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Dark Eldar Unit Quality

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Hi guys. Been a while since I last posted. Just finished playing throne of skulls, kept a clean sheet *takes a bow* only Dark Eldar player to do so as well. Can't help thinking that maybe if I had turned up sober and rested I might have actually won the one game I drew.

That's not what this thread is about, however, I may post up a bat rep or two and will certainly drop the list I took down a bit later, but for now I would be interested in getting everyones opinions on, well, everything. As my old tactica is obviously horrendously out of date now I am working on a new one. As such I'll be dropping down some threads (which I'll link in here to keep things tidy) asking you to vote on how good each of our units is on the following scale:

1 Crap!

Don't take this unless you want it for fluff reasons or want to make your army weaker on purpose. From an army building perspective there is always something that can perform any role you might use these for better.

2 OK, sometimes, I guess.

This should only be taken in very niche circumstances and with a deliberate goal in mind, there are a few roles, probably only 1 or 2 that this can perform better than other things in the list and they don't come up too often.

3 A solid choice.

Whether you take this or something else that performs an equivalent function is largely personal preference. This unit can perform one of the major roles required by your army.

4 An exceptional unit.

Fulfils all the requirements for being deemed a solid choice and, additionally, has one role in which it truly excels. Alternatively this may be a unit which can perform multiple roles to an above average capacity. These units should be put in whenever including them won't conflict with your army design. If you are tring to decide what to include, these units are your first stop.

5 Put this in your army.

No don't ask, just put it in. You need it. Anything with a 5 should turn up in almost all army lists, it provides some vital function that can't be performed by anything else anything like as well.

I would ask that you keep in mind that I am asking you to rate the units power level and not how much you like it. Additionally the power level I am talking about is as a part of a functional army and NOT in a vacuum, so points cost and abilities that mess with FOC slots are important too. Additionally I am looking at this only within our own list as you can't put a greater demon or a Blood Angels dreadnought in your list even if you really want to.

Feel free to put down explanations of how you think a unit should be used, tales of them doing awesomely and such. I will shamelessly pilfer these threads for bits to add to the tacitca. Additonally special characters will be dealt with separately so don't judge how good an archon is by looking at vect.

So without further ado please rate units in the following threads:

The Court of the Archon


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Keep it up, move onto the most popular units please. do the non popular ones last.
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