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this is my first dark elf list, so it may be a tad newbish, but meh. anyways i tried to use melee alot because i dont like the sorceresses much.


1 dark elf noble with :
additional handweapon, heavy armor, & sea dragon cloak
86 pts

Another one with :
repeater crossbow, heavy armor, shield, and blood armor
111 pts

19 warriors with shields and FC
melee noble goes here
177 pts

11 repeater crossbowers Musician
shooting hero goes here
126 pts

12 corsairs with FC and the Banner of Murder
180 pts

5 dark riders Musician with repeater crossbows
127 pts

2 repeater bolt throwers
200 pts

999 pts total

plz comment becuz im not as brilliant as u commenters

The Dvl in Pale Moonlight
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Ok, here we go, fist off the nobles.

The noble´s weapons, a 2nd hand weapon isnt really useful(not in the same way as a halberd or great weapon). You see elvens usually dont have trouble hitting but wounding is a different matter where the extra strength of said weapons really are helpful.

As for the 2nd ranged noble you be much better off with an extra unit of shades than him(you dont want a 90-100 point here shooting 2 str3 bolts per turn).

the full command and banner of the corsairs take them from cheap support unit to expenceive and fragile "elite" units, given the size of the unit i´d say it isnt all to smart to invest such an amount of points to this unit.

a 5 man unit of shades are 70pts or a 6 strong harpy unit. Both of these units serve similiar roles(war machine hunting, march blocking), its really a matter of taste here.

2ndly i´d add a chariot(which is possible if dropping down on rxb warrior). This either can be mounted by the remaining noble making it unit str5 or just leave it be.
you should always take spears if possible as it is only 2pts.

What i´ve done is made you army a little bit faster and given it a nice counter-charge in form of a chariot.

cheers dancey, hope i havent rearranged your list too much here
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