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Wasn't sure whether to drop this here in 40k Universe games or over in the generic RPG section, but here goes.

Obviously, as we know, Dark Heresy is focused on Inquisitorial matters and only has career paths which support this. We're left to assume that the Rogue Trader and Deathwatch games would bring us things like space marines and alien races.

So in their absense, I'm looking for us, the fans, to fill in the gaps.

Taken at face value, with the Inquisitorial focus of Dark Heresy, my personal opinion is that there should not be a Space Marine career path as it creates too many balance issues with the rest of the party in addition to Fluff oddities.

Even if there was to be a Space Marine career path (eventually) I believe that scouts/neophytes would not be seen outside specific Space Marine environments to the point that they would never be a part of an Acolyte party.

What I would like to see though, are stat/talent/skill writeups for Scouts, basic Marines and the like for inclusion as NPCs.

As we know, the DH book has writeups for many Imperial NPCs but doesn't include anything related to Space Marines, Tau, Eldar, Orks, Chaos, etc. I would like to see this gap filled.

I am also interested in seeing writeups for the core of characters we enjoyed in the Eisenhorn trilogy.

Eventually, when one is ready to just roleplay within the 40K universe but outside the focus on Inquistorial matters, then it will be more appropriate and pressing to create actual career paths for marines and alien races.

I understand there is a Wiki out there for Dark Heresy which I haven't visited. I better go check that out.


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Dark Heresy is reasonably easy to modify into a Rogue Trader game, especially if you are willing to have the PCs be minions of a commanding Rogue Trader.

As for the need for Space Marines, check out "Purge the Unclean" a Dark Heresy adventure compilation which has a statted out Space Marine, his kit, and a Dark Eldar and a couple xeno weapons.
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