to +15 points.
• Talos – still uses Wildfire? I keep thinking the Talos needs more improvement, but still not sure what exactly after all this time & tinkering...

Ciao for now. A very nice start here. You've fixed the Rapid Fire problem for warriors, given our Dark Lords some nice variety, allowed more Incubi to see action, and more vehicles can fit in to big non-apocalypse games.

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Thank you Krovin-Rezh, I've taken into account your suggestions and have altered accordingly :)
Thanks also for the comments on the Fallen Aspects, I'm proud of those little creations :p
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