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I was cruising about the Forgeworld website, and I noticed that the Gorgon Infantry squads can be purchased separately from the Gorgon itself.

Despite the fact that there are relatively few available poses (I rather like their relaxed poses anyway), it seems to be a cheaper alternative to purchasing 5 normal Krieg Infantry squads.

Of course, this begs the question: Can they be removed from their strips safely and easily? Also, are they cast in a manner that allows the guardsmen to be separated without damaging them? From the pictures, it seems to suggest this, but I'd like someone who's had them firsthand to confirm this.

So, I was wondering if anyone else has purchased this Gorgon Infantry Platoon and could confirm my suspicions? If positive, then huzzah, a cheaper source of awesome looking man power. If nay, then oh well, there goes one dastardly plan dashed.
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