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I am a 40k player who is veturing into the WFB realm. I decided to start off with a DE army because I really dig the models so I picked up the DE codex and cold one chariot unit over the weekend to get started. I will start developing the rest of my army over the next month or so.

I have a 3-year old son and generally can't get out to club meetings but I do have a group of friends who will play against me. The downside is, they won't invest in their own armies so I will have to pick up a 2nd on to play against (and possibly a third down the road).

I would like my 2nd army to ideally play differently from the Dark Elves but at the same time, one that will produce a fairly balanced match-up.

From a miniature standpoint, I like the Lizardmen and Ogre Kingdoms armies but I wouldn't rule out any one race.

Does anyone have a few thoughts on the subject they'd like to share? I am not looking to start up another flare up of which army is better. I am really just wondering which armies you have enjoyed playing against the most (and not because you crush them every time).



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I usually find dwarves to be an interesting opponent because they are so opposite to elves- slow and tough. Lizardmen would be a good choice, especially if you like the models as they have the variety to be rock solid (many saurus) or faster and more evasive (many skinks). They'd also be a very different paint style too.

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If you truly want a challenge then maybe you should consider chaos.

Chaos have some of the most varied models in the game as they can include daemons and beasts. They are also reasonably quick and so they can be difficult to outmanouvre. They are heavily armoured and armed and their respective WS often matches that of the elves and so you can't rely on elven superioriity to win combats. Another annoyance is that the majority of your missile fire will bounce of their armour.

I LOVE playing against chaos players (Smart ones anyway) as they can really give you a go for your money. (Don't get me wrong, any army played right can do it but as chaos are the antithesis of elves, tough, strong etc they are a challenge).

For the first 3 years of playing as the darkelves my only available opponent played the variants of chaos and i learnt a few painful lessons straight off. NEVER charge into combat with a unit of Chaos lord led chosen khorne knights!! But these experiances have shaped me into a pretty confident and capable general and i know find beating most other armies easier for the experiance.

Dwarves (as stated above) are also similiar as they are strong and tough also, however they are sloooooooow and there initiative usually doesn't match that of an elf. Watch the artillery though as it can be nasty.

If it were me i would opt for a chaos opponent to start with another upside being that you can field highly expensive, pointswise, units and thus get your army on the table quicker and cheaper.

BTW, maybe you should consider a baby sitter once a month or something as, if your pals are 40K players, they will make assumptions that would benefit them in 40K but not in fantasy and you may find the fights a little easy which will get frustrating.

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