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In the new WD (UK) Gav has written the new revision for dark elves, and I was wondering whether you agree with the changes or don't.

Of the changes I can remember these are:

heavy armour for executioners
Ld 9 for cold one knights
extended range of cauldron of blood
witch elves have hatred of HEs
Black guard have eternal hatred
Warriors have dropped in price
Beast master can have sea cloak & lance
Apprentice for war hydra has same M as Hydra
Word of pain can be cast into Combat

So what's your view?

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Well, since my first army in any wargaming game was Dark Elves, I tend to be a little biased. But I agree with most of it, but not all.

Heavy Armor for exectioners- when Gav was told that the community (which I am forbidden from listing do to some stupid reason <_< ) wanted Heavy Armor, he was surprised. He thought they already had it. So this is reasonable.

I do not agree with Ld 9 for Cold One Knights. Sure, it makes them tons better, but they were not an underused unit anyway, and the purpose was to fix oversights and make unused units usable. I don't think the COK's fit this thought.

CoB- Not only did this get extended range, but it also randomizes shooting between it and the guardians, which is the more important change. Originally, shots were just randomized amongst the armorless guardians, and when they died the Cauldron of Blood was destroyed. NOw shots also randomize on the Cauldron. I think this is a great change- maybe the model will actually see some play now...

WE hating High Elves- all Dark Elves hate High Elves, why not Witch Elves?

Black Guard w/ Eternal Hatred- No one used black guard. Ever. Now a few people are using them in conjunction with the MSU tactic and finding that they are really good (especially with the revision)

Cheaper Warriors- eh. Don't really like it, I actually think they are just a little too cheap now. They should have dropped them to 8 points, not 7.

Beastmaster- Eh, it's not all that used still, more of a fluff reason, and for that I agree

Apprentice moving as fast as Hydra. Well, have a Hydra not moving as fast as it can is a waste. I agree with it.

Word of Pain into close combat- Make the spell a LOT more useful.

The other changes (2 Chariots for 1 special, etc.) were also good.

By they way, Gav didn't write the revision.... he approved it.
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