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Hey all.

I FINALLY got my Deathguard pics up. I know you're probably thinking, "what Death Guard pics?", but I posted up my daemon prince/terminators/dreadnought about 6 months ago, then didn't have a working camera. So now I've got a camera I decided to get some up.

Sorry about the quality on some of them. It's not the best camera for taking close-up shots.

My Chosen squad with Lord:

The Lord himself:

The Chosen Sergeant:

A random bloke from the squad with a cool face coming out of his shoulder pad:

My Possessed:

A single bloke from my possessed who's got a rending claw from my Nids:

My Predator. heavily converted, of course:

And a closer look at the front, with the heads: (Like I said...poor quality. sorry for that)

Enjoy. Any feedback is welcome. :)

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Maybe a little to much varnish or whatever you used and they look a little bit to "fishy" with that bluegreenish armor color. Something more green and brownish should do it.

Except that. Great work. :)
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