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Dawn of War Voices

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I did it. I finally got all the music and voices for Dawn of War in .wav format. It took time, patience, and research, but now my computer starts up with "I have awoken" and all the other Dread sounds are in my sound scheme.

I also now can play the "battle" background sounds during my actual tabletop games. There's a whole 7 minutes of machineguns, artillery, lasers, explosions, etc... Makes it more interesting.

Anybody else had any success with this kind of stuff?
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Sweet! How did you do it?
I found detailed instructions in the Relic forums.

You'll need to download a couple of programs. One requires you to do the conversion in DOS. It does work. I'm just surprised a website hasn't posted the sounds already converted.
Cool, I'll look into it.
sounds cool, how long did it take you?
How big are some of the smaller sound files? Maybe you can do a geocities page to host the sounds for us?

They vary in size. But I've got dial up and it would just be insane to try to put them on the web.

Just search the relic forums for the instructions. It really only took me about two hours to do it and most of that time was just waiting for the conversion programs to download.

Once you have the programs in your computer and you make the proper modifications it's as fast as you can type "decshell.exe *.aifc"
ah, doesnt seem too difficult. methinks ill give it a go, just for s***s and giggles.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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